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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/6/17


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Quinn tells Brooke that she didn’t know that she was there. Brooke imagines she didn’t know she was. Considering she doesn’t want Ridge telling her whatever it is they are talking about. She wants to know what is going on between the two of them. She wants to know what they are hiding from her.

Rick is making sandwiches in Brooke’s kitchen. Bill walks in and asks what is for lunch. Rick informs him that he cannot just walk in here whenever he feels like it. Bill thinks he can. He always does. Rick informs him that Brooke is engaged. Bill thinks that is a joke. It is unfortunate but he will be there to pick up the pieces. Rick feels that Bill needs to just learn to accept it. He knows that Ridge always gets what he wants and that includes Brooke. She is getting married. Bill knows that Ridge will let her down because they know he will.

Thomas doesn’t think this can be right as he looks at Sally’s driver’s license. Sally feels that everyone fibs about their weight. Thomas isn’t talking about that. Sally is glad because that isn’t polite. Thomas asks if she is really Sally Spectra. Sally is and doesn’t want him to wear it out. Thomas thinks this is wild. Sally knows. A Spectra and a Forrester in the wild together again. Just like the old days. Sally thinks that he is wearing out her name. Thomas guesses that island life has either been really good to her or… Sally notes that Macy is her cousin. Married to her… Thomas notes his uncle. Sally knows it was a tragic end. She thinks that she should keep her distance knowing the last thing he would want is to associate with a Spectra.

Bill heard that Brooke is back from Italy. He wanted to welcome her home. Rick tells him this isn’t his home. Bill knows it will be. He better get used to having him around. Bill wants to know when they can expect Brooke. Rick doesn’t think that they can expect her anytime soon. Bill thinks he is in a foul mood. Rick is and he isn’t helping. Bill sits down. Rick is annoyed that he does. Rick thinks that he is aware how he feels about him and it is for good reason. Bill only did that Maya stuff for business. This is family. Rick doesn’t think they are family. Bill believes that they will be. Bill asks if he is honestly happy about Ridge marrying Brooke just as much as he isn’t happy about Ridge marrying Brooke again. Rick wants him to stop right there. He isn’t going to discuss this with him. Bill knows that nobody knows better than Rick that Ridge has treated Brooke badly over the years. People don’t change. Especially, this late in life. The best thing for Brooke is him.

Brooke wants to know what exactly is going on. Ridge guesses that she is right. He doesn’t know what to say. They are keeping something from her. It was supposed to be a surprise. Ridge knows that a bride needs a dress and jewelry. They were going to collaborate and surprise her on the wedding day. Brooke guesses that is ok. She is sorry is she seemed suspicious. This just seemed weird. Quinn hopes that she just pretends to have not heard. Brooke will try.

Thomas wants to know why he should keep his distance from her. Sally assumes he knows her last name now. Thomas still doesn’t see the point. Sally means history. Spectra’s and Forrester’s are like oil and water. They do not mix. Her family doesn’t have what his does. They are scrappers. Thomas wants to surprise her. Sally thinks that he is an easy read. He is conceded and convinced that he is God’s gift to the world. Thomas tells her to go on. Sally doesn’t want him to get her wrong. The struggle was probably real. Growing up in Beverly Hills chocking on a silver spoon. Relying on good looks to get through any door he wants to. Thomas asks what she means by good looks. Sally doesn’t think he is the worst face she has ever seen. He isn’t her type though.

Quinn thinks that was to close. She hopes that Brooke believed him though. Ridge is sure that she did. He doesn’t like doing that. She needs to stop feeling guilty. Quinn has been trying. They have been flirting for way to long though. From the outdoor shower and the steam room and what happened on the trip. She wants to know what is wrong with her. Ridge tells her to stop beating herself up and pull herself together. Ridge believes what they had was a moment out of time. It was just one kiss. Quinn agrees. She hopes that he really does.

Bill knows that he would be married to Brooke if it wasn’t for Ridge and RJ guilt tripping her about reuniting the family. Rick wonders about all the times Bill has tried to marry Brooke. Bill tried twice. Rick knows that the same reason stopped him twice. Ridge. He thinks that tells him something. Bill agrees it does. He is being tested. His love for Brooke. Brooke walks in. Bill thinks it has been too long. Brooke wants to know how he know she was back. Bill claims that he picked up on her being home. He welcomes her back.

Sally guesses that everyone will know soon enough so she might as well give him the scoop. Thomas wants to know what she is talking about. Sally means that they will be rivals. She is taking over Spectra and reviving the company. Thomas wonders if she has a designer. Sally is the designer. Thomas looks at the designs. He asks if she did them herself.

Bill wonders how Hope is. Brooke thinks she is good. She has changed. She is more mature and more rounded. Bill guesses that it happens to the best of them. He guesses that speaking of changes Forrester seems to be having more. Eric made Ridge co-CEO with Steffy. Brooke is happy to have him in that chair. Bill wants to know if it makes sense to her that Quinn did this. Brooke doesn’t think it does. Bill couldn’t help thinking about what Ridge had said. How she was postponing things. He thinks it is like Ridge and Quinn are slipping into bed together.

Quinn has never had so much to lose and so much to live up to. Quinn never wanted to give Eric any reason to question or doubt her but obviously, she has. Ridge realizes that nobody knows. She needs to take it easy. Quinn wants to be strong about this. Ridge feels she could just forget about it like he did. Ridge doesn’t give it a, moments, thought. Quinn claims that she doesn’t think about it either. She just thinks about it more in an abstract way to figure out her own behavior. Ridge asks if it really meant nothing. Quinn claims it doesn’t. Ridge tells her that people have been congratulating him about the position. Quinn knows it will be great. Ridge has her to thank for her. Quinn doesn’t think he needs to. She is just so happy to have been able to stumble into this amazing family. She is so happy. She doesn’t want to screw things up with Eric.

Sally thinks that Thomas is looking at her designs like they hurt his feelings. Thomas is just looking. They are different. Sally assumes that means they are terrible. Thomas didn’t say that. Sally doesn’t think that he had to. It is just built into his tone. Like they could never compare to his own. Thomas wants to know if she is really doing it. Sally is and Forrester has met their rematch. Thomas wishes her good luck with these designs. Sally storms off.

Bill thinks that Brooke looks good with her traveling. She has to make the promise no more trips until she is married to him. Brooke is still marrying Ridge. Bill thinks that Brooke is special. She has warmth and beauty with a smile that lights up the room. Ridge takes her for granted. Bill’s feelings are real and permanent. She will come back to him. She will ask herself what took so long.

Quinn thinks she screws things up. She made so many mistakes. Quinn thinks she is a bad person and her own worst enemy. She is terrified that she will let Eric down. Ridge thinks she needs to be the best person she can be. That is all they can do. She needs to let this go. She is going to be fine. Quinn thinks that he is being really understanding and dare she say it supportive and gentle. Quinn guesses that his encouragement means everything to her. Maybe she feels sorry but she will take whatever support she can get. Ridge wants her to trust in who she is. That is enough. Ridge tells Quinn that her hands shacking is a dead giveaway. She needs to take a breath. Everything will be fine. The two hug. They both look guilty.

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