B&B Monday Update 2/20/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/20/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn walks down stairs in the Forrester Mansion. She finds Ivy sitting on the couch. Ivy wishes her a good morning. Quinn thought she would be at the office by now. Ivy is sure that she did. She is just waiting for Eric. Quinn tells her that is making some calls. Ivy can just go knock on his door. Quinn doesn’t think there is any reason just because she wants to hurt her. Ivy thinks that betrayal is what hurts most and that is what Quinn is guilty of that. Quinn knows what she thought she saw. Ivy knows what she saw. She saw her with Ridge and they were not just talking at all.

Ridge is working in the CEO office and Brooke walks in. He is glad she is feeling better. Brooke knows it is thanks to him. He took very good care of her. Ridge knows it is what a fiancé does. Brooke looks at the dress. She thinks some real progress is being made. Ridge tells her that she will have a beautiful wedding dress. Ridge asks if Brooke walked through the building like this. Brooke says that the models do it all the time. She thought she would do something for the honeymoon. Brooke reveals she is wearing a lingerie. She wonders if she should have packed it and surprised him with it. Ridge thinks that everything she does surprises him. Ridge is excited. Brooke loves it when he gets excited. Ridge asks if she really does.

Bill tells Wyatt and Liam that he set up a meeting for Wyatt with their social media guy. He is a genius. Wyatt asks what he want with him. Bill is trying to find him a niche now that he has returned. Wyatt believes that being a point man for social media was for Forrester. Liam assumes that he means he did it for Steffy. Bill knows what he means. Wyatt is sure that Nicole will take over for him when she gets back from her honeymoon. Bill asks if they have anything to report from the wedding. Liam thinks that there was no drama. Bill means any drama with Ridge. Liam has nothing to report. Bill guesses that was yesterday. Liam wasn’t really paying attention to Ridge. Wyatt assumes that being at a wedding puts him in a let’s get married mood. Bill asks who caught the flowers. Bill likes that part of weddings. Liam tells him it was Pam. She went after it like a linebacker. Bill is sure she did. Bill guesses that people think that Brooke and the dressmaker will be next to get married. He isn’t one of those people.

Brooke asks what Ridge thinks of Australia. Ridge guesses that it is big. People are friendly. Brooke knows that Ivy brought it up to Liam. If the entire family is there she just thought that maybe… Ridge asks if she is sure she wants to marry him. Brooke thinks that is an odd question. Ridge wants her to think about it.

Ivy is sure that Quinn will think up some innocent explanation as to what she saw between her and her stepson. Quinn isn’t going to tell her that at all. Ivy doesn’t want to see crocodile tears either. Quinn knows that she saw and heard what she did. She is just drawing the wrong conclusions from it. Ivy asks what the right ones would be. She is having a quiet affair. Quinn asks if she has ever slept with someone she hated. Ivy hasn’t. Quinn guesses that she might one day and it isn’t something she wants to revisit. Ivy also hasn’t kissed someone she hates either. Quinn thinks that if she promises to hear her out then she will tell her exactly what there is between her and Ridge.

Wyatt asks if there is an actual point to this meeting. Liam thinks that Bill just wanted to hear about the wedding. Bill honestly doesn’t care since Brooke ended up sick and not going. He cannot help but wonder. Someone usually makes a scene. He assumes that Ridge and Quinn would have done something. Liam didn’t see anything. He did see them not scowl at each other though. Bill nods.

Brooke walks out dressed. She asks if Ridge is thinking about Quinn again. She thought he said that Quinn was under good behavior. Ridge knows that she wasn’t and maybe he wasn’t either. Brooke thought she recognized that look. Ridge asks what that look is. Brooke knows that he said that he didn’t want to get married until Eric and Quinn were broken up. Ridge doesn’t think that will happen. Brooke knows that Eric and Quinn are even more in love now. She does have to wonder why Ridge is so unsure about them. Ridge thinks that Bill is an idiot. Brooke knows that they are done. Ridge asks if he did something. He asks if he has ever done right by her. Brooke thinks that he does try to do right for people. His being right isn’t what she fell in love with. She asks if there is something he wants to tell her.

Quinn can see that Ivy’s hands are shaking. Ivy doesn’t think that this is easy. She has admired her as an artist and respected her as a friend. She is basically one of the only people that were happy to see her when she came back. Her and Eric. She cannot watch her hurt Eric. Quinn will never hurt him. Ivy asks why she is doing this. Quinn doesn’t know. When she fell in love with Eric something started to change that she is still struggling with. She never had an adolescence. She never had discipline. The only thing she ever had in life was her own choices. There are so people afraid of punishment that they will not steal bread regardless if they are starving or not. Quinn isn’t one of those people. She knows that if you are smart enough you can avoid punishment. She knows that sounds but up until Eric, she realized that doing everything she wanted could stop her from having what she wants most of all. She doesn’t know what is in Ridge’s head. She doesn’t know what he is thinking. Last night, she knows that she didn’t turn away. It could cost her everything. If she threatens to go to Eric.

Bill still doesn’t get it. Wyatt wonders what. Bill doesn’t get Ridge. Wyatt doesn’t understand because he fell out of graces with him. Bill knows that Ridge being friendly with Quinn is odd. Wyatt asks why Ridge would have reason to hate Quinn. She backed him to be co-CEO. Bill thinks that is his issue. Whichever way the wind blows…

Ridge stayed behind last night at Eric’s to make sure everything was taken care of. He wanted to get back to Brooke though because he knows she wasn’t feeling well. He went to the front door and ran into Quinn. That is what took so long. Brooke doesn’t expect him to account for every minute. Brooke thinks that they should just leave it at that. Ridge doesn’t always see the good in people but he recognizes the bad. He thinks you can learn to be good but the idea of losing the bad but losing it isn’t easy. It is just going to sit there and wait to jump out. To betray and destroy. Brooke assumes that Ridge thinks she will do that. Ridge thinks that Quinn is one of those people. So is he.

Ivy isn’t trying to hurt her. She knows that she likes a challenge though. Quinn does. Ridge was the leader of the opposition against her. She asks if she knows how it feels to have your feelings changed for someone. Eric is so much older but Ridge is her age. He is a peer. She is reminded of men from her past that she could have been better too. She maybe gave Ridge what she could have given them. She knows that there are no do overs. She asks if she ever has found herself where she could maybe redeem herself where she could be betrayed. It’s almost like how she treated her son. Quinn is just so worried about Eric’s health. Ivy isn’t out to ruin any one’s life. She isn’t going to watch Quinn hurt anyone either.

Bill thinks that this has been productive but they can leave. Wyatt asks if he is kidding. They accomplished nothing. Bill thinks that business isn’t just about business. It is about strengthening family. Wyatt wants to know how chatting about Brooke does anything. Bill thinks she will be a part of the family. He saw Brooke last night. Liam asks how that is possible. Bill feels that anything is possible when it comes to him. Bill thinks that they are wasting his time. Bill doesn’t think there is any way he made either one of them.

Ridge knows that there were things that happened at the house that showed off his crazy too. Brooke is getting embarrassed. She asks if he really thinks that she doesn’t trust him. Being almost married doesn’t mean they won’t have private conversations. She doesn’t care. Life goes on. She thinks they need to change their opinion of her. Eric married her and she isn’t the enemy anymore. She helped him get the CEO position. Ridge guesses that nothing has changed. Brooke is going to let him get back to work. Eric tells Brooke that he loves her. Brooke cannot wait to be his wife again.

Brooke walks out into the hallway. She asks if Ivy has a minute. A client inquired about a bracelet that has been discontinued. She didn’t know what to tell her. Ivy has a minute for her of course.

Quinn gets on the phone with Ridge. She tells him that Ivy saw them last night. She saw that and wanted to tell Eric. She told her it was nothing and hasn’t told him yet. She might be on her way to the office. She has to go. Ridge notices that Ivy is in the hallway with Brooke. He walks outside and asks if he could see Ivy in the office right now. He needs to speak to her right away. Ivy asks if it is some kind of emergency. Ivy has some information for Brooke that he might want to hear as well but he might know what it is about before she even says a word.

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