B&B Friday Update 3/3/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/3/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn promises to Ridge that they will not kiss again. Ridge knows that they are here right now and neither feel they are in danger. Quinn was trapped in the room. It was reckless and impulsive. If Ivy had been outside the door, then it would have been bad. Ivy is watching them. She cannot take anymore, chances. She is glad that no one else knows what is going on.

Charlie was standing right there and Quinn wiped Ridge’s mouth. They know that. It has lipstick on it. He wants to know if the lipstick was there before or after he wiped his mouth. Pam is sure it had to have been. She doesn’t want to think that they are having an affair. She knows that Ridge would never cheat on Brooke like that and he wouldn’t want to have hurt Eric.

Brooke wonders if Bill really likes his gift. Bill thinks that it represents the time they spent in Aspen together. Plus, cash. Brooke had to do something. She couldn’t just let the day go by. Bill doesn’t think that there is anyone that he would rather be spending time with. Brooke hopes that he will still be spending time with Steffy and Liam later. Bill asks if she is still worried he will be lonely. Brooke just wants him to be alright. Bill is sure that it will be a wild time. All the cash burning a hole in his pocket. Brooke wasn’t sure that she should come by after what happened the other day in the office. Bill is glad she did. It means a lot. She obviously lost her senses agreeing to marry Ridge. He is glad that she got her senses back though. Brooke hasn’t forgotten anything. They shared so much together. She remembers how much he cared about her. That means a lot too.

Quinn thinks that they need to still be able to work together. Ridge agrees they have to be able to collaborate. Quinn wants him to focus on his work and she will focus on hers. Quinn needs to finish a piece but she cannot follow up with Steffy because she is too busy focusing on her wedding. Ridge suggests he could help. Quinn thanks him. Quinn pours a cup of coffee and her hand is shaking. Ridge asks how much coffee she has had. Quinn doesn’t thin nearly enough. She didn’t sleep well last night. Ridge promises it will be ok. He wipes her hand. He doesn’t want her to be stressed. No one knows.

Pam thinks that Charlie is out of his mind if he thinks Ridge and Quinn could be up to something. Charlie suggests they could be up to something right now. They are alone in the CEO office right now. Pam tells Charlie that he needs to stop. All the mystery novels he is reading are giving him crazy ideas. Eric walks down the hall and Charlie asks how he is doing. Eric was just on his way home and thought he would see his wife. Charlie assumes he thinks that Quinn is in the bathroom with Ridge again. Eric doesn’t think that is likely with Charlie around. He appreciates Charlie fixing the door. Pam knows that Charlie is always eager to help. Eric isn’t so sure the bathroom situation was horrible. Every time, Quinn or Ridge spend time together they end up getting along better. Charlie guesses he noticed it too. Eric isn’t shocked. They are both dedicated professionals and talented designers. They have more in common than anyone knows.

Brooke suggests that if Bill needs to get back to work then she can leave. Bill promises that he isn’t busy. Liam just texted him confirming about tonight. Brooke is glad that Liam is going to be over tonight for him. Bill tells her that Liam wouldn’t take no for an answer. He loves his boys and wants to spend time with them but there are other ways he would have liked to have spent the evening. Brooke hears a vegan birthday cake is really…. Bill wants no cakes, candles, or singing. He will have a toast to his good health and another year of financial success at Spencer. Brooke doesn’t think that sounds festive. Bill believes it is all he needs. Brooke asks about the presents. Bill already got one. Brooke wonders if he wants anything else. Bill wouldn’t say that. Bill wants Brooke to come with him. Brooke wonders where. Bill tells her that she will see.

Eric finds it so nice to be able to come in here and not worry about anything. Including his waist line, he asks if he can have a lemon bar. Pam tells him of course. Eric needs a napkin and takes the one with lipstick on it. Pam tells him anyone but that one. It has lipstick on it. Eric thinks that is a naughty shade of red. He isn’t against a little office intrigue especially around here. Charlie assumes he thinks that something is going on then. Eric didn’t come in to bust anyone. He just wanted to see his wife. Pam asks if Quinn isn’t expecting anyone. Eric didn’t know that he would be done so quickly. He had a quick nine holes with Julius and here he is.

Quinn doesn’t think that this is her. It is the old her. She doesn’t want that anymore. Ridge doesn’t either. He has enough chaos in his life. There was a time when he thrived on it. Quinn has heard the stories. Ridge asks what stories. Quinn heard the ones about him being a playboy. She asks if it was true that he was caught in bed the night before his wedding. Ridge wonders if she is afraid it will happen to her. Quinn doesn’t think so. She doesn’t want to sleep with him. Ridge knows she doesn’t. Quinn doesn’t think that this is about sex. They are attracted to the danger. Ridge does still have a part that hates her. Quinn knows the feeling. He would ruin her life if he wanted to. Ridge couldn’t do it without ruining his own life. Quinn is so happy they can be honest with each other. Ridge wants them to try being friends. Quinn vaguely knows the concept. They would be friends. They should shake on it. The two do and Eric walks in. He asks what is going on here.

Pam is throwing the napkin away. Charlie will not let her because it is evidence. Pam believes that what he is suggesting is ridicules. Ridge would never betray his father. They have worked so hard to regain trust. Ridge wouldn’t just throw that all away. It would upset the whole family if it was true. Charlie sure hopes it is not but sometimes hope doesn’t win horseshoes. He just doesn’t want Eric to get hurt. He is so nice. He is so proud of Ridge and Quinn getting along.

Eric asks if he walked in on something. Ridge believes he did. Quinn and him, were shaking hands. Eric saw that. Ridge tells him it was because of an agreement they made. Eric wants to know what kind of an agreement. Ridge thinks about them and what is best for the company and the family. To leave the past in the past. Quinn wants them all to follow through. Eric trusts the two of them to lead the company for many years. Quinn thinks that he can trust them. Eric is so impressed with how they have been able to work out their differences. Ridge thinks it is better this way. Eric cannot wait for Ridge to see Quinn in the same way he does.

Brooke and Bill are outside somewhere. She asks what they are doing here. Bill wants her to just look. Brooke finds it beautiful. Bill finds it all inspiring to have all of LA spread out below them. This is his accomplishment. This was his greatest achievement. It made everything to him. Until Brooke.

Eric is going to go. Quinn asks if he is not staying. Eric has some design work to do at home. He doesn’t want Quinn to stay late. This is exactly why he sent them to San Francisco. It is a joy to see them working together.

Outside Pam is trying to listen in but Eric opens the door and Pam walks away. Eric doesn’t think he can tell them how nice it is to be able to just pop in. He gets so much work done. Pam asks if everything is good. Eric thinks that it is wonderful. He appreciates everything Charlie has done for him at the house. Quinn and Ridge were the last people to ever get trapped in that room. Eric says goodbye. Charlie doesn’t think things are ok. Pam knows that he means well but he needs to think about this. She asks why Ridge would kiss Quinn. Eric would never speak to him again. It would be the end of their relationship. Ridge would lose his place in the family and the company. Plus, he loves Brooke and will get married in Australia. Pam wants to trust his instincts but they are talking about Ridge. Charlie guesses she is probably right. Pam knows she is. Charlie hopes so.

Quinn believes they are playing with fire and it has to stop. Ridge feels it has stopped. Quinn knows that they have said that before. Ridge believes it is different now because they are friends. Quinn thinks that they have to stop all of this. Ridge promises it is over and he is looking forward to working with her. Quinn doesn’t want to have an affair. She always does this. She makes something and then stomps it down to pieces. Ridge thinks that there is a thrill in there. Quinn feels that they are acting like teenagers. She knows that they work together they cannot… Ridge doesn’t think that there is anything to worry about anymore. Quinn asks if he doesn’t feel anything. Ridge claims he doesn’t. He admits that isn’t true. He loves Brooke and feels awful what they are doing to Eric behind his back. He doesn’t think this can happen again and no one will ever know. Quinn nods in agreement.

Bill built this empire for himself and this is his legacy. It isn’t his life anymore. He used to come up here to be the top of the mountain. He would reflect what he could achieve and thought he could have it all. This will be his greatest reach. Bill will give her something. He wants her to tuck it away. Bill wants her to have it. He doesn’t want it anymore. Bill takes off his neckless. Brooke doesn’t want him to take it off. Bill believes the sword represents his power. She will need that if she is going to restart a life with Forrester. Brooke doesn’t think he has to do this. Bill never wants her to give up or give in. He has been the best he can be. He is the best when he is with her. Bill has his company and is proud of it. Every day he will be reminded of what he couldn’t have.

Ridge sits down next to Quinn. Charlie is peaking in.

Bill believes the neckless has been his talisman and there is power in it. He wants her to take it. He will love her for forever and a day. He kisses her hand. She is crying.

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