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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/7/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill asks if he told Brooke how glad he is to have her home. He thinks that better yet he can show her. He tries to kiss her. Brooke stops him. Bill assumes that he is worried about the poser being jealous. Brooke reminds him that he is her fiancé. Bill doesn’t think for long. He will do something to dissolution her as always. Once that happens, that will be that.

Steffy is in her office and tells Pam it looks great and to release it to the press ASAP. Thomas walks in and wonders what they are releasing. Pam says that it is just an official announcement about Ridge and Steffy. Pam leaves. Steffy wants to run something by Thomas. It is for her wedding. She wants him to be in the wedding party. Thomas says whatever. Steffy wants to know what he means by whatever. This should be a happy time for her and Liam. Thomas knows it is a great time for her and Ridge

In Rick’s office, Ivy tells Liam that Steffy is always in a meeting. Liam knows. She congratulates him. She means it. She wants to know about the guest list and special location. Liam thinks that everything is still being planned out. They want it to be really special. Liam wants it to be the wedding of the millennium. Liam notes that they have some cool ideas. They are just trying to narrow it down right now. Ivy suggests that he start with the obvious. Location. She thinks that they could have a wedding outside of LA. Liam knows that they already had a wedding on the mountain top of Aspen. Ivy was thinking of Australia. She knows she is biased but there really is no place more beautiful. Liam thinks about the idea. Ivy points out that the weather is almost perfect right now. Liam thinks it is a good idea. Ivy suggests that he probably shouldn’t tell Steffy that she came up with it.

Steffy assumes that it is the co-CEO thing. Thomas doesn’t want to talk about it. Steffy thinks he is still angry about Eric’s choice and it is effecting everything else. Including, him being in the wedding. Thomas didn’t say that. He still wants her to have a happily ever after for her and Liam. Thomas reminds her that she was appointed to the company’s top spot but Quinn. To get her back together with her son. She needed and someone on her side and apparently, it worked because Ridge is now on her side. This whole CEO thing. Ridge has been CEO before. He has had a proven track record. Steffy assumes that he is saying that she isn’t qualified. Thomas thinks those are her words and not his. Steffy knows he is thinking it though.

Brooke knows that Bill takes his coffee black. Bill sees that she remembers. Brooke hasn’t been gone that long. Bill thinks it felt like an eternity. He will give her a pass because she went to visit Hope. Bill asks if she is seeing anyone special. Brooke didn’t hear her mention anyone. Bill asks if she asked about them and why they haven’t tied the knot yet. Brooke is pretty sure she realizes that it is because she is engaged to someone else. Brooke does have a tiny confession to make. She knows she went out of town to visit Hope but she also wanted to get away and clear her head. She wanted to figure out what she wants out of life and her future.

Thomas thinks that her resume speaks for itself. Steffy wants to know what that means. Thomas means that she is strictly on the business side of fashion. Which means that she knows nothing about design. Steffy doesn’t think they would even be having this conversation had she not gotten the company back from Bill Spencer. Thomas thinks they are incredibly grateful for that. He just doesn’t see what that has to do with now. Steffy asks if he has even bothered to look at the extending demographic. They have such a strong social media presence and are taking on so many markets that they never have before. Thomas reminds her that was Wyatt’s idea to put her out there in the first place. A few months from now this could blow over. They have to stick with what made Forrester profitable in the first place. Great designs by great designers. Steffy assumes like himself. Thomas isn’t over blowing his importance. Design is the back bone of fashion. He is getting screwed but his grandfather, his sister, and now his own father.

Liam knows that he and Steffy are not the only ones getting married again. Ridge and Brooke are also getting married. Ivy wonders if they have any plans. Liam isn’t sure but he cannot imagine them dragging it out. Ivy suggests that they get married in Australia too. Liam asks if she means a double wedding. Ivy has the perfect location. The Sydney Harbor bridge. Liam asks how that is the perfect location. Ivy reminds him that their names are just so close to Bridge. It could be so romantic to say their vows in the most perfect place ever. Liam wants her to slow down. She practically has the four of them married already. Liam likes the idea but it is just that Bill will be there. If it is a double wedding, then it will be a gut punch to Bill.

Bill guesses that this trip wasn’t just to see Hope then. Brooke needed some time to reflect on her future. Bill thinks that he is supposed to be her future. Brooke knows it didn’t work out that way. Bill reminds her that she isn’t married to Ridge yet. Maybe she doesn’t want to be and that was what the doubt was about. Brooke never said anything about doubts. Bill thinks that is what soul searching meant. Brooke will never forget what they shared. Brooke thinks that some of her best moments in life were shared with him. In the past, she followed her heart at the expense of hurting people she has loved. So, she just needs to know she is getting it right and in her head that it is right. That is why she needed to go away and she wants to make sure the commitment is something she wants the rest of her life.

Steffy wishes that they could just like take a breath for a moment so they don’t say something that they don’t regret later on. Thomas asks why. So, she doesn’t say something she will regret and she can tell him he is a wonderful part of the team. Steffy does think that. Thomas asks why he feels so invisible to the rest of them. Steffy doesn’t think that at all. He is important to the future of Forrester. Thomas thinks that it is a dead end for him. He should start up his own company. Steffy asks where this is coming from. Thomas knows that Sally Spectra is doing it so why can’t he. Steffy asks what he is talking about. Thomas is talking about Sally Spectra’s great niece also named Sally. He ran into her. She is trying to bring back the brand not that there ever was much of one seeing that old Sally was a little crazy. She is doing it and you have to respect her for trying. Pam walks in and tells them they have to see this. She turns the TV on. Sally is on TV. Thomas tells Steffy that is her. Pam notes that she is in front of the old Spectra building. Steffy asks what she is doing. Pam guesses she called a press conference but only one reporter showed up. Steffy tells her to turn the TV up. Sally knows that they have been out of the game for a while but she doesn’t think that the press turn out means anything to their relevance. Sally thinks that he is getting a once in a lifetime Spectra exclusive. She tells him that Spectra is back and better than ever. She will bring true style back to downtown LA. Sally says they are going back to their roots. Once again flying high is the iconic Spectra logo. She pulls a cloth covering it but it doesn’t come down right away. She finally yanks it down ripping the logo in the process. Steffy is cracking up by this.

Ivy feels that Bill will have to come to terms with this wedding eventually. Liam asks who says that. Ivy asks if he is still really holding out for Brooke. Liam thinks that the part of the ceremony where they ask if there is any reason why they shouldn’t be married. He can picture Bill standing up with a list of a hundred reasons why Brooke should marry him instead. Ivy thinks he could take the high road instead. Liam knows that will never happen. Bill isn’t giving up.

Bill gets that she needed time. He really does. Especially with everything happening so fast. One day she is getting married to him then Ridge gives her a ring. Brooke thinks that she has felt strange. Bill wonders how she feels now. Brooke is committed to Ridge. Bill wasn’t hoping to hear that but it doesn’t mean he is giving up on them. There is no wedding band on her finger. He knows she has bought into his lies about commitment. The same ones she has bought into before and broken just as many times. He would do anything to spare her from living that again. She just needs to say the word and she will.

Steffy guesses the apple doesn’t fall very far from that tree. Steffy thinks that she will be a disaster like her aunt. Thomas wants her to give her a break. She is fighting for her place. Thomas knows he should be CEO. He has paid his dues over and over again. Steffy knows every aspect of the company. She might not design pretty dresses but… Thomas thinks that is it right there. She doesn’t get it. Steffy gets that he thinks he is being passed over. Thomas thinks that she has the job as bate to win her over. It had nothing to do with her experience or could offer the company. She has a job that he has been working for his entire life. The family is falling apart. He storms out.

Ivy knows how relentless Bill can be. There are some things that even Bill cannot control. Liam tells her not to tell Bill that. Not when it comes to Brooke. She is everything to him. That is why he wouldn’t bet against Bill. Brooke might end up with him after all.

Brooke understands why he feels the way he does about Ridge. Bill needs to take some responsibility as well. He blamed Ridge and still blamed him. He should have never let him get to her though on his wedding day. That is all that should have mattered not some desperate attempt by Ridge to take her away. He knows it was the worst mistake of his life. She didn’t invite Ridge there. His ego went into overdrive and he lost her. He will not lose her again. She is his life. He loves her. He will never stop loving her and he knows she will not stop loving her. He thinks she believes it too. He wants her to say yes. He wants her to say she will come back to him. Brooke is crying.

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