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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/2/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill has Emmy come on in, in his office. Emmy is absolutely thrilled to be here and asks if he can tell. Bill believes that her smile gives it away. He is glad to have her on board. Bill wants her to brighten his days. Emmy asks if that is a job requirement. Emmy promises that he will not be sorry. Emmy heard that there was a rumor that it was his birthday and she should be giving him a gift. Bill wonders if she wants to get fired on her first day. Emmy asks if it is like that. Bill isn’t much for celebrating his birthday. Bill wants her to find Allison. She will show her the ropes. Emmy thanks him again. Bill hopes he gets his money’s worth. She walks out. Brooke walks in. She asks if it is safe to come in. Bill wonders why it wouldn’t be. Brooke knows how he gets on his birthday. Bill is happy she remembered. Brooke remembers everything.

Quinn thinks that honeymooning in the Virgin Islands sounds so romantic. Zenda wants to thank Rick again for linking him to his friend. He only wants the best for his wife. Nicole wonders if she will ever get used to that. Zende hopes she better. She will be answering to that for the rest of her life. Maya can see it was a good honeymoon. Pam thinks that the newlyweds are all fresh and sparkly. Charlie is starting at Ridge and Quinn. Zende knows that they will not be the only newlyweds for long. He knows that they are not going to be the only newlyweds for long. Nicole heard it will all be in Australia. Quinn guesses that is the plan. Nicole suggests that Quinn and Eric also renew their vows. Ridge thinks that would be interesting. Quinn looks at Ridge. Charlie looks angry.

Bill cannot be how she remembered. Brooke wants to know how she could forget his birthday. Bill kind of wishes that he could. Brooke promises that it will get better. He will get gifts and attention from people and then suddenly the day is great. Bill isn’t so sure about that. Brooke hopes that he isn’t going to be alone. Bill thinks that Liam and Steffy are coming over later. Wyatt already stopped by today. Brooke thinks that it is nice that his sons are coming around.

Zende asks what Quinn thinks about three generations of Forrester’s saying vows. Quinn thinks that is a little much. She thinks that is one bride too many. She wonders whose day it would even be. Nicole knows how it feels to be a bride. Maya believes that Nicole is now the authority on all things weddings. Nicole thinks that it is just in time as the family needs her help. Ridge explains that they are not imposing on Steffy’s wedding. He is going to go and then they will do something just the two of them privately. Charlie assumes that Ridge is committed to Brooke. Ridge is. Charlie guesses that is a beautiful thing. He excuses himself. He leaves. Pam walks after him.

In the hallway, Pam asks what that was about. Charlie thought it was an observation. Pam thinks he seems off. Charlie is just having one of those days. Pam isn’t going to listen to any of that. He is clearly keeping something from her. Charlie thinks that his Sherlock senses are all a twitter right now. Which means that something is happening. He saw something weird. The other night at Eric’s, he doesn’t think that Ridge is all that eager to marry Brooke in Australia or anywhere else.

Zende asks if Ridge is not married at all. Ridge isn’t nervous to get married. Rick doesn’t think that this is Ridge and Brooke’s first rodeo. Maya assumes that they could recite the vows in their sleep. Ridge asks why Rick called this meeting. Rick got the sales reports back from the jewelry pairings. It seems to be fifteen percent over. Rick believes that this new understanding between the two of them has really changed things around here.

Charlie explains that this whole chain of events started when he had to get Eric out of the bathroom. Ridge and Quinn got stuck too and then he had to rescue them too. Pam saw all of this. She wants him to get to the part she doesn’t know about. Charlie stopped afterwards and they must have thought that that they were alone. He saw Quinn wipe Ridge’s mouth with a napkin. Pam guesses that was nice. Pam knows it is always a little awkward to tell someone if they have something on their face. He found lipstick on his face. He thinks that this could be bad.

Emmy walks in with a gift for Bill. It was left for him. She thought that she would bring it in herself. Unless, he doesn’t accept birthday gifts. Bill thinks that it is one gift that he is happy to accept. Emmy explains that it is from Brooke Logan. Bill assumes it is the Brooke Logan standing behind her. Brooke sees her in the flesh. She hugs Brooke. Brooke thinks it is nice to meet her. She thinks that she is prettier in person. She congratulates her on her engagement to Ridge Forrester. She wishes her a lifetime of happiness. An entire lifetime. Brooke thanks her. Emmy tells Bill that she is available if she needs him. Bill knows. Bill sees that Brooke gave him a hot air balloon. Brooke wasn’t sure what to put in the basket so she went with an easy call. Bill guesses it was cash. Brooke thought it was a joke sort of kind of partly. Bill thinks she knows that money is no laughing matter in this room. Bill thinks she gave him a gift of his two favorite things. Cash and one of his fondest memories of them. Bill doesn’t think that there is nothing like the smell of cold hard cash. Brooke thinks he has enough to last him several lifetimes. Bill believes that there is never enough cash. Bill thanks her for the present. Brooke thinks it is her pleasure. Bill likes that she remembered. Brooke will always remember his birthday. Bill means Aspen. Brooke explains that Ridge is her future but she will never forget what they shared.

Ridge thinks that if a product sells it means it is good. It doesn’t mean that the collaborators have to get along. Quinn thinks that it helps. Maya agrees that it makes a statement about a person. She thinks that when the creators affect their work. She believes as a model that their creations are exciting to wear. Rick thinks that the two of them not breathing down each other’s throats has really improved their profit margin. Nicole asks who would have thought compared to the way they started out. Ridge was impressed by Quinn. They connected. That is it. Rick is glad that it worked and wants them to keep on doing what they are doing. Ridge ends the meeting. Everyone leaves but Ridge and Quinn. Ridge thinks that Rick made a valid point. Their relationship has changed everything.

Rick believes it is astonishing just how much Ridge and Quinn have come. Zende agrees in a short period of time. Pam believes that Quinn is bringing out a more forgiving side in Ridge. Nicole guesses it softens his edges a bit. Charlie believes they should get back to work. Everyone but Charlie and Pam leave. Pam asks what is going on with him. She wonders where Charlie even got the napkin. Charlie got it out of the waste basket in the bathroom. Pam wants to know why. Charlie believes it is staring at them right in the face. Lipstick. Pam doesn’t think it is odd for a woman to blot her lipstick on a napkin. Charlie feels that is the question. He wonders if the lipstick was there before she wiped Ridge’s mouth or not.

Bill thinks that Brooke has this wonderful and effortless way of making everything better. Brooke wants to know where this hatred of his birthday comes from. Bill doesn’t think it matters. It matters that she is sitting in front of him and gave him the best birthday ever. Brooke was just thinking about him. Brooke is proud of the love they shared and how deeply he made her feel. Bill thinks that Brooke shattered those walls for him. Brooke thinks he deserves to be happy. Bill will keep that in mind. Brooke wants to picture them rising above the hurt. Hopefully, able to be comfortable with each other and be friends. She knows he is getting used to the changes but there is a permanent place in her heart. She knows that he is still getting used to these changes. Brooke doesn’t want to lose him. Bill sighs.

Quinn asks what he means by their relationship changed everything. Ridge asks what she wants it to mean. Quinn doesn’t want it to mean anything. Quinn asks why he is talking in riddles. Ridge thinks she is cute when she is confused. Quinn just wanted to know what he meant. Ridge just wanted to acknowledge that them working together is good for the family. They need to figure out how to get this to work. He knows that them kissing cannot happen again. Quinn agrees it cannot happen again.

Charlie thinks that Ridge and Quinn coming back from a trip being friends should have been questioned more. He wonders what changed that. He asks what is in the water up there. He thinks the evidence speaks for itself. Pam wants to know what he is implying. Charlie believes that Ridge and Quinn are having an affair. Pam thinks that it is crazy. Charlie thinks that they have to tell Brooke before she gets married. She needs to know what she is getting herself into. He feels that maybe Ridge isn’t the man she should be pledging her life to.

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