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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

It’s night time now. Liam opens his front door. Steffy runs in screaming in joy to let her in. She is dancing in the living room saying that it is home sweet home. Liam tells her that it is now. He kisses her. He cannot believe that they are back. Her marriage is over and there is literally nothing stopping them now. Steffy is glad.

In the Forrester living room, Quinn asks Wyatt if he really went through with it and the divorce was approved. Wyatt confirms that it was. He loves Steffy and calling her his wife but he cannot force her into feeling the same. Quinn is so sorry. She feels terrible about this. Wyatt asks if he is really going to have to comfort her now. Eric will do the honors and hugs her.

Pam and Charlie are walking down the hallway at Forrester. Charlie tries to impress her but Pam says that they are late for a meeting. They walk into Steffy’s office to find Ridge, Nicole, Rick, and Thomas. Ridge needs three concepts on what he emailed Thomas earlier. Thomas can do it. Rick wants to know when Ridge started to add jewelry into his drawings. Nicole thinks that is Quinn’s. Pam thinks that while she is an awful person she does make good jewelry. Ridge understands that she is a part of their lives and he can promise she will not be a problem around here anymore. Charlie coughs. Pam tells him to wait. Rick asks if his attitude towards Quinn is changing. Ridge has tried everything he could so maybe it is just time to accept her. Thomas feels that it is hard to believe what he is hearing. Charlie wants him to know that if he needs muscle to deal with Quinn is around. Pam suggests that Charlie go to the club and set up so she can finish up the meeting. Charlie goes. Nicole guesses that it must have been some trip he went on. Ridge thinks that Quinn was an asset and he feels it only fair to acknowledge that. Pam asks if he is friends with her now. Ridge isn’t but it changed their dynamic.

Eric doesn’t want Wyatt to fault himself for trying to save his marriage. Wyatt thinks the trick is knowing when it is no longer possible. Steffy has been gone from him ever since Liam came back. He isn’t going to feel sorry for himself. He just needed to let her go for both their sake. So he had Carter come by with the papers and the tattoo person came by. It was the last part of his marriage and soon to be part of his past. Just like Steffy.

Steffy is sitting down and looks worried. Liam hands her a glass of wine. He couldn’t get a hold of her. He wants to know what happened with Wyatt. Liam assumes that he tried to win her back. Steffy admits that it was the opposite. He let her go. Liam asks if it was hard for him. Steffy thinks that Wyatt was sweet and funny. The tattoo doctor even came over to give her the last treatment. The wedding band is completely gone. Liam guesses it is true. She isn’t married to Wyatt any longer. Steffy is completely free to be with him. The click glasses together. Liam wonders if Wyatt just gave up and gave her his freedom. Wyatt didn’t want to come in second or be pressured. Liam thinks that sounds like Wyatt. Liam feels the truth is that as excited as he is he now feels bad for Wyatt. Steffy thinks he deserves to be happy. Liam thinks that they do as well. This is a situation where one would get hurt and he is glad it wasn’t him. Steffy will always care about Wyatt and hopes that he is ok with that. Liam loves Wyatt too but after today he made him respect him a whole lot more. Wyatt stepped up and did the right thing and he will have to thank for that.

Quinn realizes that this is on her. Steffy was committed to him until he couldn’t make her disappear. Wyatt feels that if he and Steffy were meant to be together then they could have worked around her. He doesn’t want her to blame herself. She had every right to defend her happiness. He didn’t know what it was at the time but she has a real committed relationship and it is rare and special and great. Quinn thanks her for that. Wyatt thanks her for the inspiration. Wyatt thinks that the support Eric has for him meant the world to him. Eric had something to feel proud of. Quinn wonders why this feels like a goodbye. Wyatt thinks that it is time he gets back to his real life. He knows what he wants in a relationship with what they have. Eric is sorry to see him go but they understand. Quinn wants him to go get his life and have a good one. Wyatt thanks her. They hug. Wyatt looks back one more time before leaving.

Ridge was prepared to watch Quinn fall at the summit and enjoy every moment of it. Rick points out that she didn’t. Ridge knows that she didn’t. Quinn guesses that she is one resourceful woman. Ridge thinks that Quinn brings out the best in Eric. She helps him mellow out. He needs to find some peace around here for himself.

Eric promises that Wyatt will be fine. Quinn is just so worried about him. Eric knows that Wyatt is strong. He knows how and when to take care of himself. With a great deal of grace too. Quinn thinks that there is nothing she is more proud of then her son except for being his wife. It means so much to her that he has embraced both of him. Like how to be a decent human being. How to see the good in people and their ability to change. Which brings her to something else she has been thinking about. She suggests that they have been too hard on Ridge. She asks if they were disrespectful to take the CEO position away from him. Eric is shocked that she would even bring this up.

Steffy missed the daily struggle of getting out of bed. Liam thinks they are so bad. They would stay there all day. Steffy knows they have. Steffy loves falling asleep in his arms. Liam knows she can do that now. Steffy realizes she is home. She is only his. Wyatt knows she keeps saying that but... He grabs her by the hands. The start kissing as they walk into their bedroom. Liam welcomes her home. They start to kiss even more passionately and undress each other. Steffy kisses his shoulder. Liam gets on top of her in bed.

Quinn knows it is strange for her to suggest that they have been too hard on Ridge. Eric cannot forget the ways that Ridge betrayed him. He has hurt them both. Quinn will never forget that either. She hates seeing them at odds because of her. She learned that Ridge underneath everything is a sensitive guy. It is a layer of protection that he puts on for his health. Quinn thinks that in Ridge’s mind he felt hurt and betrayed as well. To Ridge he thought he needed to save him. He thought he was in danger and if he thinks that makes him a really good son. Wyatt would do the same for her. Ridge and her have moved past this at work. Eric asks how they accomplish this lofty goal. Quinn suggests that Ridge and Steffy share the CEO position. It is the best of both worlds. Ridge is experienced and Steffy has her edge. It is a win-win for everyone. Eric cannot believe she is suggesting this. Quinn wants to be a source of peace for this family. She feels like she owes this to Ridge. She wants him to think about this. Eric looks angry.

Ridge is working on a drawing. He starts to think of kissing Quinn.

Steffy and Liam are in bed now. He cannot believe that she is here. She is here in their bed. Steffy thinks that he realizes now that he will never sleep alone again. He will follow his sexy CEO all over the world. Steffy likes that they have disagreements and it isn’t the end of the world. Steffy wants him to be honest. She kisses him. Liam knows that her smile is just for him. Steffy feels awful what she put him through. Liam knows that she was just doing what she thought was right. Liam knows it was hard and he felt her slipping away. She never thought she would find a man like him. She is so lucky to have him in her life. Steffy knows they have loved each other for so long and now here they are. They are free to make their future for the rest of their lives. Liam loves Steffy. They kiss each other. They look into each other’s eyes and smile.

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