B&B Monday Update 2/13/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/13/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole waits in the parking lot as Zende arrives by horse drawn carriage. Zende gets on one knee and proposes. The two kiss each other. It is revealed that she was just telling Vivienne what happened in Rick’s office. She says that it made sense seeing she wasn’t a model. Vivienne thinks that she could be. Nicole doesn’t think that it is her thing. Zende has been relentless in getting back together with her and he asked her to marry him. She said yes. She cannot believe she is engaged. Vivienne is so happy after all she has been through. Vivienne hopes that she wasn’t pressured by the moment. Nicole wasn’t at all. She thinks that all has been forgiven.

At the mansion Zende tells Eric, Rick, RJ, and Thomas that Nicole totally bought the whole photoshoot thing. She looked amazing. Rick thinks he looked pretty sharp himself. RJ thinks that it is that Forrester genes. Zende just told her that he loved her and he was sorry. He also was never going to stop asking so she should say yes. Eric thinks that they are all happy to welcome her into the Forrester clan. Nothing better than welcoming the right person in.

Saul believes that this line that Sally is designing she is throwing it up against the wall and that worries him. Sally doesn’t think they have a choice. Time is their enemy. She wonders if they know how quick six months go by. Darlita guesses it feel like half a year. Sally thinks that is it exactly and thanks her. It is all the time they have to turn a profit. Sally needs him too. Sally starts thinking of kissing Thomas. Darlita wants to know where Sally just went. Sally sometimes has so many thoughts that it freezes her brain. Saul isn’t so sure that is a good thing. Darlita wonders if she wants a hot water bottle. Sally needs to check her alerts. Saul remembers that he wanted her to do something with a design. Sally guesses they can get back to that. Right now, though this story still has legs. Saul still cannot believe that she started a food fight with Steffy. He asks if they got more followers. Sally confirms they did but not for a successful relaunch. She is going to have to top herself and come up with an encore.

Rick believes that they live up to the women they choose and that is not some small task. RJ thinks that Nicole is pretty awesome. Zende knows. Thomas asks when the big day is. Zende notes it is tomorrow. Eric feels that is pretty ambitious. Zende knows and he has been running around like a crazy person. He needs it to be the most unforgettable day ever for Nicole.

Vivienne wishes that Julius was here for this. Nicole called him earlier and he said he was so happy for her. Vivienne can imagine. She knows that he will be back here for Nicole’s special day. He wouldn’t miss that for anything. Maya wonders if he won’t have another golf event. Vivienne thinks to be fair they didn’t know she was going to get engaged. Vivienne wonders where all the time went. Nicole assumes she will cry. Vivienne isn’t as she starts to cry. She loves her so much. Nicole thinks that Maya made her realize how much she loves Zende. She is forever grateful. She is more than her sister. She is her best friend. Nicole needs her to stand up with her at the wedding. Maya is honored to do anything for her. The two hug.

RJ helped Ridge recreate a giant heart in the sand so if he needs any assistance then he is his guy. Zende won’t be afraid to ask but he wants to do most of this on his own. It is his gift to Nicole. Rick thinks that is the best mindset. Eric thinks that they say happy wife happy life. Rick feels those are words to live by. Zende agrees that he wants Nicole to be happy. Rick asks if there is anything they can do for them. Zende trusts Rick even though he has been wrong at times. He wants Rick to be there for him tomorrow. He wants Rick to be his best man. Rick thinks it would mean a lot to him. He would be honored.

Sally asks how the designs are coming along. Saul believes she is expecting miracles when they have no time. Sally is putting that much faith in him. They are going to exploit on to the scene. Saul feels that if anyone could pull off the impossible she is sitting behind that desk. Sally thinks the cake stunt was good but they need to keep things going. She just cannot figure out what to do. She sees something. There is a Forrester wedding going on. It is a Forrester event. Sally is going to crash the wedding.

Vivienne wanted this day to come. He is young and made some mistakes but he owned up to them. Most important he loves her like nobody’s business. Zende could age like fine wine. Maya thinks that he might grow into a gentleman alright to be Nicole’s husband. Nicole will be a wife. She cannot believe it is happening so fast. Nicole gets a text from Julius. He knows that the father of the bride usually flips the bill. He guesses it is a long time gain though. Maya thinks that it is of course Julius who would think about money. Nicole knows that Zende won’t take it. This wedding is his gift to her. Maya thinks that is so romantic. Nicole hears the dress will be amazing. They are hoping for the Forrester estate but they will see. Sasha walks in. She says hello to all of them. She heard the news. Nicole figured it would get around. Sasha guesses that they are engaged.

In the CEO office RJ asks Thomas if he likes redheads. Thomas confused wonders what he means. RJ just got a request from a girl to follow him. He thinks he accepts. Thomas wonders if he has a lot of cuties following him online. RJ has lots. RJ asks when you know the girl standing right in front of you is the one. Thomas is still trying to figure that out himself.

Saul wants Sally to think before she goes and crashes someone’s wedding. Sally reminds him that it is a Forrester wedding. Saul thinks that she could get arrested. Sally thinks that is even better. She will text him when he needs to call the cops. Saul wants nothing to do with this scheme. Sally has to call Shirley. Saul wonders if she really wants to keep the rivalry going. Sally needs to ignite the flame. She can do that. Tomorrow Sally strikes again.

Eric congratulates Zende. He couldn’t have picked a better girl. Zende still cannot believe she said yes. Eric knows she is persistent. Zende was hoping they could have the wedding here. Eric doesn’t think anything would delight him more than to have the wedding hosted here. Zende is happy. He wants to pull out all the stops and was thinking that they need a show stopper. He goes into the closet and pulls out a portrait of Nicole. He says that it would only be for the day. With his permission, of course.

Sasha asks if she could speak to Nicole alone. Nicole says it is ok. Vivienne wants her to call if she needs her. Maya says to do the same. The two leave. Nicole asks what is up. Sasha is really sorry and knows she did her wrong. She honestly thought it was over between them. She knows that is no excuse. She just came here today to say sorry. She promised that nothing will ever go on between them again. Zende is all about her. She isn’t going to lie. She left the door open but Zende didn’t walk through it. She is it for him. Nicole thanks her she guesses. Sasha wants to rebuild their relationship. She knows that is easier said than done but she would really love it if she could come to her wedding. She asks if she can be there when they get married.

Sally looks at Thomas’s photo online.

Thomas smiles.

Sally bites a stirring stick and thinks about Thomas.

Eric thinks that this is an explanation point. Zende had it done as a wedding gift for Nicole. He figured that someday they could hang it over their fireplace. Zende doesn’t want to overstep but he was hoping it could hang in their family home. Obviously, Quinn’s can go right back up afterwards. He can say no or yes would be could. Eric will talk to Quinn. Zende really wants to make this special for Nicole. Nothing will ruin it.

Nicole asks if she really wants to come to her wedding. Sasha reminds her that they are sisters. She doesn’t expect to be maid of honor but she would love to witness and support her. To be the family they are. She wants to show that she is in total support of her and Zende. She wants to be a real sister to her. Nicole thinks that a lot of forgiveness has been going around and she isn’t there with her yet. She will let her come to her wedding though. Sasha doesn’t think she knows how happy this makes her. She congratulates her. Sasha thinks the best woman won.

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