B&B Monday Update 1/30/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/30/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie asks if she is interrupting something. Quinn wants to know how many times she has asked Katie to call ahead before stopping by. Katie didn’t just stop by. Pam is in the kitchen making something special for Eric for when he gets back from Genoa City and she needed eggs. Quinn guesses that she rushed right over and saved the day. Katie had just what she needed. Katie asks how she was to know that the two of them would be alone in the house. Quinn wasn’t alone. Pam is obviously in the kitchen. Katie reminds her that she didn’t know that until she just told her. Ridge came over before Eric left. He is considering making her CEO with Steffy. Katie heard. Quinn asks if it was from her husband. Katie was definitely shocked when she found out that Quinn was the one to suggest it. She couldn’t believe that she did something nice for Ridge. Ridge couldn’t believe it either and that is why he expressed her thanks. That is what she walked in on. Katie knows that Quinn wanted Steffy to be CEO so badly and now she is trying to convince Ridge to do otherwise. She wants to know where the change of heart comes from.

Steffy looks at her engagement ring. Liam asks if she suspected that tonight would be the night. Steffy assumes he means that he would slip an engagement ring on her finger. She didn’t. Liam wasn’t sure if he was going to. He thought he could do something simple or do something like sky diving. Steffy can be low key. Liam reminds her that she showed up on a motor cycle to their second wedding. Steffy has settled down since then. No more risk taking. Liam doesn’t think the ring will ever come off her finger. Steffy smiles. Liam hopes that Steffy was joking and she isn’t going to get all soft on him now. Steffy asks if that is a deal breaker. Liam feels that it might be. He is predictable. Steffy knows she is not traditional. Liam thinks that they are so opposite from each other. Steffy doesn’t think she is messy. She can be a girly slob at times. Steffy can build a motor cycle engine. Liam knows she is beautiful. Steffy kisses him. She thinks this is their happy beginning. She cannot wait to be his wife again.

Quinn wants to know what Katie thinks she knows. Katie thinks it is pretty obvious. The two of them are alone together with a change of heart. She wanted Steffy to be CEO because she wanted Steffy and Wyatt to be together. Then she realized that she needed someone with a better track record. Quinn isn’t going to be questioned by her in her own home. She asks if Ridge can show her out of her house. She walks up the stairs. She tells Katie not to come back unless she is invited. Ridge tells Katie that Eric hasn’t made up his mind yet but he is considering it. Quinn is listening at the balcony Ridge tells her that they are making steps in repairing their relationship. Katie thinks it is a pretty big step. It is because of Quinn. Ridge asks what she is getting at. Katie wants him to be careful. She doesn’t want him to fall for her ways.

Steffy guesses that they are going to be having another wedding. Liam knows that it will be another wedding dress. He asks what she will come in. Steffy isn’t sure yet. Liam thinks she could show up in flannel pajamas and still be the sexiest woman alive. He will never forget what she wore to the first wedding. She was a trend setter. There is a reason that the dress showed up all over the world and is still copied to this day. Steffy asks if he is keeps up with that kind of thing. Liam does with the help of the magazines research department. The cover that the dress first appeared on broke all circulation records. Steffy asks if he is kidding. Liam isn’t and then it didn’t break until the next wedding. Steffy gets it. He only wants to marry her because it is good for business. It all makes sense now. Liam jokes that of course he is using her for business. He also cannot live without her. Liam loves her little flaws. He lists them off. Steffy asks if they had an iguana. Liam thinks that is his point exactly. He is just joking. Liam knows she showed up to their second wedding on a motor cycle. She knew how to make an entrance. She knew that everyone thought it would last. Liam thinks this one better. Liam asks where she wants to do it this time. Liam suggests they could one up this time. They could find a fifteen-thousand-foot cliff on the elks. Steffy guesses that means Eric couldn’t show up. Liam wants to know what they do about Quinn and the wedding. Obviously, neither of them want her to be there but she is married to Eric. Steffy knows. Eric thinks that she has been through a life changing metamorphosis. Liam will never buy it. She has already done all she could do. No one is going to stop them from getting married this time.

Ridge wants to know what it means that Quinn is in her ways again. Katie thinks he knows what it means. She manipulated Eric. Ridge thinks that Eric is a softy. Katie knows that she has power over Eric. Ridge doesn’t think that at all. Katie just got off the phone with Brooke. She is very excited about their future together. Ridge is too. Possibly being CEO is part of that. Katie thinks that this shows how good Quinn is at getting what she wants. She is doing the exact same thing to Ridge. Ridge doubts that is the case. Katie doubts that Quinn just feels bad that Steffy is the CEO at her expense. There are two sides to her and they both know that. She has threatened her and Liam. It is on video. They know Quinn’s history. She is just wanting him to be careful. He needs to keep her distance. It is the kiss of death to get close to Quinn. Quinn starts to think of the kiss they shared. Ridge thinks it is his turn. She is in his family’s home asking questions. So he gets to ask her now. Katie thinks that she is an open book. Ridge knows that Katie and Eric have been getting close. Eric helped Will get into West Side Prep. The next thing he knows she bought the house next to him. Ridge knows that they have gotten close. Katie thinks they always have been close. Ridge doesn’t want Quinn to get hurt. Katie knows that Ridge has been so suspicious of Quinn and doesn’t trust her. Katie doesn’t trust her for the same reasons. Katie knows that Eric loves her unconditionally. She doesn’t know how good she has it. Katie thinks if she had a man in her life like that… She stops herself. She wants Ridge to be careful. Ridge tells her to be as well. Katie leaves.

Liam wants to ask Steffy something. Steffy tells him whatever it is the answer is yes. Liam tells her it is about Steffy and Wyatt. He knows she said that he is a good man with good qualities. Steffy wants to know what he is getting at. Like why is she with him instead of Wyatt. Liam knows that Wyatt is charming and edgy and says all the right things. He also has the advantage of never being caught in between her and another woman. Steffy doesn’t want edgy and exciting. She wants him. She doesn’t mean it like that. He makes her want to be better. She isn’t so insecure that she needs to be the only woman he ever loved. She is so lucky She cays cha cha cha. Like at their second wedding. The two start to kiss each other. Steffy takes off her blouse. She is wearing nothing but her underwear. Liam gets naked as well. The two kiss each other passionately. He gets on top of her. The two cuddle each other on the couch in a blanket. Liam asks if she remembers what he said to her in Aspen. He didn’t have time to write vows. The second time he meant every word. He wanted to be with her till death be his part. Liam will remember everything he says at the third wedding. The wedding that will last a lifetime.

Ridge looks at Quinn’s photo. Quinn walks downstairs. She is wearing her robe. Ridge turns around. Ridge thought she was going to bed. Quinn didn’t think he would still be here. Ridge was just leaving. Quinn heard him talking to Katie earlier. Ridge tells her that Katie left and so did Pam. Quinn knows she said a lot of hurtful things about her. Ridge doesn’t think that Katie knows everything about Quinn. Not that he is an expert. Quinn asks if he would like to be. Ridge thinks she is complicated. Ridge thinks that Quinn is very dangerous. A man could lose his senses with her. Quinn tells him he should go. He knows that she doesn’t want him to go. The two kiss each other passionately. Quinn wakes up from her fantasy and watches as Ridge walks outside the house. She looks worried and rubs her head. She is breathing heavily.

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