B&B Tuesday Update 2/28/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/28/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

It is night time at the Forrester mansion. Brooke tells Quinn that it is so nice of her and Eric to invite her and Ridge over. Quinn thinks that they have a lot to celebrate. Brooke is very excited that they are getting married. Brooke kisses Ridge. Quinn knows that Pam and Charlie should be bringing out food soon.

Eric is stuck in a room. He asks if anyone is out there. Charlie whistles down the hallway and Eric asks if it is him. Charlie wonders what is wrong. Eric wants Charlie to help him out. Charlie is going to hit down the door. He is going to need a little more room. He ends up opening the door. Eric doesn’t think that has ever happened before. Charlie can bring some tools over to fix it. He asks if he wants him to tell Quinn about this. Eric can do so.

Pam shows them beef tenderloin on a brioche bun. Ridge thinks that looks delicious. Pam thanks him. Eric walks into the living room. He is sorry for the delay. It was a minor distraction. Eric thinks that Brooke looks so beautiful. He believes that he and Ridge are very lucky. Ridge agrees. Eric is glad he is here. It gives them a chance to discuss their wedding. He knows how they feel about keeping it small but he would like to have the family there to witness the two of them showing vows to each other once again with his wife by his side.

Sally is on her laptop. Shirley asks how Saul could eat at a time like this. He is eating cheese puffs. Darlita thinks that is gross. Saul mentions they are glutton free. Darlita starts eating them as well. Sally cannot believe that there is not one order. Shirley thinks that they have to pray that Coco gets an internship. Darlita still doesn’t understand why they want Coco at Forrester. Shirley tells Darlita to watch her lips. They want her to be their spy and steal from the Forrester’s. Sally looks angry.

Coco asks if anyone else knows she is here. Thomas tells Coco that he and RJ are handling the interviews. Coco wonders if the others would freak knowing that Coco Spectra is in the house. Thomas isn’t worried about that at all. RJ isn’t either. Sally will be extremely loyal if they choose her. Sally thanks them for seeing her. Thomas says that they will be in touch. RJ runs to get the door. RJ thinks it was nice to meet her. He really hopes that she gets it. Sally does too. Thomas thought it took courage for Coco to come here. She is smart. He thinks that she would be a good fit here. They cannot look over the fact though that she is a Spectra.

Darlita wonders if Coco isn’t aware that she would be a plant helping to rip off designs. Sally doesn’t think it is fair to use Coco this way. Coco walks in. She asks if someone died. Saul tells her that basically someone did because Darlita broke a nail. Shirley wonders how the interview went and if she got the internship.

Eric wonders if anyone would want a cocktail. Maybe a glass of their best tequila. Quinn looks at Ridge. Quinn is happy with champagne. Eric wants to raise a glass to Ridge and Brooke. He is so happy to have them back together again. He hopes they have a wonderful future together. They click glasses. Eric thinks that this is good having the four of them together getting along. Brooke suggests that Ridge and Quinn have the same interests and like the same things. Brooke knows that there is tension but they are both good for each other. Eric knows they both have a devilish streak. Quinn asks if that is a good or bad thing. Brooke isn’t so sure. She hopes that they focus on their similarities and not differences. Quinn is going to go grab some more food in the kitchen.

Thomas wants to be realistic. Not everyone will be thrilled about them hiring a Spectra. RJ gets it. That rivalry ended years ago. Thomas doesn’t think that Sally and Steffy are over it though. RJ guesses that is a good point. Thomas knows that Steffy is still upset about this. RJ remembers that in the end the families were able to get along and maybe Steffy can do so as well. Thomas knows that Steffy will have to realize one day that it was nothing more than a PR stunt. Thomas thinks that they should give her a shot.

Shirley wonders if they spoke to her about being a Spectra. Coco confirms they did. Even if she doesn’t end up getting the internship it still was an amazing opportunity. Sally gets a phone call from Thomas. She says hello. Thomas tells her that RJ and him were impressed with Coco and would like to offer her the internship. Sally tells Coco she got it. Sally tells them to calm down. Sally thinks that is great news and thanks him. Coco will not let him down. Thomas is kind of reminded by her older sister. Sally thinks that things are starting to look up. They might find a way to stay open.

Ridge gets a message and he has to go return an email. He leaves. Eric thinks that Quinn and Ridge have a lot in common. Brooke agrees whether they want to admit it or not. Eric is glad they found the connection.

Ridge walks into the bathroom. Quinn is in there already. Ridge is sorry. He thought she went to the kitchen. Quinn did. Ridge will use Eric’s bathroom in his office. He tries to open the door but it is stuck and will not open.

RJ asks if Thomas is into Sally. It is obvious. He isn’t complaining about working with Coco.

Saul wants Coco to invite him over for lunch. Coco thinks that they are all invited. Shirley wants Darlita to go get more wine. The box is empty. Saul will go with her to make sure she doesn’t guy spend it on shoes. Coco is glad that everyone is happy for her since things are rough over here. Shirley thinks that they are into this together. Shirley thinks that Coco is their hail Mary. If they don’t make this work then they are out of business for good. Coco doesn’t know what she means. Shirley needs her to be a spy at Forrester. Sally doesn’t look happy.

Charlie does a silly magic trick and Pam laughs at it. Charlie would normally be scared to death with all these knives around but she has changed and is a completely different person. Pam thinks so as well. She didn’t think that anyone that dangerous or evil could change but maybe she is wrong. It might be a lesson in being able to evolve. Pam is seeing that Quinn is filling the hole in Eric’s heart since Stephanie died. Charlie can even see it. Pam is totally shocked about that. She hasn’t seen anything suspicious. She could possibly be committed.

Eric wonders what is taking so long. Brooke feels that they have been abandoned by his wife and her fiancé.

Quinn screams if anyone can hear them. Ridge guesses that is a no. Quinn guesses they are stuck. Quinn should have taken the shot of tequila. She thinks that what Brooke was saying earlier about them being a like. Ridge saw her squirming. Quinn is happy with the way things are right now. She has her life with Eric and Ridge is getting married. He will be committed the rest of his life. They start to kiss passionately. They look at each other nervously.

Coco asks if they really want her to spy on the Forrester’s. Shirley thinks that they ran out of options. It is time they get back to their roots and go old school. Coco asks if Sally believes this. Coco asks if she knew about this. Sally isn’t ok with this but Shirley might be right. Coco thinks the designs are good. She has more integrity than this. Shirley doesn’t think that integrity pays bills. Sally tried to go legit but they failed. Coco is their only shot. Coco isn’t doing it.

Quinn thinks that they need to get out of here. Quinn screams for someone. Pam and Charlie are outside. Charlie asks if Ridge is in there. Pam asks if Quinn is there too. Quinn explains that they are stuck. Charlie opens the door. Charlie was going to open the door tomorrow. Pam’s lemon bars are burning. Quinn tells Ridge to wait. She wipes his lips. Charlie accidentally sees this from the corner. Charlie walks over after they leave to find the rag. It has lipstick on it.

Brooke tells Eric that she has to get going. She has an early meeting in the morning. Eric wishes her good luck in finding him. Ridge and Quinn walk out. Brooke wonders where they were. Pam tells them that they got stuck in the powder room. Eric wonders if both of them did. Ridge went in there and didn’t know if anyone was there and then the door got stuck. Brooke and Eric start to laugh. Eric tells them that it happened to him earlier. He thinks that they are good now. Ridge says it is thanks to Charlie. Eric asks what happened in there. Quinn is fine now. He makes her feel so safe and secure. It was the best choice to marry him. She loves him so much. She hugs Eric. She looks at Ridge. Brooke thinks it is time to go. Quinn whispers that was the last time. Ridge thinks the last time ever.

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