B&B Monday Update 2/27/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/27/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy kisses Liam in her office. She thinks that this feels so good. Liam agrees. They are making a decision and sticking to it. Steffy agrees. They will have a destination wedding in Australia. Liam asks if everyone they talked about coming will be here for the announcement. Steffy knows that Thomas is busy interviewing interns but otherwise they will all be here. Liam asks about Eric. Steffy notes that he will be here along with Quinn. Liam knows that they are a package deal but picturing Quinn at the wedding is a little nuts. Steffy knows but she loves Eric so much. Liam guesses it is ok. Steffy asks if he is going to call Bill. Liam knows it will be awkward having him and Ridge in the same room. Breathing the same air. He calls Bill. Bill asks what is up. Liam is gathering the families to discuss the wedding details. Bill wonders if Brooke will be there. Liam says yes and so is Ridge. He guesses that he can stop by later and talk about it then. Bill thanks him.

Bill hangs up his phone and walks out of his office.

Sally asks if Shirley is kidding her. Shirley wonders if she sees her laughing. Sally asks if she really wants her to plant her sister inside of Forrester to steal designs. Shirley thinks that she is a natural. She is sweet and innocent. They will not know what hit them. Sally remembers her giving a gumball back one time because the machine gave her two instead of one. Shirley asks where she gets that. Saul is sure it isn’t from Shirley’s side of the family. Shirley guesses the point is that she will learn. Her boyfriend needs an intern. Sally doesn’t think Thomas is her boyfriend. Shirley saw the way that he looks at her. If he isn’t now, then he will be. In the meantime, they need a spy. Otherwise they end up in the rathole. Her sister is their golden ticket back into respectability. Coco walks in. She tells her that things are not looking good around here but they know she wants to be in the fashion business. Shirley asks how she would like being an intern at LA’s biggest rag shop. Forrester Creations. Sally doesn’t look happy but Coco seems excited. Shirley asks if that is something that interests her. Coco would give her right arm to work there. Darlita wonders how she would get any work done without a… Saul tells her it is a figure of speech. Coco knows that they would never hire her. Sally knows. It is because she is a Spectra. Coco knows that Forrester would be amazing but she wants to help the family business. Especially, if they are not doing well. Shirley believes that she would be helping more than she knows. Shirley thinks that she has a connection or at least Sally does.

Thomas wants RJ to remember that they are looking for more than just a goffer. They want someone who is hungry. RJ assumes someone like Charlotte. Thomas thinks that Charlotte is a terrific intern. RJ asks if they can get someone like her. Pam wants them to keep this professional. Thomas wants Pam to get the next applicant. RJ thought that Thomas had a meeting. Thomas doesn’t have to go to the meeting. Pam notes that it isn’t a business meeting. It is about Steffy’s wedding. Thomas knows how that is so much more important than business.

Steffy just wanted to thank them all for coming in. Liam tells Steffy that the floor is hers and she can tell them all. Steffy brought them here to announce their wedding destination. Per her cousins excellent advice they are getting married in Australia. Liam would love them all to be there. A destination wedding. Ivy asks when they are going. Steffy thinks soon. Eric thinks that it is a great idea. Liam tells Eric that he gets a plus one. Quinn thinks that they would love to be there. Eric asks if Ridge and Brooke are going. Brooke thinks that they are going. Ridge agrees. Steffy is glad. She asks what is better than one wedding. She is just saying. They could get married in Australia. Ivy looks angry. Quinn looks nervous.

Thomas thanks people for coming in. The interview multiple people individually. RJ sees that Tory studied fashion philosophy. Pam wants to know what that means. Tory claims that it is a form of flattery. Thomas thinks that he is a smart guy. RJ asks one of the interns where she sees herself in ten years. The girl would like to do a gap year so she can study manufacturing abroad. Thomas doesn’t think that Tory is bad for just starting out. Tory thanks him. He actually draws inspiration from some of Thomas’s designs. Mainly from Ridge as well. Another girl asks if this is a paid internship. Another girl claims that she cares to much. Charlotte sees what she did there. All the interns claim that Forrester is their favorite fashion house. Thomas doesn’t have anymore, questions. Pam claims that they will be in touch. RJ thought those were some good options. Thomas is still looking for the one that stands out.

Coco asks if she really has a connection at Forrester. She asks who. Shirley explains it is Thomas Forrester. Coco thinks she is so hot. Saul thinks he is spoiled as a glass of milk and they are not that close. Shirley tells him to settle down. Shirley thinks that Coco would work out better over at Forrester.

Thomas’s phone starts to ring. He answers it. Thomas assumes that it must be hard. Sally assumes he means the review. Thomas means the fact that she cannot get any work done when she is thinking about him. Sally thinks that he speaks from experience. Thomas admits a little bit. He asks what is up. Sally asks if he is still looking for interns. Thomas is. Sally thinks it is his lucky day because she has one. She is the cream of the crop. It is her sister and she is the best of the bunch. Thomas tells her to send Coco over. Sally thanks him. Thomas doesn’t think it is a problem.

Sally tells Coco that she getter get going. Coco is excited.

Brooke thinks it is a wonderful idea and she knows it has been mentioned before but this is Steffy and Liam’s moment. Ridge agrees. They don’t want to impose. Steffy doesn’t think that would be an issue. Bill storms in and hopes he didn’t miss the good stuff. Liam asks what he is doing here. Liam asks what they are doing here. He knows they are planning a wedding. He knows that they want him here. Eric informs him that Ridge and Brooke are also getting married in Australia. Bill asks Brooke if this is true.

Charlotte guesses that they interviewed all the applicants. Thomas tells Pam that that there is one more coming in. Pam asks who. Someone knocks. Thomas tells her to come in. Coco walks in. Thomas thanks Pam and Charlotte but he and RJ will handle this one on their own. They leave. Thomas assumes that she is Sally’s little sister. Coco confirms that she is. Thomas introduces her to RJ. Thomas can see that Coco has an independent study in fashion. Coco does. She worked it out with her adviser. Design and marketing. Thomas wonders why Forrester. Coco admits that her great-aunt Sally always said to aim high. Thomas knows her sister has a fashion house. Coco was hoping to work there but Spectra might not be around for much longer.

Shirley believes that Sally did the right thing. Sally isn’t so sure. Saul asks if they will hire a Spectra. Sally doesn’t like the idea of training her sister to be a thief. Shirley thinks it is part of her DNA. Her sister created a business by robbing from Peter and giving to Paul. It is business. Sally thinks that Shirley is something else. Shirley asks Saul for a minute alone with Sally. Shirley tells her that if she wants to give a lesson on judging herself then it is going to go through her one ear and out the other. Shirley thinks that they are in serious debt and now they have a business plan.

Bill asks if she and Ridge are really going to marry in Australia. Brooke notes that they have been engaged for a while. This cannot come a surprise. Ridge tells everyone to slow down. They are going to go to Australia and support the wedding but that is it. Anyone who cannot come hopefully can stream it right to his gym. Bill thinks that Liam and Steffy deserve this day for themselves. Steffy thinks that they want this. Ivy guesses it would be romantic. Ridge doesn’t care if they get married in Cleveland or Downtown Detroit. He just wants their vows to be to them. Steffy wants him to get on board. Ridge doesn’t enjoy everyone here. Bill guesses that they agree twice. He thinks that he has let Brooke down so many times. He wouldn’t be surprised if he did it again. Ivy gives Quinn a look.

RJ asks if Sally is going out of business. Thomas thinks that is complicated. Coco isn’t here to talk about her families problems. She is sure that they will get out of it. She has studied the great fashion houses. It is one thing to study it but it is another thing to be in the mix. To watch and operate. She wants to be a part of this given the opportunity.

Shirley believes that Coco will rise to the occasion just like the rest of them. She has Spectra blood that flows through her. Sally thinks that this is criminal. Shirley thinks it is business. Sally doesn’t think that Coco is tough enough about this. Shirley points out that they are knock off artists. They always will be. She needs to get with the program. Sally thought that it was going to be different.

Brooke will not let the two argue here and today. Brooke tells Bill that Ridge hasn’t let her down. Steffy isn’t going to let it go that they will be married together. Ridge guesses they will be see. Eric wants them to come with them to plan more wedding things. Eric wants Quinn to stay and keep peace. Bill wants to speak to Brooke alone. Ridge isn’t going to let that happen. Bill thinks that she is asking for heartbreak. When it happens he will be there to pick her up. He wishes that she didnt have to go through this again. He hurts her every time. He doesn’t want to see her suffer but she will. Brooke thinks those days are over. Brooke believes that they are destiny. If Bill cannot accept that… Bill is going to Liam’s wedding. He is just trying to get through to her. Brooke needs Bill to realize that she trusts Ridge. Ridge and Quinn think about the kiss. Brooke is spending the rest of her life with Ridge. Brooke hugs Ridge. Ridge looks at Quinn.

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