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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/27/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn walks into the mansion and hears someone making martinis. Quinn assumes it is Eric. She tells him that she thought he was in Genoa City. It is actually Ridge. He tells her that just because he is on a business trip doesn’t mean she doesn’t get her after-work martini. He suggests they have a toast. Quinn guesses it can be to Eric’s safe travels. Ridge agrees and to her keeping the fire burning while he is gone. The two smile.

Steffy is working in her office still. She asks if Rick will take care of the follow up call. Rick can once the Paris office opens and the contracts are ready. Steffy thinks that is next on her agenda. Rick points out that Steffy thought that all being CEO meant was posting sexy pictures of herself. He is just kidding. Steffy reminds him that was Wyatt’s idea not hers. Rick wants to know how Wyatt is doing. He heard the divorce went through. Steffy thinks he is doing well considering. Rick guesses that it must be hard seeing they are two brothers. Steffy is worried because of that.

Wyatt shows up at Liam’s house. Liam asks if he can get him anything. Like water or beer. Wyatt guesses he will have a beer if he has one. Liam says yes. Wyatt thanks him again for the messages. He meant to respond. Liam is just glad he is here so they can talk. The two sit down. Wyatt just wants him to know that he gets now that ending his marriage was the only option for everyone. He just wants his brother back.

Steffy hopes that it isn’t a huge ordeal. She wants Wyatt to adjust. Rick is sure that he will Wyatt is a strong person. The way he feels about her is not going to change over night.

Wyatt thinks that they have been at odds for so long. It just seems so pointless. They could be working together. They could accomplish so much.

In the mansion kitchen Katie walks through the back door. Pam says she is a life saver. Pam is glad that she snuck it through the back like she asked. She doesn’t need Quinn asking questions about what she is making. Katie asks if she is around. Pam doesn’t know but you cannot be to careful with her. She actually thinks that Eric should give up sweets altogether. Katie thinks that is crazy. Pam is going to pretend she is making a kale salad but the truth is she is making lemon bars for Eric to have when he gets back from Genoa City tomorrow. Katie thinks that sounds like a great plan. Katie wonders Eric told her his plan to make Ridge co-CEO and it was all Quinn’s idea.

Quinn doesn’t think this is as good as Eric’s martini but it is still drinkable. Ridge knows that he is better at some things and Eric is at others. Quinn thinks that he and Eric spoke about the CEO position. Ridge mentions that Eric wanted to look at it when he gets back. If he gets to be CEO again it is all because of her.

Steffy signs something for someone. She thanks them. Steffy tells Rick that she is all signed and he is ready for his conference call. Rick wonders if she is going home to Liam. Steffy is. Rick thinks that she should elope. She should take a nice long honeymoon. She can take a whole year off. Steffy wonders who she could ask to take over. Rick wouldn’t mind stepping up.

Wyatt tries using his finger but it hurts. Liam knows how much that hurts. Wyatt thinks about the things he does for them. He guesses the two of them are together and he doesn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. He guesses he doesn’t want to be reminded of how crazy Quinn can get. He wants him to know that he does think it was horrible what Quinn did to him. Liam knows. Wyatt found him. He wanted to save him. He didn’t factor in that he would go back to Steffy. He loved her so much that he couldn’t let go. He guesses he can now though because he is mature. Wyatt will find a woman who doesn’t know his name. Someone with no history with him. Someone into him because he is him. Liam knows he deserves that. The two hug.

Pam thinks that Katie must have misunderstood. There is no way that Quinn would want Ridge to have any power at Forrester. They despise each other. Pam guesses she needs to make a cake for Ridge congratulating him. The baking list just got longer.

Quinn says that he could end up sharing the position with Steffy. It will be because of Eric and not her. Ridge still knows it is because of her. Quinn knows that Eric respects him. Ridge respects him as well. Quinn asks what he will say to Steffy. She cannot imagine she will react well. Ridge thinks she will be fine. He isn’t going to forget that.

Liam is texting Wyatt and thanking him for stopping by. Steffy walks in. She sees him with a glass for her. Liam will never take for granted her walking in through the front door again. He welcomes her home. Steffy smiles. Steffy asks if he wants wine. Liam actually has a bit of a beer fetish. Wyatt and him had a toast. He is taking this a lot better than he would have. A lot better than he did. Steffy knows he is getting the tattoo. Liam thinks he might actually have a real relationship with his brother finally. Liam wishes he could say getting over Steffy gets easier.

Katie doesn’t want Pam to get a hold of herself. Eric just said he was thinking about it. Pam is shocked this is all because Quinn wants it to happen. Katie guesses. Pam wonders if she is trying to win Ridge over. Like how she tried to be friends with her. Pam knows that Ridge would never fall for that. Yet, Ridge told them all at the office to accept Quinn. Pam knows they cannot stand each other and cannot imagine they ever will like each other.

Ridge thinks that Quinn really does want to bring the family together. Quinn thinks it was painful knowing what her being with Eric did to them. Ridge only boycotted the wedding because he thought that she was coming in here to destroy him. Ridge guesses that he really doesn’t have anything to worry about. He thanks her. Quinn doesn’t want him to thank her. Ridge thinks that Quinn deserves this.

Steffy thinks her finger is a little red. Liam thinks it is gone. Steffy was actually looking forward to her next appointment. The doctor was cute. If she was single. She thinks he was definitely handsome. He was definitely a keeper. Liam made her a promise that when the tattoo was gone… He knows they have spoken a lot about their future. He cannot wait. He takes out a ring box. He thinks she is most exquisite woman he has ever known. He asks if she will spend her life with him. Steffy says of course. Liam puts the ring on her finger. She thinks it is beautiful. Liam has one more thing. It is a little more exciting. He wants to get matching tongue piercings. She needs a guy who will mutilate him for her. Steffy doesn’t think there is anything boring about them.

Katie is on the phone with Brooke. Pam tells Katie to tell Brooke she says hello. Katie wants her to know she says hello. She is over at Eric’s making lemon bars with Pam. Katie knows it is super exciting. Katie mentions that Hope wants a care package. Katie doesn’t want Brooke staying away too long. Ridge misses her.

Quinn thinks it is strange being able to talk to him like this. Ridge thinks that what is strange is being able to look at the wall and not be physically ill. He looks and doesn’t have a gag reflex. Quinn thinks that is the nicest thing he has ever said. He really thought she would destroy the family but the sky hasn’t fallen. She thinks he was chicken little. Ridge wonders if she is the fox that eats everyone in the end. Quinn asks if that is how that ends. Ridge is sure that the chicken and the fox don’t get along. Quinn doesn’t like kissing fairytales anyways. Teaching little girls that a prince will save them is ridicules. Ridge agrees. No more of that. Quinn agrees. Cheers to that. Ridge can do one better than this. He actually looks forward to seeing her in the flesh. They have turned a corner. He is going to be CEO because of her. He spins her around. Katie walks in and asks if she is interrupting something.

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