B&B Friday Update 2/17/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/17/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge walks back into the living room of the mansion. He explains to Eric that the caterers are packed up and everything is cleaned up. He wonders where his keys are. Ivy walks in. Ridge didn’t know she was back. Ivy just got back, but she missed the wedding. She wonders how it was. Ridge feels that it was great. He needs to go deal with Brooke right now, because she isn’t feeling well. Ridge asks if she has seen Eric. Quinn walks downstairs. He is in the shower then off to bed. Ridge guesses that weddings do take a lot out of you. Quinn supposes. They are all happy for Zende and Nicole though. Ivy believes that they all are. Quinn knows that it has been a very long day. Ivy gets a call and has to take it. Ridge thought that Quinn would be up there with him. Quinn was thinking of doing just that. Ridge doesn’t want to stop her. Quinn doesn’t think he ever could. She wonders why he is still here. She assumes that he should be home tending to Brooke.

In her kitchen, Brooke is getting orange juice. Bill walks in and asks if she is trying to make herself worse. He thinks that this is going to make her more sick. Brooke is startled by this. Bill thinks this is how she got sick in the first place. Bill got a text that Brooke was sick and not at the wedding. Bill got her the Bill Spencer pick me up. Brooke is afraid to ask what it is. Bill got her steak and protein. Those are the things you need to help you feel better.

Zende wonders if Nicole is sure she is ok with this, being in his bedroom instead of some five-star hotel. Nicole asks who need five-stars when she can have her amazing bedroom. Nicole believes this is fitting. This is where they first… Zende guesses she remembers. Nicole fell even more in love with him that night. Zende guesses that they can look at themselves now. An old married couple. Zende is going to prove himself for the rest of their lives. Zende does have a fabulous honeymoon planned for them. They leave tomorrow. It will be beautiful and exotic. Tonight, though his bedroom will have to do. Nicole thinks that this is perfect. She cannot believe there is anything better. Zende wonders if she has ever been to Tahiti. Nicole asks if that is where he is taking her. Zende points out they could go to the Caribbean. If she wants to go to one of those romantic islands. Nicole loves Zende so much.

Brooke appreciates the hunk of red meat but she doesn’t have much of an appetite at the moment. Bill doesn’t think that is a problem. She can have it for breakfast in the morning. Bill knows that she missed the wedding. Brooke feels terrible about that. At least Ridge went and gave Nicole and Zende her best wishes. Bill knows that it must have been so sad for Ridge to have to go to the wedding all by himself. Bill wonders where Ridge even is. Brooke says that Ridge wanted to make sure that everything went alright after the wedding. Bill asks if everything went alright. Brooke assumes that he means Quinn. Bill finds it odd that the two of them just magically became friendly. Brooke knows that they have a very unique and complicated relationship. Bill guesses that it would seem that way.

Ridge sees that Quinn took no time putting back her portrait. Quinn had no issues with sharing it with Nicole on her special day. She knows it was important to Zende now that they are married. She wonders why she is explaining this. Quinn doesn’t think he answered her question. She wants to know why he is here. Ridge has his dad to take care of. Quinn knows that Brooke is sick. Quinn tells Ridge to not look at her the way he did at the wedding again.

Zende pours himself and Nicole champagne. She cannot believe they are really married. It is the most romantic day of her life and it will only get better. Zende knows that tonight is about the two of them. To his beautiful bride, he will love her always. Zende thinks it tastes good as they drink. Nicole and Zende both stand up and hold hands.

Bill was hoping that the wedding would give her ideas. Brooke assumes that he means the type of wedding she wants with Ridge. Bill reminds her that they have said wedding vows so many times only for them to fall apart. Bill knows that something always happens and it should tell Brooke something. Brooke doesn’t think that he ever gives up. Bill won’t until she is back with him. Brooke begs him to stop. Bill guesses he won’t go off on Ridge. He knows that people think that they will be the next marriage but he doesn’t. They are obviously meant for each other.

Ridge wants to know how he looked at Quinn. Quinn knows that he knows. Ridge doesn’t. Brooke knows that this was a family wedding. He was giving her long looks. She knows it wasn’t his imagination. She knows that he still thinks about the trip. Ridge thought they were talking about the wedding. Ridge wants to know what she is talking about. Quinn means the kiss. Ridge wonders what about it. Quinn doesn’t think it should have happened. Ridge knows it never will again.

Brooke asks if the words moving on mean anything to him. Bill doesn’t think that it matters to him. Brooke reminds him that they had many chances and they never made it to the part where they were pronounced married. Bill blames Ridge for that and himself the last time. He let his ego get in the way. He learned his lesson unlike Ridge. Taylor is one example. Brooke believes that is all in the past. Bill wants her to face it. She cannot be objective. He is being completely objective. If past is prologue, then he will do what he has done a thousand times before. Brooke knows he won’t. There is no other woman for Ridge but her.

Ridge feels that kissing Quinn is like kissing a lamp post in the middle of winter. Quinn guesses that is because she is just some cold-hearted witch. Ridge doesn’t mean that but he doesn’t want her making goo-goo eyes. Quinn wonders if he thinks that every woman just wants him. One kiss and they are under his spell forever. Ridge reminds her that Eric is right upstairs. Quinn finds it odd that he is in her house scolding her though. She wonders what he will do next. She asks if he is going to put him over his knee and spank her. Ridge asks if that is being put on the table. Quinn assumes this is how Ridge repays her for making him co-CEO. Give her a hard time. Ridge appreciates her. Quinn wants to be shown more gratitude and show her why he stayed behind. She knows it was to see her.

Zende made a lot of promises and plans to honor those. He plans to honor her as his love and best friend. His wife. He thinks that she is everything to him. Zende starts to take off her dress. Nicole unbuttons his shirt. Zende pulls down her dress and Nicole steps out of it. The two are in bed kissing passionately with Zende on top. He kisses her neck. She smiles. Nicole asks if this is what it is going to be like every night. Zende thinks if she is up to it then yes. He has a confession. He has been able to hide it but he snores. Nicole had no idea. Zende knows he should have told her and hopes it isn’t a deal breaker. Nicole doesn’t think that it will be an issue. Zende thinks this marriage thing is alright. Nicole knows that they get to spend all their days and nights together. There is no one she loves more. She rests her chin on his chest.

Bill thinks it is killing him that she is like this. Brooke tells him to stop. Bill doesn’t care if she is sick. Brooke knows he knows what she means. Bill thinks that Ridge is doing the same thing with someone. Brooke has complete faith in him. Bill doesn’t like that Brooke has an automatic response that they are together. He isn’t convinced. He thinks that destiny is the life they will share. The only destiny is that they will be together.

Ridge loves Brooke more than anything. Quinn loves Eric more than anything. She does wonder though. If Liam and Steffy are going to make it down the aisle before him and his Logan. Ridge can tell that she cannot handle seeing them get married. Quinn thinks it is history talking again. Although, she admits there is a part of her that is attracted to the dark side. She thinks that what is most toxic is what appeals to her the most. Eric is everything that is good and right in this world. She tries to follow his lead but there is a darkness in her. Ridge is the dark prince. They are a lot alike. They like living on the edge with a temptation of forbidden proof. Ridge cannot find his keys. He is going to order a car and go home. He leaves. Quinn finds the keys and walks out to him. She runs over and hands them to him. She gives them to him. Their hands touch. They look at each other. Ridge pulls her in. The two kiss each other passionately. Ridge walks away. Quinn touches her lips in shock. Quinn turns around and Ivy slaps her across the face. She asks how dare she.

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