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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/10/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn tells Ridge that this is just one of the pieces for the show. He will have to approve the others before they go to Australia. Ridge wonders if they are all as exquisite as this one. Quinn is proud of the line but this piece is her favorite. Ridge thinks that the way it looks on her it will be his favorite too.

Steffy and Liam have shown up backstage where Brooke already was. Steffy wonders what this favor Brooke has. Brooke asked Katie to be there for her wedding to Ridge. She thought that since she will be down there already Steffy asks if she is asking if Katie can come to their wedding as well. Brooke knows that Steffy hasn’t always gotten along with her. Liam thinks that they still care about her. Steffy agrees. She is more than welcome. Brooke thanks her. Steffy asks if that means she and Ridge are doing something bigger than an elopement. Brooke still claims they are keeping it simple and they need a witness. Katie is special to both of them so it just made sense. She cannot imagine something better than having her sister there when she commits herself to Ridge.

Katie is still watching as Quinn and Ridge flirt. Quinn tells Ridge that Australia should be fun. Ridge believes it should be a good shoot. Quinn was talking about the wedding. He should be proud as the father of the bride. Ridge doesn’t think she has to pretend to be happy for Steffy and Liam. Quinn isn’t happy but she knows that Wyatt will move on and find someone else. Ridge wonders if Wyatt is coming with them. Quinn doesn’t think that Wyatt wants to sit through that. Ridge knows that Wyatt is smart enough to know that some people just need to be together. Quinn guesses like him and Brooke. She asks if they are really going to go off and have their own ceremony. Ridge tells her it will be kind of private. Katie is coming. Quinn seems shocked. Ridge tells her that Brooke wants her sister there. Quinn is sure that she needs to bring her something borrowed and something blue and all that. Ridge guesses that when you go get married you can use all the help you can get. Quinn looks in the mirror and notices that Katie is peaking in. Katie walks in with a smug look on her face.

Charlie wants to set up a sting operation. Pam thinks it will be dangerous. Charlie wants to lock them in a room together. He wonders how he can make sure that Quinn wears lipstick. Pam thinks that usually Charlie’s instincts are fantastic but this is not likely. Rick, Maya, and Nicole walk in. She says it is just them. Nicole states that Liam and Steffy are not here yet. Pam guesses that they should get the office ready for a party. They have a wedding to celebrate.

Brooke wanted something simple yet visually stunning. Steffy can picture her walking down the beach in this. It is beautiful. Brooke thanks her. Katie thought the same. She doesn’t know where she went off to. She said she was going to get her phone. She sure is taking a long time.

Katie explains that she was just about to knock. Ridge tells her to come on in. Katie doesn’t want to interrupt anything. Ridge tells her that they were just looking at jewelry for the photoshoot in Australia. Quinn heard that she was coming with them. It should be fun. Katie is really looking forward to it. Quinn asks why she stopped by peeking through a crack in the door. Katie didn’t mean to listen in. Quinn didn’t say she was. Ridge guesses she was lurking. Katie was looking for her purse. She was backstage with Brooke looking at her beautiful wedding gown. She wanted to take a picture but she forgot her phone. She found it though. She can get back to Brooke though. She will see them around. Quinn doesn’t like the way Katie was looking at them. She asks what she meant by she needs to get back to Brooke. Ridge is sure that it was what she meant. She probably wanted to take a picture. Quinn thinks that there is more to it. She wants to know how long she was watching.

Charlie tells Rick that the sign he is hanging isn’t straight. Rick thinks it is such a small difference in measurement. Charlie thinks it can be an issue. Pam walks back in and says that they are coming. Steffy and Liam walk in and the lights are out. Liam thought the meeting was today. Steffy thought so. She turns the lights back on. They all yell surprise. Liam asks what this is. Pam tells them that it is a party. Rick tells them that some of them have to stick behind and run things while they are gone but doesn’t mean that they don’t want to wish them well. Nicole hands them champagne. Nicole knows that it will be hard for them with all they have to do. They are cheering them on though. RJ tells them that they are happy for them. RJ welcomes Liam to the family. They are drink to that.

Quinn doesn’t think that they were doing anything wrong. Ridge agrees. They were just talking about a photoshoot. Quinn suggests that he might have been standing a little too close. Ridge asks if standing to close is a crime. Quinn is just wondering what Katie could have seen. Quinn asks if Katie was spying on them.

Katie walks back to the backstage area. Brooke sees that she is back. She is wearing the dress. She smiles. Katie tries to smile for her as well.

RJ tells Liam that Charlie decorated the cake. Liam thinks that he has to be kidding him. RJ doesn’t think so. Steffy thinks it was sweet of Pam to throw them a party like this. Pam wanted her to know that they all care a lot and wish they could be there. Pam hugs her. She is so happy. Liam asks if they are supposed to open the presents. Steffy doesn’t think that they had to get them anything. Steffy thinks that this is so sweet. She opens one of them and it is a t-shirt that says Australia. Liam opens a present and it is earplugs. Liam asks if this is a snoring joke. Rick thinks that he can babble on and on. Maya explains that they are for Steffy. Liam thanks them for this. It means a lot to them. Steffy knows they are happy for Liam because he has a catch. Pam doesn’t think that those gifts are going to open themselves.

Ridge knows that Katie was acting weird. Quinn thinks that she always is. There is nothing she could have seen. She could have been sitting close to someone. Ridge wonders if it was the way he touched the necklace. Quinn knows they are working. Ridge suggests it was the way she was looking at him.

Katie thinks that the dress is even more gorgeous on her. Brooke wants her to imagine her walking down the aisle. She wants her to picture that she is Ridge. She asks what Katie thinks. Katie thinks that he should feel like the luckiest man in the world. Brooke wonders if she can imagine a better name place for Ridge to be waiting at the altar for her. Brooke wants her to imagine that she is in the distance and he sees her approach. His jaw will drop as they he sees his design. Brooke thinks that they will finally have a life together. Katie thinks the main reason the dress is beautiful is because she is wearing it. Katie takes the picture. Brooke asks if she needs it altered at all. Katie promises that she is good to go. Brooke did talk to Liam and Steffy and told her that she was going as well and she is now invited to their wedding as well. Katie thinks that is great. Brooke doesn’t think she sounds excited. Katie is happy to support them. She is just a little distracted. Brooke assumes something happened when she went to get her purse. Katie asks why she would say that. Brooke knows she took a long time. Katie ran into Quinn and Ridge. They really seem to be getting along well these days. Brooke thinks that it is amazing. Katie assumes it happened when they went on the trip together. Brooke thinks so. She thinks things turned around when Quinn offered him to be co-CEO. Katie is shocked she did that. Brooke thinks that he deserved it. Katie guesses. Brooke can tell something is bothering her. She asks what it is.

Steffy just wants to say something really quick. She feels sad that they are having a destination wedding, because she knows that they cannot all make it. She does want them all there, then they do this and they feel so love. Liam thinks it means a lot. Nicole thinks that they have to take a picture. Liam and Steffy stand under the banner. They kiss. Steffy playfully kisses him.

Quinn wonders what they could have been talking about that Katie overheard. Ridge thinks the photoshoot. They are a fashion house. There is nothing suspicious about that. He looks at her as his father’s wife. They didn’t do anything wrong.

Brooke wants to know what is the matter. Katie doesn’t think anything specific. Brooke assumes that Katie is still worried about Eric. Katie just hopes that Quinn has his best interest at heart. Brooke is sure she does. She seems to have made an effort. She is bonding with Steffy. Katie saw them in the office and she was wearing a necklace for him. Katie knows this is wrong but she watched them. She didn’t know they were in the office. Brooke asks if they knew they were there. She asks if Katie saw anything. Katie saw two people enjoying each other’s company. Brooke knows she said that Quinn had the necklace on. Katie did. She was standing close to her. She touched her. Brooke hopes he didn’t get frostbite. Katie, felt it lingered. It was intimate and they acted like they were caught at something. Brooke wonders what she is trying to get at. Katie thinks they were acting innocent. Katie was shocked too. Brooke is shocked at her. She thinks that is ridicules. Katie saw what she saw. Brooke thinks they were talking about a necklace. Katie saw two people making a connection. Katie saw two people make a lousy excuse for something. Katie just has a strange feeling and this sounds crazy but she thinks there might be something going on between Ridge and Quinn.

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