B&B Thursday Update 2/23/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/23/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Sally tells everyone that they pulled off the preview. She has each of them to thank for their hard work and dedication. She couldn’t have done it without them. Shirley feels that she will always be able to count on them. Saul believes they did the best they could given, the circumstances. Darlita doesn’t want him to be a Daryl Downer. Saul wants them to sue him for his realistic nature. Out a hundred and ten guests only one showed up. Sally knows but Jared’s review could make or break them and she feels that Jared was impressed. Sally knows that he didn’t walk out on them or laugh at them. His writeup is exactly what they need to kick start the company. Spectra is back.

Jared walks into Bill’s office. Jared wants Bill to hear him out. Bill thinks he generously did that. Jared needs to be true to himself. Sally Spectra’s talent is raw but she is fresh and interesting. He saw potential. Jared says that Spectra is back… Bill wants him to get to the part where he trashes the line. Jared says that this is definitely not couture. He isn’t sure what it is. It might not be everyone’s taste but he is sure there is a market for playful whimsy. Bill thinks that he is being too nice. He was given marching orders. Bill know this would happen. So, Bill did his job for him. Bill wrote the review himself. He wants it published.

Saul wants to know how long it should take to write a glowing review. Thomas walks in with flowers. He thinks this looks familiar. Sally sees the flowers. Thomas wanted to brighten up her day and say sorry for missing the preview. Sally thinks he is sweet. Sally introduces them to her crew. Saul looks jealous. Thomas asks how it went. Saul feels it could have gone better. Sally asks if he is still glad he stopped by. She welcomes him to her world. Thomas thinks that it is more fun than his. Sally believes that when the review comes out they will leave Forrester chocking on their desk. Thomas looks at the designs. Sally wants him to be nice. Thomas thinks they have staying power. He tried to imagine this one and thinks it is completely unique. Shirley suggests they give them privacy. They all leave. Sally wants Darlita to go monitor her laptop. She leaves. Thomas guesses that it is just them.

Jared asks if he really wrote the review. Bill wants him to read. Jared thinks it is harsh. Bill thinks that is the point. Jared thinks that this isn’t true. Her designs were clearly put together quickly and it showed but they were not an abomination but they weren’t a joke. Bill asks if this is really him trying to keep his standards. Bill wants him to be true to the man who pays him. He can be replaced. Bill asks if that is what he wants. Jared doesn’t want that. Bill wants Sally and her married band of Spectra buffoons out.

Thomas thinks that is quite the crew she has. Sally loves them. Thomas wants to know everything about the preview. Sally knows that Jared said he would put up a review first thing in the morning but it hasn’t surfaced. Thomas is sure it will be home soon. Sally hopes it is good. She has everything riding on it.

Bill want Shifty to sit down. He wants him to relax. Shifty wants to know how he even knows he exists. Bill thinks they both know someone. It is Sally Spectra. He asks if there is something about her he doesn’t like. Shifty thinks that Sally is a smarty pants. For example, his name is Shifter but she calls him Shifty. Bill knows that he is loaning her money. Shifty thinks that his interest rate is fair. Bill could care less about that. He has no doubt that Sally will need more money. When she does he wants Shifty to turn her down. He wants Sally boxed in. No cash flow. Shifty asks how she will pay back his loan. Bill knows she won’t. Bill will make it worth his while. He asks if they have an understanding. Shifty understands him completely. Bill is glad.

Shirley asks Darlita what they think of him. Darlita thinks that Thomas is dreamy. Saul guesses if you are into that sort of thing. Darlita thinks that he has obvious hunkiness. Saul believes that he wears his entitlement like a suit. Shirley believes that all the Forrester’s do. Darlita asks if they saw the way he was looking at Sally. Saul thought it was unseemly to him. Darlita wishes that he would unseem her. Saul doesn’t think that can happen. Shirley cannot believe nothing has been posted. Darlita can tell that Thomas looks at Sally like she is the best thing he has ever seen.

Sally wants to know why the review isn’t up by now. Thomas knows that Jared is probably just choosing his words. Sally doesn’t leave room for anxiety but she isn’t good at this kind of stuff. Thomas knows that this isn’t a big deal. Sally guesses that one bad review for him is ok but for them it is between success and failure. She cannot fail. Thomas wants Sally to sit. She needs to breathe and take a breath. She cannot be putting the responsibility of all this on herself. Sally does think it is on her. She has an entire crew that practically work for free because they believe she can do it. Her great aunt sally created this place with her heart and soul. She will not let this be for nothing. These are her people. She has to take care. Sally calls to see if Darlita has heard anything. Darlita could call. Sally wants her to wait and tell her. Sally thinks that Thomas is giving her a look again. Thomas likes her. She is a nutty woman who makes him laugh. She throws food at Steffy and crashes weddings and ends up with cake in her face. At the same time, she chases her dreams. He is glad he is here. Sally asks why that is. Thomas knows any minute she will get a review from Jared and he gets a front-row seat.

Shirley asks if Sally is freaking out. Darlita doesn’t think it is as much if Thomas wasn’t there. She definitely is though. Shirley knows that she has everything riding on this. Saul asks what Thomas is doing. Darlita can see him sitting. Saul doesn’t like that this review is taking so long. It isn’t good.

Jared tells Bill that the review he posted under his byline will post any minute. Bill is glad. Bill asks if he has to give him a box of tissues. It isn’t the end of the world. Jared guesses it isn’t their end of the world. This puts him in a difficult position. Bill thinks the only efforts that count are his. He pleased his boss. Jared knows the preview was rough but it wasn’t terrible. Bill tells him enough because he is killing him. He wants him to trust him because he will have a nice bonus in his paycheck. Jared feels that if he had been there yesterday. Bill thinks that if he had been there yesterday then he would have bulldozed the place himself. Bill asks why he didn’t think of that.

Sally is sure that Thomas feels that he has entered an alternate universe. She is sweating out a review like it is the end of the world. Thomas isn’t judging her. Sally knows that he will have a company all to himself one day. Thomas tells her she is so wrong about that. He is so far down the line of succession. He honestly thinks his family forgets about him. Sally asks if he wants to be CEO. Thomas doesn’t think it is the point. He should be offered the chance. Thomas thinks that is what is even more unacceptable is that his grandfather isn’t even speaking for himself. He is parroting his wife. He is sorry. This is not about him. It is about her. Sally is not going to cut him any slack just because he brought her flowers. Thomas is sure that she will get everything she wants.

Jared begs Bill to pull the review. There is still time to pull the review. Bill asks why he would do that when he took the time to write it himself. Jared thinks he took it to far. Jared doesn’t think Sally can come back from this. Bill didn’t build this empire worrying about other people’s feelings. He built this empire by doing what needs to be done. Bill wants Jared to look at the building he came up with. It has mirrors everywhere and he loves mirrors. Bill says the review just hit. It is about to implode.

Thomas should probably get going. Sally thinks him for stopping by. Thomas kept feeling pulled towards here. Darlita says that the review is up. They all walk in. Sally goes to read it. Sally Spectra former knock off queen of the 90’s now has a name sake. Occupying the same premise downtown. Her great-niece has attempted the impossible. The following review will be the only review they will read. Out of a hundred people to be invited he was the only one to show up. No glitz, no glam. Total barebones. Darlita doesn’t care that he didn’t like the building. The article claims that she has a glint in her eye and shoot for the stars mind set. This pitiful attempt at a preview showed that she played a joke on the fashion industry and no talent. Her creations are hideous. He wants her to go back where she came from. This last-ditch effort is a wrecking ball. Sally asks how Jared could say all those horrible things. Saul thinks that he is a jerk. Sally doesn’t want any tears. They gave it their best shot. It was a good shot but it wasn’t meant to be. They need to know when to cut losses and she is pretty sure this is it. They are up to their knees in debt and it is serious debt and no way to pay it back. Shirley is sure they can find a way. She is so sorry to all of them. They came in all in with her and she let them down. Sally thought that this was the best dream she ever had but that was all it was. Spectra fashions is dead. Sally looks at Thomas. He looks sad for her. Sally cries.

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