B&B Tuesday Update 3/7/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/7/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge watches from on top of the staircase at Forrester, as Coco explains that Ridge has every right to be cautious of her family. She should go. Coco says goodbye to RJ. RJ does the same to her. Coco saves RJ from a moving fork lift and pushes him out of the way. Ridge runs down the stairs.

Saul believes that Coco will be fine. Sally knows that Coco was adamant. She will not be a spy for them. Saul wants them to get creative. Sally reminds him that they want to plant a spying device on her. Saul reminds her that it was Shirley’s idea. He just brought the camera. Sally notes that she only said it might work. She never said she was ok with it. Saul has no other ideas. The loan shark is breathing down their neck and the developer wants the building. Sally knows. Coco is their only hope. Saul believes that they have nothing to lose. Sally knows that Shirley says that integrity doesn’t pay the bills. She knows that stealing from Forrester and making cheap knock offs worked for her aunt. It built them this building… She wants to see what Saul has. He takes out a small little camera. Saul tells her it can record for hours and they can watch live. Sally guesses it is as good as being there themselves. Saul thinks so. Sally knows that they will have to put this thing on Coco without her knowing. Saul has it figured out. They will put the camera on a pair of glasses. Sally points out that Coco doesn’t wear glasses. Saul knows she wears sunglasses. Sally asks if she is going to do this inside at her internship. Sally doesn’t think that will happen. Saul suggests that they put it on a broach. Like a little fancy pin. Sally doesn’t think that teenagers wear broaches. Sally sees a necklace. She remembers Coco saying that she liked it. Saul could install the camera on it. Sally thinks that it could work.

In the CEO office, Ridge gives Coco a towel. He wants her to put some pressure on her forehead. Coco thinks she will be fine. She didn’t hurt it that bad. Ridge asks about RJ. Brooke runs in and asks if RJ is ok. Brooke heard that there was an accident. Ridge explains that Coco saved him before anything could happen.

Sally thinks she will give Coco these earrings too. She knows the camera will not fit inside of them but she thinks they match with the necklace. Saul watches as Sally looks at him. He starts to fantasize her being sensual. She starts to say his name and in reality, asks if he is even listening to her. Saul thinks that is a good idea. Sally suggests he have another cup of coffee. Saul has had four already. Sally posted a photo like two hours ago, and it only has forty likes. Saul suggests they do a throwback photo of his grandfather and her aunt Sally. He found some pictures earlier. Saul heard that his grandfather had a thing for her aunt. Sally is shocked that old Saul proposed to Sally. She wonders what that must have been like. Saul feels that if her aunt is anything like she is then he can understand why his grandfather wanted to marry her. Sally thinks that is really sweet of him to say. Saul wants to ask Sally a question. He knows that she was raised by Shirley. He wonders where her parents are. Sally explains that her aunt and Shirley are sisters and Sally was always sweet with them when they were young. Her and Macy. Shirley took care of them and did the best she could. Saul doesn’t think she answered the question. Sally asks why he is so curious. Saul knows that no one ever talks about them. Sally explains that they were not around when they got older. Saul asks why. Sally thinks it is complicated in a way but also really simple. Saul wonders what that is. Sally wants to know what her last name is. Saul knows it is Spectra. Sally asks what follows Spectra’s around. Trouble. No matter where they go it follows them. Poor Coco has been spending their entire life trying to run away from that trouble.

Brooke doesn’t think that they will ever be able to thank Coco enough for saving their son. Ridge agrees. She did a very good thing today. RJ thinks it proves she is a good person. They said it themselves. She saved his life. Ridge guesses RJ is right. She seems like a nice kid and wonders who does something like that for someone they don’t know very well. He and Brooke are very grateful. He knows that there is a lot of history between the two families and none of it is good. She still cannot work here. RJ thinks that she would be dead if it wasn’t for her. RJ gets it. He outranks him but he isn’t going to let her be fired because he doesn’t like her last name. He wants to have him and Coco drive Spectra into a new outlet. He would like piece between the families. Brooke believes they should give a chance to improve themselves. Ridge guesses she can stay for now. Coco thanks him. She will not let him regret this. She promises. Coco thanks RJ. Later, RJ and Coco have left. Ridge thinks that it could have been a close call. Brooke thinks that RJ could have been seriously hurt. Brooke doesn’t even want to think about what could have happened had Coco not been there. Ridge thinks that letting her stay is his good deed for the year. Ridge just doesn’t like the idea of having a Spectra around here. Brooke thinks that RJ has a crush on Coco.

Saul wonders what kind of trouble. Sally thinks that it is just about any kind he can imagine. Saul thinks that makes his life seem kind of boring. Sally would give anything for a simple life in the valley. Her parents her carnies. They were all over the carnival circuit all over California and Nevada. Saul asks if they went with. Sally did when they were young. Then their parents did some sketchy stuff on the side. They rigged card games it and it wasn’t the only thing they were doing. It is just how Spectra’s are. Sally asks if he knows how Shirley always says that Spectra’s are survivors. She thinks they are more like swindlers. They come from a long line of very talented con-artists. Saul never realized it was that crazy. Sally explains that eventually her parents were unable to care for her. Saul assumes that Shirley stepped in then. Sally believes if it wasn’t for Shirley they would have been thrown into the system. Sally thinks that Shirley clawed her way for every buck at the bakery. Now here they are turning this place into a knock off shop. They come from years and years of scammers and then out pops Coco. Sally thinks that taking advantage of her might be her fate but she doesn’t know.

Coco has been fantasizing about this for years. To be working at a prestigious fashion house to the stars with fabulous people and gorgeous gowns. She couldn’t have predicted a near death experience. RJ guesses it was an extra bonus. RJ doesn’t think that there is ever a dull moment at Forrester. Coco is glad he is ok. RJ is glad that she is ok. Coco doesn’t think that there is anywhere else that she would rather be. Coco thanks him for helping her keep her job. RJ thanks her for standing up to the forklift.

Saul is so sorry for all her parents put her through as a child. Sally is ok. If anything, it toughened her up. Coco has always had a hard time trusting anyone. She can be very guarded around guys.

Coco is just glad that Ridge changed his mind. RJ wonders why he wouldn’t, after what she did for him. Coco will make him and Ridge proud. RJ has had this feeling that he was supposed to meet her and now she saved his life. Coco doesn’t think that is the case. RJ thinks that she would have. Coco is happy she gets to stay. RJ isn’t usually like this. Coco thinks that he can just come out and say whatever he wants to say. RJ kisses her. Coco looks at him and smiles.

Ridge has a strange feeling about the girl. Brooke understands his concerns but thinks she is a good girl. Ridge just thinks that she is a Spectra. Brooke kisses him.

Saul holds out the necklace. She asks where it is. Saul points to where it is. Saul told her he could do it. Saul will be able to see everything Coco sees. Sally knows if she does this then she is basically lying to her face. Saul thinks you have to do that in order to get what you want. Sally wonders if she can really live with that. Saul believes it is the only chance they have.

RJ and Coco look and smile at each other.

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