B&B Thursday Update 2/9/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/9/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Katie about Hope in Italy. Katie asks what Hope thought about Brooke walking down the aisle once again with Ridge. Brooke guesses that like everyone else she wasn’t surprised. Katie can name one person she was married to that seems surprised. Brooke would like to move right along… She asks if Katie is dating anyone. Katie isn’t but she has a few business opportunities. She thinks that it is nice. She has lunch with Eric every so often. Brooke assumes that this has to do with the fact that Quinn doesn’t know. Katie thinks so. Quinn would just jump to some sort of a conclusion. Brooke wonders if she would be wrong.

In the Forrester living room Quinn is looking at a jewel. She asks Eric if there is too much green in it. Eric doesn’t see it. Quinn asks if he sees it now. Eric walks over and thinks it is a perfect pairing. Quinn asks if he is going out today. She tells him that Linda told her that he does sometimes. Eric confused says no. He has her for company.

Nicole is trying to work in the CEO office and tells Zende to look what he made her do. If she goofed off as much as he did she would be fired. Zende would love to see them try. Zende asks when this banquet is. Nicole only knows that when Pam asked her to help she didn’t expect it to be with this. Zende thinks that she messed up on this one. She put Darnell Love. Nicole explains that is his name. Zende tries kiss her when Steffy walks in with Pam and Thomas following her. Pam wants to know what happened to her. Steffy doesn’t want to talk when she is covered in cake. Steffy thanks her for mentioning that she is wearing cake. No one had mentioned it already. Thomas tries saying something but she doesn’t want to hear it out of him. She wants to know how he even knows that Spectra girl.

At the Spectra office, Sally asks if the video uploaded or not. Saul reminds her that they couldn’t afford the high-speed internet. Shirley notes that it is doing something. Sally needs it to work. They cannot get Steffy’s posters to say that Spectra is back without it. Saul tells her it posted. Sally is happy.

Nicole is shocked there was a food fight. Steffy wants to know if this was planned. She asks if Thomas did this because he is unhappy with her. Thomas only bumped into her once at the bar. Steffy guesses that he just hit on Sally Spectra. Thomas didn’t hit on Sally… He probably did hit on Sally Spectra. Steffy looks angry.

Sally wants to know who she is on Eye on Fashion. She cannot keep track of her usernames. Shirley thinks it was Delores Danger. Sally tries it and she is in. She asks where the buzz and the gossip is. She cannot believe that the thing hasn’t trended. She refreshes and they have likes. Sally thinks that it worked.

Quinn looks at Eric. Eric wonders if he was talking to himself. Quinn tells him no. She just looks at him when she gets afraid. Eric asks if she is afraid of him. Quinn is afraid that this won’t last sometimes. That someone could take him away or drive him away and that someone could be her.

Katie wonders if Brooke thinks she is doing something wrong. Brooke asks if she thinks she is doing something wrong. Katie doesn’t. She is just having lunch with a friend. Brooke feels like she is under the impression she is getting away with something. She wants to know if she sees Eric as something more than just a friend.

Zende is looking at the media coverage. It is everywhere and they need to get some security on it now. Nicole walks in with a change of clothes for Steffy. Thomas knows that Spectra’s bestselling designs always start out as Forrester. Thomas asks if Steffy really thinks that Spectra’s style would catch on. Zende tells her to take a look at this. Someone posted the whole thing online. Steffy cannot believe this. She is freaked out.

Saul reads a comment saying that it is totally fake and doesn’t look like Steffy. Sally thinks they are a troll. Shirley can see over six thousand likes already. Sally asks how many likes it is a minute. Shirley and Saul keep reading comments. Sally feels that this is the kind of PR that money cannot buy. This will get them down the runway. Saul questions if they need to make dresses first. Sally is only going to have one made for each model.

Eric wonders if the anxiety that Quinn sometimes feels comes from the idea that they will not always be the same way that they are now. That things happen they cannot control. Quinn got the downfall in the past. She made a note in the past not to do something like this again. There is a voice in her head that says that Eric can do so much better than her. She wants to know what she would do before she would ever let that happen. The two hug each other.

Katie believes that Eric has been a big part of all of their lives. He makes her feel stable and peaceful. Katie might think that Quinn is a violent card but it doesn’t mean she is after her husband. She has adored Eric and always has but that is it. Brooke guesses she believes her.

Thomas has seen the comment about a hundred times. Steffy asks if she can see her laughing before she ambushed her. Thomas guesses they are getting a master class in how to get followers.

Sally feels that she is a genius. Saul feels that if she keeps this up they will never have to advertise. A girl walks in. Shirley wonders if she can help her. She didn’t know she would be so nice. Saul tells Sally that this is Darlita. He assumes that she would want to interview some receptionist candidates. Sally is sorry but they are not hiring. Saul already told Darlita about their profit sharing plan. Sally guesses that is different. Darlita calls her Sal. Sally doesn’t think that anyone has ever called her that before. Darlita likes to take short cuts in life. It saves time. She thinks that time is honey. Sally guesses that she is a honey. Darlita asks if she hired any good-looking guys yet. Shirley thinks the interview is over. Shirley accidently drops a mannequin and Darlita runs over to stop it from falling on Sally. Darlita might not be a genius but she is loyal. If she hires her she will live to regret it. Someone from Eye on Fashion shows up. He has a few questions. Sally guesses they will see how it goes. Darlita wonders if that means she has the job. Sally tells her to let the guys in. Darlita tells them to come on in. Sally asks what they want to know. The man asks when Spectra got back in business. Sally doesn’t think they ever went away. Her aunt just took a little break. He wants to know what she is doing to get noticed. Picking a fight with Steffy is straight out of her aunt’s playbook. He wants to know who Sally is.

Brooke shows up at the Forrester mansion. She was dropping Katie and Will off next door and thought she would stop over and catch up. Eric thinks that is great. He is glad she did. He asks how she is doing. Eric tells Brooke that Quinn stepped out for air and they are ok. He wants to know how Hope is doing. Brooke thinks she is great. Quinn listens from outside the house. Eric thinks it is funny, when Stephanie first died he couldn’t bear to be in the house but now he can hardly bear to leave it. It is great having his own life. Brooke thinks it sounds like Katie was in her own situation. She has all these things and Eric a neighbor she can count on. Brooke thinks that Katie is developing a crush on him. Eric laughs. Quinn looks scared.

Steffy guesses that what is done is done. Nicole knows that people forget about these things in a matter of days. Pam walks in and tells them that she is at it again. She tells them to check out Eye on Fashion. Sally is on the TV again. She wants to get everyone in the video with her. The interviewer thinks she is the story. Sally believes that medium is message. He wants to know what that has to do with anything. Sally thinks that is what that is all about. Thomas feels she speaks a good game. The interviewer wonders if Spectra was best known for being less than quality. Sally wants to know what is wrong with high fashion at discount prices. He feels the issue is the quality. Sally thinks that this is what is wrong with the media. They are getting the scoop on the new queen of fashion. They think that is how they referred to Steffy last month. Sally is going to eat that girl for month. Forrester is so last century. Sally wants them to come to their new preview show. It will be in just one little week. Steffy can come as well. Spectra is back and better than ever. Steffy tells them to turn it off. Thomas thinks she is hilarious. Pam knows that she doesn’t think she is hilarious. She thinks she is Coco Chanel. Nicole wonders what Steffy will do. Steffy is going to tear that red hair out.

Eric thinks that she is making this up. Brooke asks if she would lie to her oldest and dearest friend. Eric cannot even imagine Katie using the word crush. Brooke guesses she didn’t say that but she knows her sister. Eric has known Katie forever but knows that she has only ever thought of her as a friend. Brooke believes that he is out of practice if he doesn’t think that woman notice him. Eric doubts that Katie has feelings for him. Brooke wants him to look between the lines. She knows that he loves his wife. Eric does love his wife. He thinks she has changed and he sees it every day. Brooke feels that if he thinks he only has two options then he can think again. Quinn remembers telling Katie that she saw Katie kiss Eric. Eric tells Brooke that she should go home and get some rest. He thanks her for stopping by. Brooke walks out. She doesn’t want him to forget what she said. Brooke is outside. Quinn tells her to tell her sister she will be watching her. Brooke looks scared.

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