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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/8/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Coco asks if that just happened, referring to them just kissing. RJ guesses so. Coco should probably go before something else happens. She means like another forklift running over him. She thanks him for an amazing day. RJ thanks her for saving his life. Coco will be happy to do it again tomorrow.

In the CEO office, he tells them all that Steffy and Liam are getting married in Australia. He and Brooke will do the same. Maya asks where. Ridge thinks that is a secret. Nicole wonders if they are eloping then. Ridge doesn’t think it will be all fun and games. There will be a photoshoot outside the iconic Sydney Opera House. Ivy and Steffy will represent. Thomas wonders if the entire collection will have representation. Ridge says no. It will just be a couple pieces of publicity. He doesn’t want this collection being compromised.

Shirley asks if the camera is already in the necklace. Saul confirms that they are and they are already in the earrings too. The camera lens don’t, really fit but he figured that more is better. It will help them film in real time. Shirley wants to know how it will work. Sally tells her it will record everything to an app on her phone or the computer. Shirley can see she has jumped on to this. Sally hates using her sister to steal designs. Even if she has no idea she is being used. Shirley thinks this is her legacy. Her great-aunt put it in her hands to protect. Saul adds to save. Shirley agrees. They cannot save it unless they turn a profit. Sally knows that they will be under water and then CJ will be forced to sell the building. Shirley knows that they cannot let that happen. Coco has to come through for them.

RJ walks into the CEO office. Rick tells him that he heard about his close call. Thomas thinks that they will have to make him wear a hardhat down there. RJ doesn’t think that would have done any good. Maya guesses it is a good thing the new intern was there. Nicole asks what her name was again. RJ tells her it is Coco. Ridge thinks that brings up the topic of the meeting again. The pieces that they are bringing to Sydney need to be protected. No security lapses. He doesn’t want any in Sydney or here.

Darlita wonders if Coco’s day was good. Coco says that it was. Darlita explains that everyone is in Sally’s office and will want to hear about it. They walk in. Shirley turns around and is happy to see them. Sally asks how it went. Coco thought it was a true fashion house. The energy and excitement. The racks of gowns just rolling down the hallways. Shirley wonders if Sally heard her say racks of Forrester originals everywhere. Coco thinks it is magical. There she was around elegant people. Sally wonders if Eric is working there. Coco thinks she is working from home. Thomas and RJ showed her the ropes along with this sweet intern Charlotte. Everyone, was so sweet. Then she met Ridge and Brooke. Darlita assumes that must have been cool. Coco guesses that Brooke was. Ridge though, when he found out… He asked if Sally was stalking Steffy. She told her that she wouldn’t do anything to wrong the company. Sally is glad that he believed her. Coco says he fired her.

Ridge informs Thomas that Rick will be the point person while he is gone. He wants Thomas to give him the revisions that they talked about. Thomas promises that he will have them. Rick thanks him. Rick wants Nicole to have Zende go over the shot sheets for Australia. He wants RJ to talk to the interns about security. Ridge tells RJ to talk with all the interns. RJ nods.

Shirley asks if she was really fired. Saul is shocked it was on her first day. Darlita knows how that feels. Coco was told to back up her things and leave. When he heard she was her sister. RJ came running after her. He was so sorry. She planned on never seeing Forrester ever again. Then something happened. She sensed something and noticed a forklift moving and she pulled him out of the way. She just reacted. Sally asks if she is ok. Coco just has a little scratch. Shirley thinks that saving RJ must have counted for something. Coco tells her that Ridge said he was still fired but then RJ stood up for her. Coco doesn’t think a guy has ever done that before. Shirley wants to know if this has a happy ending. Coco tells her that ridge said she could stay. Darlita asks why she is here then.

RJ walks into Rick’s office. He says hello to Thomas who is sketching. Thomas thinks that was an interesting meeting. RJ guesses they know how Ridge can be. Thomas doesn’t think Ridge is wrong in wanting to protect the dresses. RJ asks when the last time someone stole from them. Thomas doesn’t think that he was around back then. Thomas thinks that RJ needs to keep an eye on himself better. Thomas wonders how RJ talked Ridge down. RJ told him the obvious. She isn’t hurting anyone. Her only fault is she is a Spectra and that isn’t her fault. Thomas asks if he really went for that. RJ doesn’t think he had a choice. Thomas feels that Ridge always has a choice. Thomas thinks he is better at this than him. RJ thinks it was epic what happened afterwards. Thomas knows he has something he wants to share with him. RJ kissed Coco. He bets he is the first Forrester to do that. Thomas asks if he really kissed Coco. RJ did. Thomas guesses that is adorable. Thomas won’t say anything if RJ actually wants this to happen again.

Sally guesses that she had a big day. Coco doesn’t even think she has heard all of it. Shirley wonders if there is more. Coco was alone with RJ for a little bit and he kissed her. Darlita thinks that this is romantic. Sally wants Darlita to go answer the phones. Shirley thinks that her aunt would find it so romantic. Coco enjoyed it. She gets a text. It is RJ. Sally wants her to go. Shirley thinks that they are on their way. Sally guesses that she is anyway.

RJ just wanted to make sure Coco got home ok. Coco did. RJ just wanted to thank her for an awesome day. And for saving his life and all. Coco tells him he is welcome. She cannot hope to see him tomorrow. RJ hopes that it is less eventful.

Sally cannot do this. Shirley asks if she really wants to throw in the towel. She isn’t going to do this. She will fight this until they drag her out. Sally thinks it is cruel to send her to Forrester without telling her. Saul thinks it is necessary if they want to survive. Sally doesn’t want to do this to her sister. Shirley feels that her little sister is doing the world a service. All the fancy dresses people cannot afford. It will be a good thing. Sally thinks that they are stealing. Shirley wonders if she thinks Coco would be better off if they went belly up. Shirley thinks that her aunt would just love to think of what would happen if her aunt found out about this. She asks if she wants to be the one to tell her that she gave up without trying. Saul thinks they can do this. Coco will wear the jewelry and they are back in business. Sally gets a call from Thomas. Thomas tells her that it has been a crazy day over here. Sally heard. She is glad RJ is ok. Thomas thinks she is more than ok. He and Coco really hit it off. Thomas thinks that Coco will make a mark over here. He looks forward to seeing her again. Sally does too. Shirley thinks that he is a rich boy with a pedigree. His family can afford to share some of it with them.

Ridge looks at a design. RJ walks back in. He just wanted to say thank you for letting Coco stay. Ridge did that for him. It was against his better judgment. RJ doesn’t think she will let them down.

Saul wonders if Sally is guilty about screwing over the rich kid. Sally thinks that Thomas is good and honest. Not to mention that Coco has feelings for RJ. Saul knows that she will find another guy who isn’t a Forrester. Same as Sally. Sally isn’t looking for a guy. Saul thinks when she is ready she doesn’t have to look far. She just needs to look close by. Shirley thinks she can look to someone who always wears a tape measure around his neck. Saul tells Shirley to stay out of this. He means that these people are not part of their world. It will never end well. Shirley wants them to stop with the romance novel. Nothing will end well without the use of the camera. Coco walks back in. Coco asks what is going on. Sally takes the necklace. She tells her in honor of her big day at Forrester she got her a little something. Coco thanks her so much. Saul thinks she can go back and forth between the jewelry. Sally suggests she show Darlita. Coco leaves. Sally gets on her laptop.

RJ promises that Coco is trustworthy. Ridge knows that she saved him from injury. He is grateful for that. RJ thinks she is amazing. Ridge asks if something else is going on here. RJ is not going to be lectured about mixing business. Ridge wants him to be careful because she is a Spectra.

Darlita thinks that Coco will look so hot wearing those. Coco loves the dress that Darlita is wearing.

Sally guesses Coco is on the screen. Saul thinks it is like being in the room with them. Shirley reminds Sally they are Spectras and this is what they do. Once a knock-off shop always a knock-off shop. This will work like a charm.

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