B&B Thursday Update 2/2/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/2/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge kiss passionately in Rick’s office. Ridge missed her. Brooke missed him too. Ridge asks how Hope is doing. Brooke thinks that she is great. She is strong and independent and she couldn’t be more proud of her. Ridge thinks that she is her mother’s daughter after all. Brooke wants to know what is going on here. She asks what is going on with him and Quinn. Ridge wants to know what she means. Brooke knows that before she left he had a plan to get her out of the office. She wonders if he had any success. Ridge thinks they are taking steps in the right direction. She is looking at the new co-CEO of Forrester Creations. Brooke thinks that is amazing. She asks what happens. Ridge tells her it was Quinn’s idea.

Eric thinks that before they start this family meeting he wanted to make sure that Steffy was ok with all of this. Steffy tells him that Ridge and her already discussed it. She is cool with this. She thinks it will be fun to work with Ridge. It is an honor. Quinn thinks that they will make a fantastic team. Steffy is curious about one thing. She wants to know why Quinn is doing this for Ridge.

In the hallways, Pam tells Zende that it sounds like his trip was a blast. Zende had a great time seeing his parents. Zende thinks that being away made him see what he was missing here. He came back early. Rick and Maya walk over and asks if they are supposed to have a meeting with Eric. Pam tells them to get in line. Maya wonders if he said what it was about. Thomas says no but he has a pretty good idea.

Sally runs her hands through some fabric. CJ tells her that it isn’t too call the demolition crew. She would be saving everyone a whole lot of trouble. Shirley has to be honest. She thinks that CJ has a point. Sally will pass on that. She asks why they cannot see what she sees. They are going to make this old broad shine again. CJ assumes that she is under the impression that because she is Sally Spectra’s niece she knows what it takes to run a fashion house. He is her son and he didn’t have what it takes to run the company. Shirley thinks that is for sure. Sally knows that they promised her aunt they would give this place another shot. He agreed to rent it to her. CJ guesses that she has six months to show a profit. Otherwise this old broad will have a date with a wrecking ball. CJ had an all cash offer on the table before she came along. The only reason he is doing this is because she is family. Shirley doesn’t think that six months is nearly enough time. They will need at least a year to turn a profit. CJ tells them that if they cannot handle it he calls his guy right now. Sally is going to rock and roll. They are in it to win it. They are saving the family legacy.

Rick hopes that Eric has come to his senses hand is offering him the CEO position. Maya thinks that would be nice. Pam has some bad news. The interns ate all her lemon bars. Rick asks who is in the room. He wonders if they should just walk in. Pam is under strict order by Eric that nobody is supposed to go in there until she gets the say so. There will be no sudden moves.

Quinn thought that Steffy approved of Ridge being co-CEO. Steffy does. She just finds it a little odd and unbelievable. That she would do anything nice for her father. Quinn knows that Ridge is qualified. If she is being honest she did this for Eric. She wanted to show commitment and show unity.

Brooke is in disbelief that this was Quinn’s idea. Ridge was shocked by this too. Brooke knows that they despise each other. She wants to know what would make her do this. Ridge doesn’t know. It keeps her in Eric’s good graces he guesses. It is important to him. It is important to him that he gets to run the company with his daughter and beautiful fiancé. She is back in his arms. Everything is well that ends well. The two hug.

Sally tells them to listen up. They are Spectra’s and they are not quitters. They never back down. CJ loves her attitude but she needs to be real and come back to earth. They need a bankroll and designers. Shirly points out that they don’t have it yet. Sally wants him to have faith. They will have top notch designers. The crème de la crème but cheap. Very cheap. Shirley thinks they can put an ad in the papers for hot new interns. Sally thinks that is the spirit. CJ points out that they do have to pay them. Sally will pay. She has money saved up in the bank. Sally hopes that Shirley has some money too. Shirley has a few bucks here and there. Sally knows that her aunt used to mention a star employee named Saul. She thinks they need one. The best of the best. Shirley will go make some phone calls. Someone has to still be hanging around from her hay day. CJ thinks that they have no money and no staff. Shirley should keep on walking if she knows what is good for her. Sally thinks they have passion and determination. That is all they need along with a little imagination. Sally wants him to be useful. He needs to take a picture at her new desk.

Eric thanks them all for coming to the meeting. Rick thinks that it is good to have him back. Maya missed having him around. Brooke knows that it was obvious he has been busy. Pam guesses even with Quinn hovering around him. Zende knows the fall collection is phenomenal. Eric is pretty inspired these days. He has less stress and more time to design. Especially, knowing that things are going so well here. Steffy is doing a great job. Looking back at their history they really haven’t had any real conflict for a long time. The only real trouble they had in the past was from Sally Spectra. Ridge hasn’t heard that name for a long time. Steffy thinks that is a blast from the past. Maya thinks she read about her. Big hair. Eric confirms it was big hair and a big personality to match. Nicole wonders who Sally is. Thomas explains she ran a rival fashion house. She was one of their fiercest competitors. Pam heard all the stories. She stole all their designs. Eric would get ripped off year after year. Zende asks how she could get away with that. Brooke explains that Sally had spies in her organization. Even theirs at times. Rick knows that Sally would stop at nothing to create knock offs even if it was thread for thread. Eric points out it was always much lower quality. A lower price point as well. She would make sure that her shows were right before theirs too. Nicole guesses that their shows would be ruined. Rick knows that months and months would go down the drain. Maya thinks that was horrible. Eric thinks that was Sally. She was actually a wonderful woman except for when it came to business. When it came to business she was a real shark. Zende asks if she is still in fashion. Rick tells him that Spectra folded years ago. Pam heard that she moved to an island somewhere. Eric knows that they are tearing down her old building downtown. Eric only mentions it because they have had this great period of calm. They have not had any conflicts for a long time. The company has been doing great because of Steffy. He is still making some changes though. Significant changes. Eric has spoken to Steffy about this. She has agreed to share the position with someone as talented as she is. Someone he is very proud to call his son. He introduces them to the new co-CEO his son. Ridge. Rick scoffs.

CJ looks at a picture of his mother. He wants Sally to be sure of this. She asks if he really doesn’t think she can do this. CJ has doubts but that isn’t the only thing. It is just a little strange to say her name. Sally Spectra. Sally points out that is her name and don’t wear it out. She has idolized his mom since she was a little girl. She is the whole reason she got into fashion. There just aren’t a whole lot of opportunities back home. CJ feels that idolizing and dreaming are different than actually doing. His mom was Specrta fashions and doing it without her is risky. Sally wants to hear more about the great Sally Spectra.

Rick thinks that making Ridge the CEO is ridicules. Eric doesn’t think it is. This is the way it is going to be. He cannot forget how important he is as VP and head of international. Rick knows how important he is. He asks why he cannot get a shot. Thomas tells him at least he got a shot. He wasn’t even considered. Eric wants him to remember how important he is as well. Thomas is only getting better. Zende asks if Steffy is ok with this. Steffy knows Ridge is creative. She will handle all business aspects. She thinks it is a nice balance. Rick wonders about Quinn. Eric tells them that she will stay as president. Eric thinks this was an absolute no brainer. Ridge has devoted his whole life to the company. No one has had more influence over the company than Ridge. Eric has to give credit where it is due. This was Quinn’s idea. It was her suggestion and Steffy got on board and so did he. Rick knows she cannot stand Ridge. Quinn’s opinion has changed of him recently. Eric tells them that they are all important members of the team. He is grateful to have them as well. Brooke is also not without her wonderful contributions. Ridge agrees. He thanks Eric. He thanks Quinn for suggesting it. He is doing Eric proud. Eric is sure he will. Brooke smiles.

CJ wonders what he can say. His mother is great. She doesn’t have a care in the world. Sally thinks that is must to her ears. She talks to her on the phone but there is nothing like seeing her in person. CJ doesn’t think that there is anything like hanging out with his mother. Just being in her presence. She has that spirt. If she trusts you then it is a done deal. You have a friend for life. Images of Sally with all the people in her life are shown. Sally thinks that her aunt is a living legend. She knows how much she loves this old relic. She told her that she was her last hope. Sally will not let her down.

Everyone walks out of the meeting. Pam wants to know why everyone is so gloomy. This is good news. Maya asks what is good about it. Pam thinks the family is coming back together. Steffy has been doing a great job and Ridge is back where he belongs. Thomas feels that he and Rick are thinking the same thing. When will it be their turn? Rick also wants to know why Quinn is suddenly supporting Ridge.

Eric doesn’t think that went to horribly. Quinn thinks he handled that very well. Eric just wishes that Rick and Thomas were not so disappointed. Quinn knows they both know he loves them very much. She thinks that they will realize he is doing what is best. Eric thinks she is so supportive. Quinn will keep her promise to handle this together. Eric is surprised by her every day. Quinn cannot become too predictable. Eric tells her she better not. He knows she used to worry about letting him down but that is impossible. That could never happen. They hug. Quinn frowns.

Ridge and Brooke are kissing very passionately in Rick’s office. He thinks she has been gone to long. Brooke doesn’t think they can do this here. Ridge isn’t ready to be a grownup. He guesses he better act like one though. Brooke is confused though. He led the charge against Quinn for months and now she is supporting him. Ridge thinks that is common sense. He is lead designer and wants to be on his good side. Brooke doesn’t think that sounds like Quinn. Ridge thinks that the divorce between Steffy and Wyatt was the tipping point. Maybe she have given up. Brooke thinks that there has to be more to it. Ridge thinks about kissing her. Brooke asks if anything happened while she was gone. Ridge promises nothing at all. The two hug. Ridge looks guilty.

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