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Written By Anthony
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In Steffy’s office Thomas tells her that he takes it Liam is glad she is back. Steffy thinks that they both are. Steffy wonders if Thomas has seen her sauce pan that you can only get in Paris. Steffy hands him a check. She just thought that he was paying rent to Ridge. Thomas thinks that this is way too. Steffy didn’t know. Thomas thinks she could have asked or when CEO buying powers were being handed out he was passed over.

In the hallway, Quinn walks into Rick’s office where Ridge is on the phone with Brooke. He hangs up. Ridge would love to tell her that Brooke said hello but that would be a lie. Quinn wonders how the wedding plans are going. Ridge thinks that planning is overrated but Brooke will be home soon. Ridge asks if she needs something. Quinn has done something that she hopes he won’t be angry about.

Eric opens his front door to find Katie. Katie asks if he was looking for this and holds up a newspaper. Eric is glad she brought it. He cannot figure out where his went. He guesses that they threw it in the bushes and now he cannot find it. Katie guesses this is what neighbors are for. Eric needs to look something up really fast and then she can have it back. Katie notices that Eric has a suitcase on the floor. She asks if Eric is going someplace. Eric has to take a quick trip to Genoa City. Eric is reading the paper. He guesses it is true. Katie asks why. Eric tells her that it must be time seeing that Sally’s warehouse is scheduled for demolition downtown.

Steffy would like to know what the sudden issue Thomas has with her. Thomas has an issue with being passed over. Thomas asks if his name was even thought about when names were being tossed around. Steffy points out he wasn’t even here. Thomas is sorry he was off trying to make a family work. A broken one that Ridge gave him. He guesses he should have married Wyatt and then Quinn would have given him the position. Steffy reminds him that Eric offered her the position so whether he would like to believe it or not she earned it.

Eric feels that like was so interesting when Sally could pop out from behind a curtain at any moment. He starts to think of Sally and all the times they spent together as dear friends. He thinks it was really fun being Sally’s friend and her enemy. Katie wants to know what happened to Sally. She asks if she is still with them. Eric thinks that Sally will live forever. The last they heard of her she was sipping a drink from a coconut and tanning on some tropical island and being handed to by hot and cold cabana boys. Katie laughs. She asks if Eric thinks that Sally and Quinn would have been friends or enemies. Eric thinks that Sally’s biggest talent is recognizing talent. He thinks that Quinn has that talent too. He points out that just last night despite their differences Quinn wanted him to consider promoting Eric back to the top position of the company.

Quinn assumes he knows that Wyatt and Steffy have signed their final divorce papers. She bets that Ridge has a wall in his study just papered with divorce papers. She is actually really upset about this. She really liked them together. Which was part of her reason for having Eric offer Steffy the CEO position. Ridge thinks that she finally admitted it. Quinn never really kept it a secret. Not that Steffy isn’t doing a great job. She may have inadvertently short changed a more experienced leadership which is why she asked Eric if Ridge could share CEO with Steffy. She asks if she over stepped.

Steffy would like to know if Thomas would rather Quinn’s name be on the door right now. She would be CEO if she had turned down the position. Thomas knows that she wouldn’t. Eric would have offered it to Ridge, Rick, or even Thorne. Steffy asked those questions before she accepted the position. Thorne has a life outside of this building and Rick has a baby. Rick would just whine about it if Ridge got the job. Thomas asks why Ridge didn’t get the job. He still has a higher profile out of all of them. Steffy thinks that is true but Eric feels betrayed by him. She doesn’t know if time heals all wounds in this case.

Katie cannot believe that Quinn suggested replacing Steffy with Ridge. Eric explains that Quinn wants them to share the job. Katie asks how that would work. Eric guesses that it would work however they wanted it to. Unless Steffy says no altogether. It hasn’t been worked out yet. It isn’t a plan yet. Katie would have thought that Quinn would suggest Ridge be buried alive. Eric knows she thought it was crazy of him to send the two of them on that trip together. He thinks they have come to the realization they can work together.

Ridge is baffled by Quinn stating she asked for him to share the CEO duties with her daughter. Quinn wants to know why not. Ridge asks if she really talked to Eric about that. Quinn says that he gave her that thinking about it face. Ridge knows that once you get that face you have to stop talking. He wants to know why she would even do this. She doesn’t even like him. Quinn minds him a lot less these days. Fundamentally though she loves her husband and is afraid of him coming back to the daily grind of working at Forrester. And Steffy is a powerhouse and is young. Their long time buyers might prefer a seasoned player at the wheel. Ridge guesses with two people running the company Quinn and Eric could travel the world. This place would be in good hands. Quinn points out that this is her family too. She wants them to get along. She used to think he was the most conceded man in the world. Now she knows that he is just the second or third most. Ridge thinks it is sweet to hear coming from the wicked witch of the west herself. Quinn thinks that she wants to be a good mother. She doesn’t want to be remembered as a mother who is overbearing. She guesses she has Ridge to thank for that too.

Thomas wants to know when Eric claimed that Ridge betrayed him was that because she wouldn’t suck up to Quinn or because he wouldn’t buy the whole brand new her. Steffy wants him to tell that to Eric and see where that would get him. She is a fact of life now. Eric is more committed to Quinn than ever. If seeing that makes her an enemy but she is just looking out for the family. The Forresters that came before them and will come after. She is showing growth the to the company. Thomas asks if that is ok. Steffy wants him to make up his mind. Either she got the job because she is an opportunist or he should have gotten the job instead.

Eric thanks Katie for bringing the paper over. Katie knows that Ridge hurt him but he is still his son. Eric points out that his family has been very slow to forgive Quinn for her past misdeeds. He asks if he really wants to do the same thing to them. Katie wishes him safe travels.

Nicole walks into Rick’s office and tells Quinn that Ivy finished designs and wanted her to see them. Quinn will take them. She leaves. Ridge asks if he can have a look. Ridge wants a proper look. He takes the necklace and puts it on Quinn’s neck. He thinks that it looks perfect. Quinn thinks that large stones and small stones don’t go together but it fits perfectly. Ridge agrees. Quinn tries to take it off. Ridge takes it off for her. He knows how to treat a lady. Quinn wonders if she has ever been called a lady before. She has been called less pleasant things before. She explains that Eric is going to Genoa City tonight. Just an overnight meeting. He is thinking of Ridge. Quinn thinks that Ridge should go to Eric. She thinks that there are things that Ridge can say to Eric that couldn’t be said before. Eric thanks her for going to bat with Eric. Eric tells Quinn she forgot the necklace. She takes it and thanks him. She leaves the room.

Thomas knows that Steffy will make fun of him for saying this but he is Ridge’s first born son. He wants to know why he wasn’t the first choice. Eric should have offered it to him. Steffy thinks that Ridge and Eric are two very different people. Thomas knows that Quinn wanted Wyatt to be heir-apparent at least by marriage. Steffy knows that Quinn wanted her to be CEO but she kept it on her own. They are finally in a drama free work place. No one has had a problem with her but him. Thomas points out it has only been a month. Steffy guesses he is saying he could have done just as well. Steffy thinks he is wrong. He leaves just as much as he is here. He lacks consistency. Designers can be temperamental. CEOs can’t. Thomas walks out.

Quinn walks back into the office and looks down at the necklace. She starts to think about her conversation about it just a moment ago. She looks worried.

Eric walks back downstairs. Ridge is sitting in the living room. He informs Eric that Genoa City is cold this time of year. Eric says hello to him. Ridge knows that Quinn said he was going. He wonders what is up. Eric explains that Lauren Fenmore called and wants to speak to him. Cross marketing was mentioned. Eric wants to take some time to speak with him when he gets back. Ridge knows they haven’t had time to speak about anything in a while. Ridge promises that this wasn’t a power grab. He was trying to protect him. Eric doesn’t like this. He doesn’t like them being strangers this way. He doesn’t want to be disapproving and distant. Eric wants to look at his position at the company when he gets back. It might be time to find a more appropriate position for him on the leadership team. Ridge would like to talk about that. Eric wants him to thank Quinn for that. Ridge promises that he is the one person in the world that he respects and loves more than anyone else. He wants him to have a safe trip. Eric will see him when he gets back. Ridge looks at Quinn’s portrait on the wall.

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