B&B Tuesday Update 1/24/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/24/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge wants to know what is going on. Quinn lies and says nothing. She wonders if there is anything going on with him.

In Steffy’s office, Ivy is working on jewelry. Katie walks in. She asks if Ivy has seen Quinn. Ivy explains that she just left. Katie guesses that she could text her. Ivy wonders if Katie has seen her yet today. Katie hasn’t and asks why. Ivy thinks that something is up and she is worried about her.

Bill in frustration towards Liam tells him that Steffy will show up. Liam thinks that she would have shown up by now. Bill knows that he wants her here, but he needs to give her a minute. Liam told her how important this is to him. That these stupid games with Eric, Wyatt, and Quinn have to stop and she needs to end them tonight. Bill asks what happens if they don’t end. He wonders if he is skipping town. Liam sure hopes that it doesn’t come to that. He might, though. They are in a process of a divorce right now. If she cannot communicate the relationship is over. If she really doesn’t walk through that door then… Bill guesses that he is done. Liam screams and wants to know where the hell she is. She should have been here by now.

Wyatt looks at Steffy’s finger. Wyatt guesses the tattoo is gone. No more wedding band. The doctor suggests that Steffy keep that bandage on until the skin heals. Steffy thanks him. Wyatt tells Steffy that he isn’t done. It is his turn. He is a man of his word. Wyatt puts the glasses on. He cannot imagine that it hurt that bad. It starts and it hurts Wyatt. Wyatt wants to know how Steffy did this three times. Steffy starts to laugh.

Bill wants to know what Liam is cooking. It doesn’t smell half bad. Liam explains that it is mushroom risotto. It is Steffy’s favorite. Liam is shocked that Bill likes the smell of something without meat in it. Bill thinks that Liam has been raiding his wine cellar. Liam cannot believe that Steffy’s phone is going straight to message. Bill suggests that leave a voice mail. Liam needs to take a walk. Bill thinks that he should go take one on the beach. Liam doesn’t mean out of the house. He means out of LA. He wants to get out of the country. He wonders if he can take the jet. Bill wants him to take a breath. He needs to relax. Liam feels that all he does is wait. He waits and for what. Either she wants to be with him or she doesn’t. Bill knows that she does but first she needs to end her marriage to Wyatt. Liam doesn’t think that she has to do that. She is late and isn’t answering the phone. He asks what that means. Bill doesn’t know. Liam calls up Steffy.

Wyatt is getting his tattoo removed and it really hurts. On the couch, Liam is calling Steffy. Wyatt mentions that this is a wedding band. It isn’t like it is a tramp stamp. Steffy wants him to think how he has five more sessions after this. Wyatt cannot believe that there are five more. The doctor mentions that this could need more. It isn’t coming off as easily as Steffy’s. Wyatt thinks that is just his luck. Wyatt doesn’t think that this is funny.

Ivy explains that Quinn was just working and she was all clammy and looked like she would be sick. Katie suggests that she might have caught some sort of bug. Ivy guesses that she didn’t feel like herself. It might have been stress but it looked like she was burning up inside.

Ridge feels that Quinn is all worked up. Quinn cannot stop thinking about what happened. She thinks that the teasing and flirting are like they are similar. She feels that they have an understanding now. Ridge thinks that they do. It is much better. Quinn asks if they are good then and on the same page. Ridge guesses that it would appear that way. Quinn thinks that he is so much trouble. They agreed that they would be respectful of each other. She doesn’t want to lose everything. He made a promise that he wouldn’t tell Eric what they did.

The doctor leaves and Steffy guesses that it was just a little laser for Wyatt. Wyatt wonders if that could have been worse than actually getting a tattoo. Steffy promises that she won’t tell anyone he cried. Wyatt didn’t cry. Steffy saw a couple of tears. Wyatt had dust in his eyes. Wyatt thinks that it is dusty in Malibu. Steffy knows this sounds strange but this is kind of fun. Wyatt guesses that this is just so great. Steffy knows that they always had fun together. Wyatt agrees. Wyatt thinks she should take the papers. They are officially divorced. Steffy thanks him. She thinks that this is very thoughtful of him. This wasn’t easy for her but she made it a lot less painful than it could have been. Wyatt thinks that she can only speak for herself because his fingers feels awful. Steffy is proud he got to know him. She got to be his wife. Wyatt guesses they had a good run. Wyatt enjoyed almost every minute of being with her. He guesses that she was never his to begin with. Wyatt owes it to his brother to finally man up and admit that. He has to let go of the most precious thing he ever had. He owes her. They hug.

Liam told Steffy to go and get the job done. Then come back. She said yes. He wants to know why she isn’t back. Bill suggests that her phone died and she lost track of time. He can call her again. Liam is on the phone with a pilot. He asks if he got his text. The pilot did and wonders if he wants his usual. Liam wants a steak rare or actually a veal chop. Bill wants to know what he means by a veal chop. He never has had veal in his life. Liam needs one tonight. Bill tells Liam that he knows he is in a tough spot. He can do whatever he wants. He can take the jet wherever he wants. He did a very nice thing here. This is what he is telling her to do. He needs to let lose. He needs to blow off some steam. Liam screams and throws something. Liam needs to move on with his life. If it isn’t with Steffy then that sucks. It sucks but he cannot do this. He cannot wait for her to walk through the door. He is tired. He is so tired and he will not put up with it anymore.

Steffy is in her car. Liam is also in his car and looks angry.

Ivy forgot to ask why Katie wanted to speak to Quinn. Katie heard that Wyatt moved out. Ivy assumes that Quinn wasn’t very happy about that. Katie feels that you never really know how Quinn will react to anything. Katie wonders if she has said anything to her. Ivy wonders what she means. Katie just wants to make sure that Quinn isn’t made at her. Ivy asks why she would be. Katie spent some time with Eric while Quinn was out of town with Ridge.

Quinn hopes that she can trust Eric. Quinn wants this so badly. A relationship where they appreciate each other. They see eye to eye. She just still feels so guilty. Ridge wants her to breathe. Quinn thinks that what happened between them came out of nowhere. It cannot happen again. Ridge says ok. Quinn is happier than she has ever been in her life. She adores Eric. He hated her for so long that she cannot understand why he isn’t using this to get rid of her. Ridge thinks that they both go down in flames. Ridge might hate her but he isn’t willing to go down because of her just yet. He doesn’t want to be banished by his family. Quinn wants them to think about Eric. This could kill Eric. Ridge also knows Brooke would not be happy. He was blinded by his plan to get rid of her. He isn’t blinded anymore. He sees things very differently now.

Liam arrives at the airport.

Steffy runs into Liam’s house. She is so sorry that she is late. Bill walks out from the kitchen. Steffy wonders where Liam is. Bill says he left. Steffy asks where he is. Bill thinks at the end of his rope. He didn’t think she was coming. Steffy lost track of time. She wonders where he went. Bill tells her that he took his jet. He cannot do this anymore. Steffy cannot believe this. She runs. Bill informs her that she better run.

Katie notes that Eric and her are neighbors and they spend time together every now and again. Ivy assumes without Quinn around. Katie has known him for a long time. Ivy realizes that but she knows what Quinn can be like. Katie has heard it a few times from Quinn already. She is assuming she knows about the other day. Ivy doesn’t think she mentioned anything. Katie guesses that she has no idea why she is so worked up then.

Quinn is grateful for this new understanding they have for each other. Ridge is too. He wants them to start supporting each other and stop ripping themselves apart. He wants her to see his history and future. She has to respect that. Quinn will. She will do what she can for him. She thinks that they can also agree not to talk about San Francisco. Ridge hasn’t thought about it once. He doesn’t think that anyone will know and it will never be talked about again. Quinn agrees never.

Liam sits in the parking lot. He starts to think about Steffy coming back to him.

Steff arrives at the airport. She sees Liam’s car. She gets out and runs over. The car is empty though. Steffy sees a jet in the air and thinks that it is too late. She starts to cry. She looks at the car and slams her divorce papers. She turns around through and thinks that she sees Liam. She slowly walks towards him and screams his name. Liam runs towards her. Steffy in heels starts running as well. Steffy tells him the divorce is final and she is all his. She is all his. Liam asks if she is serious. He picks her up in the air and spins her around. The two kiss passionately.

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