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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/3/17


Written By Anthony
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Brooke cannot believe that Ridge is CEO. Ridge is co-CEO and wants to know why she cannot believe it. He earned it. Brooke agrees that he has earned it. He has more than earned it. The two kiss each other. She doesn’t think the shocking part is the promotion. It is the fact that she has Quinn to thank for it.

In Rick’s office, Maya, Rick, and Thomas all look disgusted. Pam walks in and notes that they all look like they made a bad batch of gravy. Maya asks if she understands what is happening. Pam does. Steffy and Ridge are co-CEOs. She asks why that is bumming everyone out so much. This is a family business and they are family. Thomas thinks that other people deserve a chance. In the hallway, Quinn overhears. Pam insists that it is just a title. Rick doesn’t think that is true. Maya knows that the CEO is the face of the company and the leader. Quinn walks in. She states that Eric has full confidence that Ridge and Steffy can lead.

At Liam’s house Steffy and Liam show her engagement ring. Steffy wonders if he would agree it is beautiful. Bill feels that Liam has excellent taste. Steffy agrees that he does. Bill is happy for them. It is great news. Steffy notes that there have been some developments at Forrester. It is official. She is sharing her position. Bill is confused. Liam states it is with Ridge. Steffy adds that it is thanks to Quinn.

Shirley walks in all excited and Sally asks if they are here and ready to interview. Shirley tells her that there are lots of candidates. They will have a hard time making a choice. Sally says that they can do this. They can hire a cutter. Shirley opens the door. The first candidate is a Sarah Finn. She speaks with a French dialect. She hands Shirley her resume. Shirley is so excited to have caught her between jobs. Sarah tries speaking but she is almost impossible to understand. Sally is sorry but her French is a bit rusty. She asks if she could respond in English. Shirley promises that she has this. Shirley asks in French very loudly if she understands English. Shirley whispers to Sally. She wants to know how they say don’t call them they will call her in French. Sally smiles awkwardly. Later, Sally is interviewing someone who she asks if she should call Mad Dog or Dwight. Dwight tells her that nobody calls him that anymore. It is just there so they know who to make the check out to. He assumes that there is a signing bonus. Sally is afraid not. They are a new company. Dwight asks who he would be cutting. Sally hopes he means what. Which is fabric. Shirley thanks him so much for coming in. They will get back to him soon. She pushes him out. Sally thinks that these have all be duds. Shirley explains that there is one more. His grandfather used to work here. Sally guesses he can be shown in. A man walks in and he clearly has eyes for Sally. Sally asks who he is. He introduces himself as Saul. He thinks it is nice to meet her. Shirley gives her the thumbs up.

Rick would like to know if Eric is really ok with Steffy and Ridge being their leader. He wants to know if he was even considered. Thomas asks about himself as well. Steffy doesn’t know what that has to do with things. Rick thinks that she knows very well. They were Quinn Essential. She is the one telling him what to do. Maya guesses that now includes hand picking CEO’s. Thomas points out it is their family company.

Bill is confused as to what Steffy is talking about. Steffy explains that Quinn suggested Ridge for the job. Bill knows that the two of them hate each other. Liam guesses not so much anymore. Steffy thinks that things really changed after their trip. Bill assumes that it was quite a break through.

Ridge tells Brooke that Quinn is a lot of things. She is also very smart and wants what is best for the company. Brooke laughs. She cannot believe that Ridge just called her smart. Ridge thinks that she is smart. Brooke wants to know how she would think he would ever in a million years give Quinn a compliment. Brooke thinks that Ridge gave him a look of admiration. Brooke would like to know what happened between the two of them while she was away.

Saul admits to Sally that there was a brief moment like everyone else in LA that he could be an actor. Other than that, though it has been his life. Tailoring is in his blood. He attributes that to his grandfather. He guesses that he could be following in his footsteps. He knows that his grandfather adored Shirley’s sister. Shirley knows that she adored him right back. Shirley knows that his grandfather was her right-hand guy. Sally heard so many stories from her aunt. Saul thinks that there are so many similarities between her and her and aunt. Sally thanks him. Sally needs a Saul of her own. She might as well hire the guy who already has the name. Saul assumes he got the job. Sally says he did. Saul is laughing in happiness. He asks where the cutting room is. Sally got her Saul.

Rick isn’t sure he can continue to work around here. Being passed over by Steffy was humiliating enough. Thomas wonders how he thinks he feels. Everyone, assumes he just wants to spend the rest of his career designing under his father’s shadow. Maya thinks that is unfortunate because Ridge and Steffy are the anointed ones. She certainly doesn’t see them giving up their titles willingly. Thomas suggests that they give up on Forrester.

In the hallways, Pam thinks that they could have definitely handled that better. She understands where Rick and Thomas are coming from but they shouldn’t have gone off on her. Pam doesn’t want Quinn to get the wrong idea. She still doesn’t like her. Quinn would never think that. Pam does see what she is doing in bringing the family back together. First making peace with Steffy and now Ridge. Pam never thought that would be possible. So, she wouldn’t worry too much about Rick and Thomas. If she and Ridge can make up, then they are bound to come around eventually.

Sitting down to a meal Bill wonders if they know what they should have. A huge engagement party. Bill wants to invite the entire fashion industry and her millions of followers. Steffy thinks they should keep it lowkey. Bill is shocked after everything they have been through to get to this point. Liam doesn’t want either of them to put Wyatt through that at this point. Bill doesn’t think there is a point in shielding Wyatt from this situation. Bill believes that the sooner they all adjust to the new norm the better. That is the only way he will get back his sons. He wants the two of them working together. Liam does think they are heading in that direction. Bill is glad. Steffy has been in between them so long. Bill wants to party. Steffy guesses they can party. Liam knows that if Bill has an engagement party then Ridge will show up and Brooke will with him. Bill does like the way he thinks. It will give him an opportunity to talk about.

Ridge acts clueless to Brooke’s questioning of what happened between him and Quinn. Ridge wonders if she is happy that he and Eric are talking again. Brooke is thrilled. She knows that he is aware of what Quinn does with people. She begs him not to turn his back on her. Ever. Ridge wants her to relax. There is nothing to worry about. Brooke says ok. Ridge hugs her.

Sally gets a paint scrapper and is trying to get the pain off the wall that was covering the Specrta Fashions logo. Shirley is trying to clean the table and is a little scared of it. Sally tells her to try to put herself into it a little more. They are putting all their marbles into this. Shirley knows that. That is why she is a tad cautious. Shirley thinks that this place is so 80’s. Sally thinks that the 80’s are coming back. Shirley points out that she has never designed a line before. Sally has been designing her entire life. Shirley doesn’t think that doodling in a sketch book is the same for designing a fashion line. Sally needs her to get herself into high gear. They are doing this. They will be hiring sewers and models. Shirley asks if she has seen the sewing machines they are from the 80’s too. Sally thinks that underneath the dust they have the company. This place will come out on top.

Steffy needs to give Bill, Taylor’s number. Bill wonders if she is saying he needs to speak to a shrink. Steffy thinks that he needs to speak to someone who has dealt with Ridge and Brooke getting back together multiple times. She knows he doesn’t want to hear that. Bill doesn’t need to hear it. He isn’t giving into destiny. He will never give up on Brooke.

Ridge has some work to do. Brooke understands. She asks what she is getting herself into. He is co-CEO. She asks if he will ever have room for the bride. Ridge can do it. If Steffy could so can he. He asks if she is blushing. Brooke is. She doesn’t want him being late tonight. Ridge won’t. They are celebrating. They will celebrate him being co-CEO. Brooke suggests celebrating with RJ and then later just the two of them. Quinn is listening from outside. She watches them kiss passionately and looks devastated.

Rick knows that Quinn could have handpicked anyone to work with Steffy but chooses the one person she hates the most. Maya isn’t so sure they hate each other anymore. Thomas thinks it is creepy. He thinks that he saw the way that they were supporting each other during the meeting. Maya asks what could have possibly happened to cause them to get along. Thomas doesn’t know but something is clearly going on.

Quinn walks into Ridge and Steffy’s office. Ridge asks if she is ok. Quinn is fine. She just saw him with Brooke and kissing her. Ridge looks a little confused.

Thomas is back at the restaurant and runs into Sally. He sees that it is her. Sally says it is her and asks if he is stalking her. Thomas guesses so. He wonders what he name was again. Sally tells him and asks for his again which he answers. He sees that her full name is Sally Spectra. He smiles. Sally asks if he has a problem with that.

Bill believes that Ridge is on his last leg with Brooke. He gets it. That is what Brooke does. It is human nature. He thinks that it is the final push though. Steffy guesses that he doesn’t lack confidence. Bill knows that Ridge will only work out with Brooke for a week or so and then they break up. He is sure that they will be done after the next attempt. He doesn’t know when that will be exactly but he knows that this is what Ridge does. He gets Brooke and loses her. When he loses the final time he will be there for her. He thinks that they will start their own destiny.

Ridge asks if she was spying on himself and Ridge. Quinn had come to talk to him but there Brooke was. They were just kissing. Ridge points out that she is his fiancé. Quinn knows but she has been away while the two of them were… She knows how close he has been with Brooke. He wants him to promise something. Quinn tells him that he cannot let Brooke or anyone find out what happened. Brooke is opening the door while she is saying this. She needs him to keep it between them. Brooke walks in and asks what they need to keep between each other. Brooke demands to know what is going on between the two of them.

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