B&B Wednesday Update 2/1/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/1/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge walks into his office and finds Thomas changing. Thomas knows that he wanted to see him. Ridge reminds him that he is in the CEO office not the boys dressing room. Thomas has to get them in when he can. He asks what is up. Ridge has to tell him something. An announcement is going to be made. He is his son. So, he wanted him to hear it from him first. Thomas asks what the announcement is. Ridge explains that there will be some changes around here.

Steffy kisses Liam passionately in their living room. Liam asks if she really asked him to come back home for this. Steffy could think of worse things. Liam can’t think of any better things. He knows there is something else. Steffy tells him something happened at work today. A new CEO was appointed. He asks if she is serious. Steffy is sharing the position with her father. He is the new co-CEO.

The bartender asks Sally if she is ready for another. Sally is but asks who will drive her home. He thinks that can be arranged. Sally is sure it could. She says that it might be another time. Sally gets a call. It is from Sally (the original). Sally is on the beach and explains it is her. She asks how her favorite great niece is doing. Sally explains she is doing great and she is flirting with the bartender. Sally thinks that is her girl. She wonders how she is doing. Sally is doing great she is sitting around the cabana. She asks if she looked into the Spectra building yet. Her great-niece hasn’t yet. Sally needs her to hurry. If CJ has his way then it will be wrecked. She needs to get on it. She is her last hope.

Liam wants to know how Ridge was appointed co-CEO. Steffy thinks the same way as everything happens these days. Liam assumes she means Quinn and Eric. Steffy confirms this.

Thomas is confused by what he means when it comes to changes. He knows that it isn’t the president because Quinn will never give it up. Ridge spoke with Eric and he wants to make a change with the CEO position. Thomas asks why he is telling him this. Ridge feels it affects him.

Sally tells her niece that she wasn’t around but she heard all the stories. Her niece definitely did. Sally doesn’t want it destroyed. She wants Spectra to sing again. Her designs are good. Her niece will do. She should keep those cabana boys busy. A woman walks over to Sally and figured she would find her here. She wants a drink. Sally addresses her as grams and tells her not now. She just got off the phone with Aunt Sally. Grams assumes that her sister is trying to save the building. She knows that CJ is dead set on knocking it down. Sally will not let that happen. They are going to Spectra fashions. Grams keeps looking back at the bar as Sally drags her off.

Liam wants to make sure she is good with the whole co-CEO thing. Steffy admits that she is blindsided. Liam is as well. Especially, with Quinn’s involvement. Liam knows that Quinn hates Ridge or at least used to. Steffy guesses not anymore. Liam isn’t sure how that happened. Steffy cannot think it is a bad thing. She feels that if she is going to work well together it won’t be an issue. Liam asks who the issue is and realizes it is Thomas. Steffy knows he feels like he is being marginalized but now he is back from New York. Steffy knows he will be made once he finds out. Liam asks if he doesn’t know yet. Steffy is sure that he will find out soon enough. She knows he will definitely react.

Thomas wants to know how this affects him. Ridge thinks that Steffy has done a remarkable job as CEO but they need a designer at the top. Thomas thinks if he is asking him to step up then… Ridge isn’t. Eric asked him to be in the CEO office. Thomas congratulates him. Steffy is young and it wasn’t a real thing. He asks how Steffy is taking this. Ridge says they are not replacing Steffy.

Sally and grams show up at the building. It is a huge mess. Paint is peeling and Sally rips it. Under is the Spectra logo. Sally thinks that is better. Sally turns the light on to Sally’s old office. Sally thinks it is like she never left. Grams thinks she never did. She might be surrounded by pretty boys and drinks but her spirit is still here. She can almost hear her. Sally’s voice is heard she is talking to Macy and Darla. Sally believes it is up to them to revive that spirit. Gram’s feels it is a lost cause. She knows she raised her to be confident but there is no hope. It is ready for the demo dump. Sally knows. CJ walks in. He wants to know what this is all about. Sally explains it is about the building. CJ asks what about it. He tried with this place. He really did. After Jackie M vacated the building he was asked to renovate which he did but he couldn’t get Spectra back on his feet again. He couldn’t do it. He is selling it to someone who wants it. Sally is sure that this is exactly what LA needs another mini mall. CJ doesn’t care what they do to the place. He hates to see this place go. Sally isn’t willing to let it go. He just spoke to his mom and told her that he would bring it back to life. They can work together and revive Spectra fashions. They are not out yet. A sign falls. Sally says it is ok. They will fix it. CJ doesn’t think that she can just revive Spectra Fashions. Sally wants to know why not. They have been off the grid for years. Sally knows that red meat and carbs have but they both made a comeback. He thinks she sounds more like his mother every day. Sally told her that they would make this work. They will. He asks aunt Shirley to help him out. Shirley hasn’t been able to talk any common sense into her since she was in diapers. Sally thinks they can do this. CJ thinks the best thing they can do to this place is sell it before it falls down around us. Sally wants him to think about the history and the memories. Sally spots the microphone she used to use to call out the troops. She can almost hear her now. CJ knows this is where she ruled the roost. He was here when she did it. He can only imagine what would happen if these walls could talk. A scene is shown where Sally tells CJ, Darla, and Thorne that they are back in business. They have been saved. She wonders by who though. Sally thinks they can do this. The Spectra’s taking on the fashion world again. Shirley thinks it would made his mother proud. CJ cannot do it. Sally asks why not. CJ cannot because he isn’t his mother and neither is she. Even if they do have the same last name. His mom has a way with style. She can come over anything and did. He is selling. Sally tells him that he is renting the building to her. He thinks she is crazy. Sally is crazy like a red-headed fox.

Liam is sure that there is a nice chunky position over at Forrester for Thomas. Steffy knows it isn’t the one who wanted though. She knows that Thomas wanted the CEO spot and he didn’t get it. Ridge will have his hands full.

Thomas would like Ridge to say it again. Ridge is going to be co-CEO. Steffy and him will share the title. He assures him that when the time comes… Thomas assumes he can be CEO after his sister. That is rough. Ridge needs him for design work. Thomas assumes that will be the case for the next thirty or forty years. Ridge would like him to be mature about this. Thomas thinks that Quinn making Steffy CEO as a matchmaking scheme is a mature choice. Ridge thinks that Steffy is making a great presence online. Thomas feels she is click bate and they all know it. In a few months she will be a shadow at best. They are designers. It is should be them running the company. He can take what is rightfully his. He should have Steffy go back to doing whatever she does. Ridge thinks she is running the company successfully. He is grateful that she will share a title with him. Thomas thinks that is a cop out. Thomas wants to know what happened. Ridge thinks things have changed. It is good for all of them. Thomas knows it is good for him and Steffy.

Sally puts a picture of her aunt up. She wants them to think about it. Spectra running in all its glory again. Shirley feels it is a wonderful idea but there is risk. CJ thinks that is exactly right. Standing in this building a risk. Sally tells CJ to buckle up. CJ is not going to go on this ride with them. Sally guesses he is missing out then. CJ would like to know on what. Sally thinks it is an adventure. His mother want this. He cannot sell it. He is renting it to her to revive Spectra. CJ will give her six months. She can take it or leave it. Sally says it is a deal. CJ wishes her good luck. Shirley wonders how they will go about doing this. Sally will do it the same way her aunt did. Shirley wonders if she knows what he aunt would say about this. Sally knows she would say it is a bet and a gamble. It is a jackpot waiting to pay off and she is willing to collect. Spectra is about to be reborn.

Liam knows that Thomas will learn to accept the situation just like she did. Steffy thinks it was easy for her. Sharing the office. It was like a child’s dream. Liam knows they will make a good team. Kind of like them. They kiss.

Ridge doesn’t want Thomas to overreact. Thomas is being iced out again. He asks how he is supposed to react. Ridge isn’t sure how long this will last. They will re visit things. Thomas knows in the mean time he will be running the company and his life. Thomas asks if he believes in him. Ridge thinks he knows he does. Thomas reminds him that Ridge studied under Eric and he studied under him. Eric passed the torch to him. He asks why he hasn’t passed the torch to him. Ridge could one day. Even if Steffy does eventually step down there is Rick. Brooke will want him in here just as bad as he wants it. He doesn’t see how he fits in here anymore. Ridge thinks he fits in as his son. Thomas wishes that meant something. Ridge asks how he can say that. Ridge reminds him that he stepped away when he and Caroline had his thing. This is best for him. Thomas doesn’t see how he benefited from this. It is like he didn’t even exist. His company that he has shares in is making choices without him. His son is being raised without him. He is dealing with things. He has to answer to Steffy and now this. Ridge thinks this is them taking over the company again. Thomas thinks that they are taking over due to Quinn. He had nothing to do with this. Thomas needs to look out for his future.

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