B&B Tuesday Update 2/21/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/21/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke asks if Ivy has something to tell Brooke. Ivy does but thought that she would get into it with Ridge first. Ridge doesn’t think that it is the time now. Ivy thinks that she should tell Brooke. Ridge knows that Brooke was just on her way out. Brooke believes it can wait if it is important. Ivy believes that it is. She suggests that they talk in the office. Ivy and Brooke walk into the office with Ridge. Ivy knows that they plan to get married but Ivy thinks that Brooke needs to know some things before she starts making plans.

Thomas is sketching something in Rick’s office. Steffy walks in. She thinks that it looks good. Thomas finds it odd having Steffy in here giving him critiques over Ridge. Steffy was just giving him a compliment. Steffy knows that he isn’t happy with the situation. It is the way things are. She wishes he could get on board.

Saul and Darlita look at the video. Darlita thinks that Shirley needs to see this. Sally tells them both that Shirley was there. She filmed it. Saul wonders where Shirley is now. Sally explains that she is at home trying to get the icing out of the catering outfit. She kept the tags on it so she could return it. Even if she can’t it was totally worth it. Saul is shocked that Steffy pushed her head first into a cake. Sally thinks that this is the type of viral moment she was looking for.

Jared walks into Bill’s office. Bill was looking for him. He wanted to talk about the Spectra fashion show. He is one of his most respected fashion reporters. He must have been invited. Jared notes that every fashion reporter in town was invited. It is a waste of time. No one is going. Bill tells Jared that he is going.

Thomas finds it funny that Steffy won’t even admit that it is unfair. Steffy reminds Thomas that there is no rule that the CEO has to be the designer. Pam walks in with her laptop. She thinks that Steffy has to see this. Pam asks if Thomas hasn’t seen this yet. She shows it to Thomas. Steffy thinks that this girl is insane.

Sally thinks they are trending. Saul wonders if this will generate sales though. Sally doesn’t think they can make any of those things without publicity which she just gave them for free. Saul reminds her that silk isn’t free and they don’t even have a full line yet. Sally doesn’t think they need one. They are just giving the press a small sneak peak of what they are getting. Saul wants to know where because the show room is a disaster area. Darlita suggests the models can wear hardhats. Saul doesn’t think that they even have chairs. Sally suggests they do it here in the office. She asks how many people they are expecting. Darlita looks. It seems they have a hundred and six. Sally knows they sent out a hundred and ten invitations. Darlita looks again and it appears that one hundred and six said no. Sally guesses that ten are coming then. Darlita has three yeses’ and one maybe. Sally asks who said yes then. Darlita explains it was her, herself, and Shirley. Sally wants to know why Saul said maybe. Saul is getting his shoes polished that day.

Jared already told Spectra that he isn’t coming. Bill wants him to tell them that he changed his mind. Jared is a respected voice in the fashion industry. This new Sally is an amateur. She has no pull in this industry. Bill knows that her aunt wasn’t either but she still made the front page. Jared asks why he would want him to cover this side show. Bill wants that building and Jared is going to help him get it.

Ivy thinks that there are some things that Brooke doesn’t know. Ridge asks if this has anything to do with work. Ivy feels that Ridge already knows it isn’t. Brooke might want to hear what she has to say. Brooke wants to know what Ivy has to tell her.

Steffy is texting and Thomas is still looking at the video and laughing. Steffy asked him to put that away. Thomas believes that Sally ends up looking worse than she does. She is the one who ends up with cake on her face.

Sally walks in circles. Sally cannot believe they all said no they weren’t coming. Someone calls the office. Darlita suggests someone should get that. Sally looks at her. Darlita runs over and gets it. She asks what this is about. Darlita tells Sally it is the loan guy. Sally wants her to say she isn’t here. Darlita tells him that she said to say she wasn’t here. Sally picks up the phone. She calls him shifty. She says that she doesn’t have much time right now. They are having a fashion preview. He will get his money. She hangs up. Sally thinks they need to find some reporters Saul reminds her that no one knows her yet. Sally needs press and needs it now.

Bill has big plans for that property. He has the designs and money to build it. He wanted to buy Spectra and build this beauty. He had a deal with CJ but he decided to go back on it to give Sally a chance. Bill wants the building which means he wants Sally to fail. He wants it to fail. Jared is a journalist. He isn’t going to lie. Bill knows what they say. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Ivy knows that they are planning to get married. Ridge notes that they are getting married. Ivy is glad she ran into them then. Brooke asks if this has something to do with their wedding. Ivy knows some things because she is Australian. She thought she could give some insiders point of view if they were really considering going to get married there. She thinks that they should double up. She wants to offer some advice if Ridge needs it. Brooke has some stuff to do but would love to talk later. Brooke leaves. Ridge asks what Ivy thinks he is doing. Ivy wants to know what he is doing with Quinn. She saw him and Quinn outside the house. He knows how much Eric loves Quinn. Ridge thinks that she should leave this alone. Ridge is committed to Brooke. Ivy doesn’t think it looked like that when he was kissing Quinn.

Thomas knows that once people get a look at these designs they will forget all about Steffy and Sally. Steffy likes this design. This other one maybe not. Thomas wonders what is wrong with it. Steffy thinks that he should take another look. Steffy is giving constructive criticism. She thinks that it needs something else. Thomas suggests that she use Ridge’s designs. He is just the hired help.

Bill wants Jared to do what he pays him to do. Bill wants him to show him the invitation. Bill reads it. Bill responds to it. He has changed his plans. He will be there. Bill throws Jared’s phone back at him.

Saul doesn’t think they can have a preview with no press. Sally knows that no press means no buyers. This is awful. She asks what they will do. Darlita walks in. She got a text. They have a whopper. Sally thinks that her love life isn’t a priority. Darlita means that they have someone coming to the show. Sally asks if it is someone good. Darlita feels it is the best. Jared Maxwell. Sally is so happy. They start dancing in excitement.

Bill wants Jared to make this happen. He can sink Spectra.

Ridge believes that Ivy is blowing this way out of proportion. It was just a kiss. Ivy knows it wasn’t the first issue. She knows Quinn claims that they aren’t having an affair. Ridge isn’t. he is committed. Ridge feels that everyone knows how he feels about Quinn. Ivy knows he says that but something else could be going on. Ivy doesn’t want to see Quinn or Brooke get hurt. Ridge thinks that they were being stupid. It didn’t mean anything through. They are finally getting the family back together and Ivy wants to break them up. Ivy won’t say anything for now but she is watching them.

Steffy feels that Thomas is a valuable member of the company. Thomas knows what he is. When Eric retires Ridge will be too busy with his wife and he will be stuck dealing with all the work. He will be working for his little sister. Steffy knows he resents that. Thomas knows she would too. Steffy is sorry but it is her job now to make judgement. She wishes they were able to get along. Thomas doesn’t care what they do with the collection.

Sally thinks that they are going to have to get ready for their big day tomorrow. If they impress Jared then they will have to have a huge showing. Sally thinks this says that Spectra is back. It will put them on the map.

Bill wants Jared to give Spectra to give the worst review ever. Bill wants them to fail now. Jared believes that using him like this isn’t right. If he is in such a hurry then he could use another property. Bill has already looked. The new Spencer Tower will be his. He doesn’t care what Jared actually thinks. Tomorrow Spectra will be wiped off the map.

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