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In the CEO office, Katie asks if Brooke really wants her to go to Australia with her. Brooke does. She will need some help. She wonders what Katie says. Katie thought that they were eloping. Brooke doesn’t know what her wedding will actually look like. She knows that Katie has Will. Katie doesn’t think that Will is an issue. She could always leave Will with Donna. Ridge walks in. He asks if Katie said yes. Brooke tells him not yet. Ridge wonders why not. Katie is very flattered but she is confused why she wants her to be there.

In Rick’s office, Quinn asks Ivy if the piece she is working on is finished. She doesn’t feel a focus. Ivy assumes she wants a larger piece. Quinn doesn’t think that combining their styles works well. She wants her to keep the design but make it a little more quiet. Ivy really likes how they have evolved to work together. She feels respected and valued. She hopes that it isn’t because she is afraid of what she could say. Quinn doesn’t think she wants to hurt her. She just wants to make sure that Eric is not threatened. Ivy asks if she has thought up some sort of flu she could fake so she doesn’t have to go to Australia with them.

Charlie walks down the hall of Forrester with a lock case. Charlie asks Pam if anyone saw him. Pam doesn’t think so. She asks why. Charlie doesn’t want her to ask what is in this precious cargo. Pam guesses she won’t. Charlie has jewels. Charlie thinks that this is a perfect opportunity for Quinn to explain the napkin. Pam cannot believe he is still carrying that thing around. Pam doesn’t think that whatever shade of lipstick Quinn is wearing he has no way of proving that Quinn wiped it off of her own lips or Ridge’s. She thinks that is so much more likely. Charlie guesses that they will see that.

Quinn works with Ridge just as much as she works with Ivy. She thought that she already explained herself to satisfaction. She doesn’t have a pull to any other man other than Eric. She is married and Ridge will be soon as well.

Brooke thinks that is a strange thing to say. Katie doesn’t mean it in a bad way. There just is a lot of history between the three of them. Ridge knows and it isn’t all good. They always kind of ended up with each other though. Ridge wants to get the closeness back that they once had. Katie guesses she can go. Brooke is so happy. Katie asks if she has a dress yet. Katie is going to say something she probably she shouldn’t say. She has been to way too many of their weddings. She was starting to wonder if they were the marrying kind. Ridge has always thought of himself with only one person. Katie thinks that he has proven that over and over again. She hopes that Ridge proves to be the marrying kind forever. Brooke thinks it is has sort of been that way for them. Brooke wants to show Katie the wedding dress. They walk out.

Charlie walks into Rick’s office, he asks where Quinn wants these. Quinn asks if those are the new stones. Charlie informs her that they are precious jewels. Quinn thanks him for clarifying. She wants him to set them down right now. Charlie can only give them to her. Quinn wants Ivy to check the stones against inventory. Charlie wants to stay and watch. Quinn doesn’t think that they are into that. Charlie suggests that someone could come in and steal. Quinn will lock the door. Quinn asks what is wrong with the jewel that Charlie is pointing at. Charlie tells her that it is the same shade as her lipstick. Quinn doesn’t think it is. Charlie means her other lipstick. Quinn doesn’t remember asking Charlie to inspect her lipstick. Charlie sees they are both packing for down under. Quinn has so much work to do. Charlie needs to stay. Quinn pushes him out and locks the door. Ivy thinks that Pam needs to keep an eye on her man. Quinn doesn’t know what he means by her other lipstick.

Brooke and Katie go backstage where a bunch of dresses are hanging up. Katie thinks that it is great that Brooke has her own seamstress to get a dress done right away. Brooke knows that she has been available to Ridge ever since he was a little boy. Katie is confused as to why Brooke is having a wedding dress if no one is going to see it. Brooke wants to dress up. Plus, Ridge wanted to design something for their elopement.

Ridge is dressing a model. Quinn asks if she can run something by him. The model leaves. Quinn wonders if he wants the door open or closed. Ridge doesn’t think it seems to make a difference in this building. Quinn closes it. Quinn thinks that Charlie is stalking her. Ridge tells her to tell Pam. Quinn doesn’t want to otherwise she will have Pam stalking her.

Charlie tells Pam that the near mention of lipstick makes Quinn uncomfortable. Pam asks if she really wants to hear more about this. Charlie kisses Pam. He hands her a paper towel. Charlie asks her to wipe his lips. He looks and it is just as he expected. Charlie thinks it is a difference between blotting and smearing.

Quinn got his message on her designs for the photoshoot. He liked everything but the pearls. Ridge just thought they would be dull in daylight. Quinn doesn’t think that they would if it was paired with his updated little black cocktail dress. Ridge likes that one too, but it is summer over there. He asks who wears black. Quinn would. Ridge knows she would but she has no choice. She is part vampire. Quinn isn’t a vampire. She can see her reflection. Quinn asks how the least secret wedding is holding up. Ridge thinks that they will have a bigger crowed than the opera. Quinn thinks that is good. They both deserve it. Ridge thinks that is a nice thing to say. Ridge some time wonders if he deserves anything good. Quinn knows that feeling. You just have to surround yourself around people who love you and will tell you that you do. Ridge has that. Quinn is glad. Quinn has new jewels to show him. It has a familial resemblance. She shows him.

Katie sees a dress that says Forrester/ Logan wedding. She thinks it feels heavy. Katie asks if it is not white. Brooke doesn’t think so. Brooke looks. She thinks it is beautiful. Katie thinks it is very her. Brooke thinks she is the best sister ever. Katie doesn’t want her to think that this is another wedding but a continuation to her first wedding to Ridge. Brooke doesn’t care if people think she gets married to much. So long as it is to Ridge. Katie thinks that is sweet and slightly weird. Katie wants to take a picture. She doesn’t have her phone though. She left it in the office. Brooke bets that Pam is going through her phone. Katie hopes not. She will be back.

Pam takes Charlie into Rick’s office. She tells him that he cannot go around just blotting people’s reputations. Even, if one of the people happens to be Quinn. Charlie thinks that if you are blotting then it looks different than smearing. He wants her to give him her lipstick. Pam isn’t going to do that. Charlie will take the black marker then. Pam thinks he will have black lips for a month. Charlie improvises. Charlie thinks that Quinn kissed Ridge. Pam thinks that there are many options for what could have happened. Quinn and Ridge do not even like each other that much. Pam doesn’t want to see that thing again or he is cut off.

Ridge remembers talking about the piece with her a while ago. Ridge thinks it looks good. He is going to look at the piece under the light. He likes the stones. Ridge is reminded of something. Katie peeks her head into the door. Quinn asks if the jewels looks familiar. Ridge wonders from where. He wants to put it on her. Quinn says sure. He does so. Ridge thinks it looks pretty. It is a mismatch. It is almost antagonistic. Those stones shouldn’t go together but she knew they would. Sometimes to misfits… Quinn says that they just fit. Quinn guesses he does remember. Ridge remembers everything. Quinn is glad. Ridge touches her chin. Katie looks angry. Ridge assumes it is not easy being human.

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