B&B Wednesday Update 3/1/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/1/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


In the CEO office, Rick asks if RJ is ready to take this on. RJ thinks that babysitting interns requires him to show leadership and show them the ropes. He needs them to show professionalism. Rick asks if Thomas agrees. Nicole and Zende walk in. Maya is glad to see them back. The two hug. Thomas asks where they went. Zende explains that they went to the Virgin Islands. Rick asks if his boy hooked them up. Zende had an amazing yacht. Nicole thought that the hotel was amazing. Maya does think that marrying a Forrester does have its advantages.

Darlita offers to call a plumber. Shirley tells them to call CJ. It is his building and his problem. They cannot afford to pay a plumber. Sally asks if Saul printed the signs. Saul assumes she means the Jared Maxwell isn’t allowed in the building sings. He can’t do it because the printer is out of ink. She asks if anything in the building is working. Darlita tells Sally that Shifty is on line two. Sally isn’t taking his calls and wants her to hang up. Saul asks how she will pay him back. She asks how she will ever pay them. Coco walks in. Sally thinks that there are ways she can bounce back. Coco assumes that she is their way. Shirley wonders how her first day as a Forrester intern went and as a Spectra spy. Coco feels bad that things aren’t going well here but she doesn’t think she can steal. Darlita suggests it is more like borrowing. Shirley agrees. Her sister used to do it. You tweak it enough so you don’t get sued. Saul adds that you use a different fabric. Sally knows a much cheaper fabric. Shirley agrees. Coco cannot do it. Sally thinks that she should go. It is her first big day at her new internship. Coco doesn’t want to be the reason that Spectra fails. Sally doesn’t think that Spectra will fail. She wants her to go. Sally thinks that Coco has a chance. She will not let her risk her future for them. Thomas went out on a limb hiring her. Saul knows that she is just so worried about how mister perfect will react to this. Sally appreciates what Thomas has done for them. She asks if they can really steal from Forrester.

Nicole and Zende show them photos from their honeymoon. Maya asks if it was hot. Maya asks who told Nicole she could wear that bathing suit. Rick guesses the honeymoon is over now. Maya promises it is just beginning. Maya thinks that they are so beautiful. Nicole wonders what has been going on around here. Maya explains that Steffy and Liam finally made their plans. Zende heard Australia. Rick is counting on Zende and Nicole to keep the company together as their CEO’s are MIA. Nicole is happy to help however she can. RJ asks if she wants to start by helping give the interns a tour of the building. Nicole agrees to it. RJ feels like he has been here since he could crawl. RJ hands them a copy of all the interns, new names and wants them to feel welcomed. He wants them all to be welcomed. Rick thinks Forrester a friendlier face just isn’t going to fly. Rick looks and sees that Coco Spectra is on the list. He asks if it is that Spectra. Thomas confirms that it is that Spectra. RJ and him, interviewed her together. He actually thinks that she will be a great fit. Rick doesn’t think that this is happening.

Shirley runs into CJ at Spectra. She asks how the leak is going. CJ is having it fixed now. He says sarcastically that he cannot tell them how thrilled he is to pour more money into a building he was supposed to sell. Sally knows that he will be so glad that he didn’t sell it. CJ asks if it is because of all the money she is planning to bring in. He wants to know how that is supposed to happen as it doesn’t look like they are in production. Sally has produced a few designs but it takes time to release a full production. Sally wants Darlita and Saul to get busy. She walks into her office. CJ wants her to stop pretending. He saw the review. One person with a keyboard can make or break the review. Shirley doesn’t think that they were broke. CJ asks how they are supposed to make any designs and expect them to sell. He is assuming she doesn’t have any orders. Sally doesn’t actually know yet. They haven’t checked for today. CJ knows that Spectra isn’t making a comeback and she has to accept it.

Thomas wants Rick to cut the girl some slack. Rick doesn’t want a Spectra working here. RJ already gave her the job. He asks if he is supposed to just say never mind. Rick does. Nicole suggests that they get Carter’s council on this. Zende agrees. Rick looks at her resume. He thinks that she looks normal enough. Thomas promises nothing will happen. Rick tells them that if she embarrasses them at all… RJ knows she won’t. She is here to work and is an intern. Rick asks if Thomas thinks that this is funny. Thomas does. He finds what Sally is doing is hilarious. Rick believes Steffy would think otherwise. Thomas is sure that Steffy would even see the humor in this. Maya heard that Steffy isn’t happy with the followers Sally is getting from this. Thomas doubts that Spectra could do anything. Coco walks in. Thomas is glad she is here. Coco didn’t mean to interrupt. She just wanted to let them know that she was here. RJ wants to introduce them to her. Coco meets Zende, Nicole, Rick and Maya. Coco thinks that it is an honor for her to be here. Rick wonders if a Spectra should really be at Forrester. He asks if she really thinks that they should trust her.

Sally tells CJ that they are not accepting defeat. Shirley has half a mind to tell her sister that he is trying to get them to quit. CJ does think that they have half a mind. He wants her to call his mother. She will tell them exactly what he is. Sally thinks that this is Sally’s dream. CJ asks how this is running Spectra. The fashion industry remembers what Spectra was and they will not accept Sally’s designs. He doesn’t want them to waste any more time. Shirley has a plan. Spectra’s do not go down without a fight.

Coco is confused that Rick doesn’t want her here. Rick reminds her that Spectra spent years stealing their designs and creating knock offs. Thomas thinks that Coco is sweet. Coco knows that they do have a complicated history. She would like to say something. Whatever Spectra was and whatever damage was caused it has nothing to do with her. She is an honest person. She wants them to get to know hew. If he allows her to stay, then she will be forever grateful. She is Forrester when she is here. Rick wants a moment alone. RJ will come with her. Nicole and Zende leave too. Rick has heard enough. He wants what is best for Forrester.

In the hallway, RJ is smiling at Coco. She asks why he is smiling like that. RJ is just impressed. Sally is too. She never realized how intimidating his brother way. RJ thinks it was cool what she said in there. RJ trusts her and hopes Rick can too.

In Rick’s office, Zende tells Nicole that Coco sounded for real but he understands Rick’s concerns. The name Spectra does bring pretty heavy damage. Zende doesn’t think they have to worry about what Rick does. Nicole agrees. They only have to worry about themselves. She asks if she has thanked him or how incredible their honeymoon was. She kisses him. Zende asks if he has told her. Nicole thinks that he showed her.

CJ will bite. He asks what the plan is. Shirley doesn’t think he needs to worry. CJ reminds them that this is his building so if they are hatching a scheme he will know about it. Sally asks why he would suggest that. CJ doesn’t know. Possibly because every scheme hatched from this office has been crazy. Sally wants time. She doesn’t want the plug pulled. Shirley thinks they have the right person at the right place at the right time. CJ thinks it sounds difficult. Sally doesn’t think so. She is already there.

RJ informs Coco that looking at the door won’t make Rick come out any sooner. Coco is sending her thoughts straight through the door. She just hasn’t mastered it yet. RJ thinks she can handle herself. Thomas tells Coco they are ready for her. She and RJ walk back in. Rick thanks her for giving them time to discuss. Coco understands she is the enemy. Rick doesn’t think that she is the enemy. He wants to trust her. The first-time people see their designs it is critical. If the press catch a glimpse at another fashion house, then it is months down the drain. Maya thinks that everyone has to be held to the highest level of confidentiality. Rick assumes she would understand why he would have to let her go. Coco would understand. Rick is glad. He wants her to remember that if he ever does. Thomas tells her that he agrees it is a risk worth taking. Rick doesn’t want her to mess this up. Coco thanks them all for believing in her. She turns to RJ and says all of them.

Sally thinks that they have no choice. Coco is on the inside now. Shirley doesn’t think it matters how loyal she thinks she has to be to them. She is a Spectra. Sally thinks she has to be loyal because they are family. Whether she likes it or not. Coco has to rob them blind.

RJ welcomes their newest intern. Coco Spectra. He smiles at her.

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