B&B Tuesday Update 2/14/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/14/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Eric’s bedroom Nicole is getting ready. She turns around and asks Vivienne what she thinks. Vivienne thinks that she looks stunning Maya thinks that Zende will freak out when he sees her. Vivienne feels that it was so nice of Zende to get hair and makeup for them. Maya guesses he thought of everything. Vivienne feels it is so romantic to have a Valentine’s day wedding.

Downstairs, Zende finds Kristen and Tony. Kristen thinks it is so good to see him. Tony hugs him. Eric says hello to his beautiful Kristen. She thinks it is good to see him.

Pam is in the kitchen telling the servers to wait until they are totally out before they come back to restock. She loves the sight of empty plates. It means happy guests. Charlie thinks that the cake looks amazing. Pam baked it herself. Charlie asks what she means. Pam admits that he helped a little.

Darlita asks Sally if they are going to the Forrester wedding. She loves weddings. She wants to go as Sally’s plus one. Sally doesn’t think that it works that way. Saul agrees. You don’t get a plus one when you aren’t even invited. He wants to know how she is even going to get in there. Sally wishes that he would stop being so negative so they could figure that out. Shirley walks in saying it is coffee break time. Sally thinks they are in the middle of something. Shirley has cakes in each hand. She used to push out a dozen of them every single day at the bakery. She tried some new recipes. She wants to see which one they like the best. Sally thinks that cake is the answer. She loves Shirley. She hugs her. Shirley looks confused.

Eric looks at Nicole’s photo. Quinn walks over. Eric says it is lovely. Quinn guesses it is remarkable. Julius walks in. He says that the father of the bride has arrived. Eric walks over and welcomes him. Julius thinks that family is everything. He kisses Quinn’s hand. Zende walks over. Julius is glad to have him in his family. He hugs him. Julius sees the photo of Nicole. He thinks that this is the nicest gift that could have been given to his daughter for her wedding day. Eric tells him that Zende is responsible for that. Julius cannot believe that on the same wall that his other daughter used to reside Nicole sits. He asks if Eric and Quinn are moving out and giving Nicole and Zende the house. Quinn says it is just for the wedding. Zende would like him to meet his parents. Quinn tells Eric it is just the wedding.

Sally puts the cakes one on top of each other. Shirley wants to know what she is doing. Sally explains that it is exactly what it looks like. It is a wedding cake for the Forrester wedding. They will be discrete. She just wants to see that house. She will stay out of Steffy’s way. This will tie them to Steffy and her followers. It means more eyeballs for the upcoming preview. She sees it now. Sally Spectra crashes Forrester wedding.

Vivienne would like Nicole to have something or at least borrow it. Nicole opens it. Vivienne explains that her grandmother gave it to her on her wedding day. Apparently, it is a day for tears. Nicole will have to use it already. Maya doesn’t think it is time for tears. They have makeup. Julius walks in. Nicole runs over and hugs him. Julius wouldn’t have missed his daughter’s wedding for anything.

Kristen tells Ridge and RJ that it is a shame that Brooke isn’t feeling well. Ridge agrees it is a shame. Brooke sends her love and her best. Tony knows that she will be missed. Ridge knows that she will be here in spirit. Kristen thinks that they should go and check up on their boy. Ridge tells RJ that Brooke would have loved this. They will call her later. Quinn and Eric walk over. He thinks that Quinn looks nice and is quite the hostess. Quinn is trying.

Off in the foyer, Tony explains that when he came home for Christmas, the way he spoke of Nicole he didn’t doubt that this day would come. He will walk down the stairs at any moment. Zende is good right now. Just anxious. Kristen wants him to enjoy this moment. Zende will and every moment after that. Kristen asks if Zende loves her. Zende does. Kristen thinks that is all they ever wanted for him. Zende hugs them. Rick tells Zende to look who decided to show up. Carter doesn’t think you can have a wedding without an officiant. Liam wonders how the groom is holding up. Zende is just hardly. Liam asks how the bride is doing. He hopes that she didn’t get cold feet. Steffy thinks that he is funny. Zende doesn’t think that anything will stop Nicole. Sally walks in with Shirley. They are both wearing wigs. Pam walks over and asks if they are with the other servers. Sally confirms that they are. Sally asks who they are. Charlie claims he is the handsome young quarterback and Pam is the head coach. Pam has them follow her into the kitchen. Sally looks and spots Thomas. Shirley tells Sally to get with it. Sasha walks in. She takes a deep breath. Zende walks over and tells her to relax. Nicole invited her. She is the sister of the bride. They cannot get closer to family than that. Sasha only came to show love and support for them. Nicole is really marrying an incredible man.

Nicole asks Julius what he thinks of his little girl tying the knot. Julius couldn’t be prouder. He thinks that it must have cost a fortune. Julius asks when she decided to grow up. He remembers when all seven pounds of her fit in his lap. Her fingers wrapped around his thumb. Julius thinks that he found a good man who better take good care of her. Nicole is so happy today. Julius wants this to be the happiest day of her life. The two hug.

Eric doesn’t think it should be long now. He wants to know what Quinn’s fascination with the portrait is. Quinn thinks it is lovely. Just like everyone says. Eric knows that she may have him wrapped around her finger but he still knows his wife. He can detect a tiny bit of jealousy. Quinn doesn’t want him to be silly. Quinn guesses not silly but that is her spot. In this whole house there is only one place in the house that is hers. There could be a zillion dollar Picasso and she still wouldn’t be very fond of it. Quinn knows she is being ridicules. Eric thinks that there is one other place in this house that is hers alone. Right here. He puts her hand on his heart. Quinn loves him. They hug. Ridge watches from afar. Thomas tells him to stop staring. It is his house so they have to be nice. Ridge guesses that he is right.

In the kitchen, Shirley thinks that this spits in her little plan. She has seen better cakes in a cow field. Sally believes that life is what it throws at them. She needs to deal. Shirley didn’t have enough time to see if it was even edible. Sally tells her they need to go mingle. They grab trays.

Sally and Shirley walk into the living room. Sally sees Thomas and starts to think of kissing him. Pam looks at the two of them and wonders about them. Charlie is sure they are backups. She has nothing to worry about.

In the foyer, Julius tells Zende to take care of his little girl. Zende will always and forever. He has his word. Julius congratulates him.

Steffy is with Nicole. Nicole wants her advice. Steffy wants her to just breathe. The bride is the star of the show. Nicole isn’t used to that. Steffy knows she will look gorgeous. So is the wedding. She is so happy for her. Vivienne thinks it is time to put the dress on. Steffy reminds her that everyone in that room loves her. Sasha walks in. She thinks that Nicole looks beautiful. She asks if she could have a moment alone with her sister. She just wants to wish her the best. They all leave. Sasha smiles at her. She thinks she looks so beautiful. Nicole thanks her. Sasha means it. She looks all glowy. Nicole guesses it is a big moment to glow. Sasha knows she will. Sasha is so happy for her. She is grateful that she let her be here. Nicole knows that sisters are forever no matter what. Sasha is so grateful.

Carter asks Zende why he is sweating and wonders why he is nervous. RJ agrees he does look nervous. Ridge feels he has a right to be. RJ assumes that he won’t be when he marries Brooke. Ridge doubts he will.

Tony is actually more nervous than he thought he would be. Vivienne feels like she is going to faint. Kristen doesn’t want her to do that but she knows what she means. She is so excited. Julius knows that there is a lot of that going around.

Maya asks if they are good to go. Zende thinks that they are. Maya will get Nicole then.

Steffy loves a good wedding. Liam does too. Steffy asks if Thomas does. Thomas asks what they are saying. Steffy thinks that he is a million miles away. Thomas is here. Liam asks how that was then. Thomas starts to think of Sally. Sally looks at him from a distance. Shirley tells her to stop looking. She wants to know what is going on with her and Thomas.

Maya walks in and asks if Nicole is ready. Nicole is just taking a moment. Maya asks if everything is ok. Nicole is so grateful. For everything. Everyone in her life. She feels so blessed. Maya thinks that she deserves everything in life she gets. Maya wants them to get the dress on so they can get her married.

Everyone, is sitting around waiting for the wedding to start. Rick asks if Zende is ready. Zende cannot wait. Rick couldn’t tell. Liam tells Steffy that it won’t be long before he is the one anxious to see his bride go down the aisle. Steffy cannot wait. The music starts. Nicole walks downstairs. Julius hands her flowers and takes her arm. The walk down the aisle. Nicole notices the portrait and everyone laughs. Sally and Shirley watch from the back. Carter thinks he speaks for everyone when he says how much they are happy for each other. They are gathered here to celebrate the union of Zende and Nicole…

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