B&B Wednesday Update 2/22/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/22/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Sally walks into her office dressed up for the fashion show. Shirley walks in behind her telling her not to fear because Grams is here. Sally wonders if she can believe that it is the big day. Sally wonders if she has seen Saul. Shirley explains he is downstairs with the models. Shirley hopes that this isn’t too soon to show off the designs. Sally feels they have to be ready. Shifty the loan shark she means officer is hot on their tales and CJ’s six-month time period is coming up fast. They can do this. They just need to impress Jared. Specrta will then be back in business.

Jared cannot believe that Bill is making him do this. Bill isn’t making him do anything. If he doesn’t want a paycheck anymore then that is up to him. Jared reminds him that no one else in the fashion world is covering this. Bill wonders when he has ever complained about having an exclusive. Jared thinks that if it were a Forrester showing sure but Spectra… Bill thinks they are squatters in that building. They need to get that building torn down.

Darlita asks if she can get help blowing balloons up. Sally wants her to forget about the balloons. Shirley asks if Sally is sure that she doesn’t want to do this in the show room. Saul doesn’t think they have time to clear it out. Sally knows if they do it in the show room then they will need lights and they cannot afford that. Shirley wants her to enjoy herself. Sally thinks that the Forrester’s are going to notice. Especially, queen Steffy.

Steffy walks into her office where she finds Thomas changing again. Steffy reminds him that they do have a locker room. Thomas is well aware. Charlie was lecturing Jake on how to properly do a hand lift wearing nothing but a hand towel. Steffy thinks that is gross. Thomas knows enough people occupy this office. Steffy gets that he hates her being CEO. Just because she is his boss doesn’t mean that being his sister isn’t going to be more important to her. Thomas knows that she is trying to warm him up and make him feel all warm and fuzzy. Steffy isn’t trying to make him feel warm and fuzzy. Thomas still feels a sting when his little sister is criticizing his work. Steffy isn’t doing that. She will make him take another look at his work if she doesn’t think it is up to par. Thomas guesses the stuff from yesterday might as well be shelved then. Steffy doesn’t care. Steffy knows it is a big day for his favorite redhead. Thomas knows that it is her first fashion preview. Steffy knows it will be a huge hot mess.

Shirley doesn’t want the models to skimp on the makeup. Sally informs her that they have no choice because it is all they have. Sally hopes the models don’t mind sharing makeup. Darlita wonders how many pigs in a blanket she should warm up. Sally wants her to fill a plate. Darlita is shocked she wants that for just one guy. Sally reminds her that she is from Spencer. They are giving Jared a show he will remember.

Jared feels it is safe to say that Sally’s dreams will be squashed on their own. Making him have to suffer isn’t necessary. Bill doesn’t want to wait six months. He wants the land and the building. Jared knows that he will be the only one there. Their future will ride on his review. Bill thinks that is the point exactly. Bill wants to know why he is still standing there. He needs to go and do his job. Katie walks in as Jared leaves. Katie wonders what is up with him. Bill says that he is going over to see the Spencer fashion preview and he is sure that will put anyone to sleep. Katie wonders if there is an issue with this new Spectra. Bill is sure that there will be a ton. Katie thought that Jared looked unhappy to go. Bill thinks that Jared is more into the glamourous shows. Katie hopes that he doesn’t let his bad mood color his review. Bill doesn’t think he would ever do that.

Thomas thinks that Steffy is so certain that Sally will just fail. Steffy reminds him that she is a Spectra. Her failures are going to be big and embarrassing just like her great-aunt’s were. You cannot go by some outdated ideas that were done years ago. Thomas feels she has great ideas. Steffy doesn’t think her designs will be any good. Thomas knows she is dedicated and is determined. Steffy doesn’t think it matters if you aren’t talented. Thomas feels that when you are full of surprises then talent comes to her.

Saul asks what happens if Jared doesn’t come. Sally is sure that he will come. Shirley wants Darlita to check the RSVP’s again. Darlita walks out to her desk and Jared asks if she could point him to the show room. Sally walks out and sees that he made it. Jared assumes she is Sally. Sally thinks it is nice to meet him. Sally wants him to come into her office. Sally introduces Jared to Shirley. Jared is reminded of Sally when looking at Shirley. Shirley thinks that is a lovely compliment. Sally then introduces him to Saul. He is glad he could be here but this is a preview. Sally wants Saul to let the models know they are ready. Jared wonders if the preview is happening in here. Sally confirms it is. She thought it best. It is an exclusive sneak peek. He can touch the fabric and ask the models questions. Shirley screams that they are ready. Sally wants to introduce him to the new Spectra fashions. She calls for Darlita to star the music. The first model walks in wearing a mermaid tale dress with a leopard print on one shoulder. The next model is wearing a sparkly dress with a feathery neckline, and a see-through part below the pelvis that goes to the knee leaving the lower leg covered. Another model wears a peppermint/ aqua colored top dress with that pleats on top with a second black skirt that is mermaid length on bottom. Jared looks confused. Sally looks happy.

Thomas feels that it might be more fun around here if Sally’s preview is a success. Steffy wonders what he means. Thomas thinks that healthy competition can keep them on their toes. Steffy doesn’t think he is serious. Steffy feels they are thieves. Steffy thinks that they are exactly like the original Sally. Thomas thinks that it will be fun to watch.

Katie suggests that Bill send Jared over to Forrester. A reaction statement would make sense. None of their history is good. They used to steal from Forrester and knock off their own designs. She asks what a young Steffy would say about a young Sally. Bill doesn’t want to give them a good review. Katie suggests they could succeed. Bill guesses they could but he doubts they will.

Sally wants to introduce the show stopper. He can feast his eyes on this. It is a yellow dress, with a red strip going up the side. Feathers on its side and a giant fan like shape on the other side with a mermaid tail. Jared thinks that her sense of style is unique. Sally is so glad that he showed up. He is the only one to show up for the preview. He sees what they have to offer and she can tell that he likes it. Sally thinks that the extra buzz couldn’t hurt. Sally wants the little extra push. A good review would be great. The rest of the world will know too. Jared finds that they are over-estimating him. Jared leaves. Sally cannot wait to read his review.

Jared shows back up at Bill’s. Bill doubts it was that bad. Bill assumes it was the worst preview he had seen. Jared explains they were well organized. He needs a drink. Bill wants one himself. Jared says that they had it in her office. Bill is shocked it wasn’t on a stage. Jared tells him it was just for him. Jared didn’t think it was that terrible. Bill guesses he is a kinder man than he is. Jared can definitely write some negative things and his low expectations but much to his surprise but Sally’s designs were somewhat not painful. They were interesting and he should give an honest review. Bill doesn’t want that. He had a deal in place to buy the land but instead he goes back on it to give Sally a chance to play fashion design for six months. Bill wants a career ending review written.

Sally is so glad they did it. She tells Darlita to whack open the champagne. Shirley didn’t buy any. Sally thinks they should have. Sally thought it went well. Sally thinks he was stunned. Aunt Sally’s dream is coming true. Spectra is humming with life. They stopped the wrecking ball. Sally gets a phone call. The others leave to start celebrating. It is Thomas. He wonders how the preview went. Sally claims flawless. She could not ask for a better experience. They gave it to Jared Maxwell. Thomas knows how influential he is. He knows it could help them out. Sally should go back and celebrate. She thanks him for calling. Thomas thanks her for answering. Sally can see it now. Spectra fashions back in business.

Jared understands he wants the property. Bill really does. He will have it. He wants the review on his desk first thing tomorrow morning. They are putting Spectra out of business.

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