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Carter welcomes them all for being here today to witness the marriage of Zende and Nicole. There are few things that are as inspired in life as young love. The start of their life together is a testament to their commitment together.

Wyatt tells Bill that he needs a new assignment in his office. Bill wonders about the one he gave him. Wyatt already finished it. Bill asks if he can see the numbers. Wyatt shows them all of it. Bill guesses that he is impressed. Wyatt would still work at Forrester if he could not to say that working at Spencer isn’t fun. Bill asks if he is trying to say that working alongside Bill isn’t as fun as working alongside Steffy. Wyatt guesses. He just cannot work with Steffy and Liam. It is too hard. Bill feels it is a good call. He needs to focus on work. Wyatt wants to know how that works for Bill. Brooke is at a Forrester wedding with Ridge right now. Bill is sure that the loser Ridge thinks that the next wedding will be his. Wyatt wonders if he was wrong to bring that up. Bill doesn’t think so. Wyatt remembers when he and Steffy said their vows. It was a great day.

Carter explains that Zende and Nicole wanted him to thank their family’s for being here. Especially, their parents who have supported them and shown them exactly what a strong wedding can be. He thinks that it is the foundation of the family. Today the history of these family’s things have become so intertwined. In a home that has seen so many weddings. Sally whispers to Shirley that he is right. They are looking at the royal family of fashion. Carter wants the legacy of the love created here to inspire them as husband and wife.

Bill tells Wyatt that he better not be checking out Steffy’s social media. Wyatt, isn’t it isn’t his job anymore. He will always love Steffy. He let him go unlike him and Brooke. Bill feels it is a completely different situation. Liam won’t let Steffy down. Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam’s history with Steffy isn’t much better than Ridge’s is with Brooke. Bill feels that Liam learned his lesson and Ridge hasn’t. Wyatt suggests that Brooke hasn’t learned her own lesson. Bill knows that Brooke is only doing this for her son. RJ wants to see his family reunited. Sadly, for him that isn’t going to happen. Brooke knows what they have. Her future is with him.

Carter hears a lot of love stories officiating over weddings. Zende and Nicole are unique. Two people from different continents. Zende is from Africa and Nicole is from Illinois. She grew up in a hard working class neighborhood and Zende grew up in the fashion industry of Miami. They both moved to LA to be with family. Not long after starting their internships at Forrester romance blossomed. That tends to happen a lot at Forrester. He cannot tell if it is a dating service or a fashion house. Pam looks back at Sally and Shirley. Charlie whispers and wonders what is up. Pam thinks it is the two servers. They are watching the ceremony. Charlie suggests that is what they should be doing. Carter knows that every love story has ups and downs. The strongest ones face them and go together. So many amazing things Zende has done and Nicole has been able to do so many things as well. These are extraordinary people full of goodness and grace. It is no surprise that they belong together. This is where their separate paths merge. Zende and Nicole are ready to make a life together. Zende cannot wait.

Wyatt is not trying to bust his chops about Brooke. Bill thinks that is smart. Wyatt does remind him that she and Ridge are engaged. Bill doesn’t think that will be for long. Bill is going to tell him something he might have to write down.

Carter believes that if two people are meant to be together then they will be. No matter what their differences are. The strongest couples are the ones who accept their challenges and grow. What would be complete without their friends and family sharing a few words. Kristen believes that this is such a proud day for them. To see her child, get married in the home she grew up in. The home that they fell in love. Tony thinks that when so many people were dying around the world with aids this woman vowed to love him in sickness and health. He knows that there is no cure but they have beautiful and incredible days like this. They are so proud of Zende. They want what is best for him and his amazing life. Rick tells them that Maya and him have given them so much advice. Probably, more than they ever wanted to hear. Rick thinks it is only because they knew how good they were together. They were truly an amazing couple. Rick is so proud of them. Eric is proud of Zende. He is proud of the man he has become. He is proud of the commitment. He is proud that Nicole has agreed to share his life with him. Eric thinks that it is important to have a strong woman by his side in this life. Maya explains that Rick and her are so grateful to Nicole for giving them Lizzie and Zende for recognizing her courage. Shirley thinks that this is beautiful. Ridge wants their dreams to follow them wherever they go. Steffy wants the love they have right now to carry on the rest of their lives. She wants them to take it from her that it can happen. They need to hold on so tight and never let go. Julius stands up. He has a good feeling about this marriage. There is a lot of support. That was important to him and Vivienne. The welcome they feel when they come into this home. She is marrying a good man and they are so proud. It is a proud time. They need to be grateful for one another. They need to love every single thing about each other every day. Nicole promises they will.

Bill thinks that Ridge is dragging his feet and he isn’t sure why. Brooke should realize that this isn’t a good sign. Wyatt suggests that this might be good for him though. Bill loves Brooke and Brooke loves him. They will get back on track. Brooke is doing what is good for the family. He will screw Brooke over like he always does.

Sasha is telling Nicole why she loves her. Shirley tells Sally that they need to go. Sally doesn’t think the ceremony is over. Shirley knows but she doesn’t want Steffy and Thomas to catch them here when it is. Carter asks if Zende will take Nicole to be his wife. Zende does. Carter asks Nicole if she will take Zende as her husband. Nicole will. Carter thinks they have stated intentions to be married. They can make their vows to each other. Nicole is going to do everything that Julius spoke about. She promises to love him every day. To share her feelings with him. To understand how much they fought for them. No matter what lies ahead they are together. He is her best friend. He knows her better than she thought anyone could. After all they have been through she knows he is the man she wants to spend her life with. Nicole vows to make it everything they want it to be. Zende is standing in awe of her right now. Zende has felt this way since the first day they met. Every time she does something, he thinks she is amazing like when Lizzie was born. He knew that he was in the presence of an angel. He doesn’t know anyone more loving and forgiving than she is right now. He has waited for this day. He even prayed for it. Zende has never been more blown away than he is right now. He promises to always cherish them together. Carter tells them that these rings symbolize their marriage. Carter asks Zende to place the ring on her finger and repeat after him. He gives her this ring as a symbol for his love and commitment to her. Zende does. Nicole then does the same. Carter explains the exchanging of rings means a pledge of life together. It is his honor to pronounce them husband and wife. Zende can kiss the bride. They all clap in enjoyment as the two kiss very passionately.

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