B&B Friday Update 2/10/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/10/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy looks at her laptop. Thomas asks if she is watching the video again. It is boarder line obsessive if she is. Steffy isn’t. She is just annoyed. Steffy asks if it would be petty to ask Sally to pay for her dry-cleaning bill. Thomas thinks that it would. Sally would post about it to her followers and nothing says celebrity like CEO catfight.

Saul is begging Sally for a few weeks. Sally tells him that he has a week. Saul feels that putting together a collection takes weeks. Sally reminds him that CJ only gave us six months or he is selling the building. Darlita thinks that is crazy. She has never even had a boyfriend for that long. Sally knows that six months will go fast. Thanks to her social media stunt the world is willing to see what she has to offer.

RJ wonders if Nicole is coming around. Zende knows that she is coming around. Rick hopes that Zende knows how much he loves him. Zende nods yes. Rick doesn’t want Zende to get his hopes up. Zende thinks that she should see how hopeful he is.

Nicole is in the dressing room with Maya. Nicole doesn’t understand. She is the model. Not her. Maya tells her that Ridge wanted to specifically see her in this dress. Nicole wants to know what campaign this is for. Maya doesn’t know. She is a model not an exec. She wants her to come over and have some food before it gets cold. Nicole reminds her that she is about to squeeze into a Forrester gown.

Steffy will not let Sally get to her as annoying as she is. It isn’t like she is going to actually be around for long. Thomas wonders why not. Steffy remembers that Spectra was a laughing stock years ago. It won’t last a week. Thomas saw some of her sketches. They were good. She won’t be putting them out of business anytime soon though. Liam walks in. He guesses they are talking about Sally Spectra. Steffy thinks that soon enough Sally 2.0 is going to learn what her great aunt learned years ago. Never go up against Stephanie Forrester.

Sally wants to go over what they have so far. Saul has nothing. Sally thinks that is ridicules. She gave him designs. Saul decides that he will be right back. Sally cannot wait to see Steffy’s face when she sees their fashion preview. It will knock her socks off. Darlita wonders how that will happen. Socks don’t just come off. Sally tells Darlita the phone is ringing. Darlita runs to get it.

Zende thinks that Nicole and him belong together. He knows it. Rick guesses that they are know it. Rick feels that if you hurt someone to much… Zende will never do that again. RJ asks if he told him how sorry he is. Zende did. RJ wants him to keep on telling her until she believes him. Eventually she will hear him.

Nicole would like to know who the photographer is. Maya states that it is Zende. Nicole isn’t doing this. She isn’t going to get dressed in front of Zende. She makes a call. She wants to know what they know about this photoshoot. Maya tells her that she is doing the shoot. She will be glad she did.

Zende has missed calls from Nicole. She has been trying to reach him. RJ thinks that is a good sign. Rick wonders if he is going to call her back. Zende isn’t. There is something that he wants to say to her but it has to be in person.

Nicole thinks it is beautiful. Maya knows that she will be beautiful in it. Nicole believes that Maya should be the one. Nicole suggests that Sasha could be available. Maya doesn’t think it matters. Maya knows that people make mistakes and break their trust. It feels like the hurt will never end. Time passes and it is necessary. People want to trust again. It is obvious she still loves him. She asks what good it is to pretend she doesn’t. Maya is telling her to put the dress on and stay open to what happens next.

Liam is glad that Steffy’s ring is alright. He thinks that she should take her ring off next time she decides to go against her rival. Steffy asks if he is kidding. She will never take this ring off. She doesn’t want to call Sally a rival when she has no chance in the business. The only chance she has is becoming an even bigger embarrassment than she already is.

Thomas walks into the Spectra offices. Darlita asks if he can help her. Thomas is confused. Darlita means can she help him. Thomas guesses that some things don’t change. Sally asks for her to show him in. Thomas says that will be all. Sally wants to know what a real life Forrester is doing in the slums of Spectra. Thomas tells Sally that Steffy is furious at her. Sally didn’t realize that she was so sensitive. Sally asks if she has any recommendations on how to get on Queen Steffy’s good side. Thomas suggests getting as far away as possible.

Rick gets the impression that Zende is up to something. RJ thinks that it involves Nicole. Zende thinks that anything he does from now on will involve Nicole. Rick wonders if he needs some help.

Nicole guesses that it would be kind of fun and not just the photoshoot. Maya thinks that forgiveness can be fun. Opening up your heart to what you need. Nothing more can be fun. Maya knows that they all played their part in this. Rick and her asked to have another baby for them. Nicole knows it was a bad idea but he went around and betrayed her. Maya knows that this is life. You cannot expect anyone to behave forever. It just doesn’t happen. Her question for her is who she wants to be with when things don’t go alright. Nicole wants to be with Zende. Things have gone well enough for him to propose. He insisted on keep proposing until she accepts. Maya thinks that he sounds like a committed guy to her. He also sends her a lot of letters. Written not email. He does all kind of things every day. Something new. Nicole asks who ordered this takeout. Clearly Zende got involved because the fortune cookie is from Zende. Maya asks if she thinks she can live without this man.

Steffy wants Liam to check her posts again. She doesn’t want to look at it. Liam wonders who. Steffy means Sally. Liam thought they didn’t care about it. Steffy is just bothered by it. She is clearly using her online success to make a name for herself. Liam knows that the original Sally did that. She is probably enjoying every minute of it.

Saul walks in with two of the designs. Sally runs over to the door telling not to come in. Thomas wonders if those are her designs. Sally thinks they are a work in progress. She slams the door. He asks if she wants his opinion. Thomas thinks they are nice. Sally wonders if they are trend setting. Thomas thinks they could be. Sally wants to know what gives. Sally feels they are two of her favorite pieces. Thomas does think they are nice. Sally guesses he is to or he would be saying a whole lot more.

Liam wants Steffy to say that Sally Spectra doesn’t matter. Sally repeats him. Liam wonders what does. Steffy knows that they do. Liam tells her that he was speaking to Ivy and she had an interesting idea. Ivy suggested Australia. Steffy likes it. They can get away from LA and all the drama. Steffy thinks an Australian wedding might be exactly what they need.

Sally doesn’t care that he doesn’t like her designs. Thomas is sure that they will sell, she just shouldn’t expect them to sell that well. Sally knows that Steffy sent him here to undermine her confidence. Sally knows they aren’t Forrester quality but she is fine with that. She deserves to have her moment. Thomas isn’t saying that. He kisses Sally.

Nicole is starting to second guess this. She isn’t sure she is ready for Zende. It hurts every time she sees him. Maya knows what it hurts. She cares about him so much. Rick and RJ walk outside. Maya spots her carriage. Maya runs over to Rick and RJ. Nicole looks stunned and confused by it. Zende is sitting in the backseat. Zende is speaking with a fake British dialect. Nicole asks if he is part of the photoshoot. Zende thinks that they are doing this together. Zende thinks that she can turn him down a hundred times but they are meant to be together. He knows he hurt her and hasn’t forgotten. He wants to be with her. They can grow old together and have a family. Nicole says I do. There are certain hurts that can never happen again. Zende gets down on one knee. They can get married right away. Zende wants to start their life together. Nicole says yes she will marry him. Rick, Maya, and RJ all cheer them on. The two kiss passionately.

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