B&B Monday Update 1/23/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/23/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy stands with the door open at Wyatt’s place and she takes a sip of her drink. Wyatt walks up to her. He is lonely. Steffy knows why he asked her here. Wyatt would like to be enlightened then. Steffy thinks it is one word. Reminiscing. Wyatt doesn’t think so. It isn’t a bad idea but no. They carved out some really good memories here. Steffy agrees that they did. A series of flashbacks are shown to the times they spent together on the beach. Then when they went on vacation together at the Spencer Summit and their wedding as well. Wyatt thinks that they had a great life. No matter what happens no one can take that away from them.

Liam is in his lighting candles all over the place. Someone opens the front door. He tells them that he was actually getting a little concerned. He assumes that it is Steffy but then Bill walks around the corner. Bill takes a glass of wine from his hand. He assumes he was waiting for Steffy. Liam is and he is running on empty. He is so sick of all these people getting involved in his life. If only Ridge… He stops himself. Bill wants to know what Ridge should have done. Liam plays stupid to what he just said.

Ridge is working in Rick’s office and starts thinking of kissing Quinn again. Pam walks in and announces the arrival of Eric. Eric tells them that the boss is in the house. He looks at a sketch that Ridge is working on. He wants to know who they are to thank for this inspiration. Ridge looks worried.

Quinn is in Steffy’s office and starts to think of the kiss herself. Ivy walks in. She asks if she is ok. Quinn claims she is and wonders why she asks. Ivy can tell that she obviously isn’t ok. She wonders what is going on.

Pam agrees that the dress Ridge is working on really is beautiful. She guesses that it must be love. Ridge is glad she likes it. Pam wonders if he has set a wedding date for himself and Brooke yet. Ridge admits they are working on. Pam suggests that they should wait. This doesn’t come from marriage. It comes from passion. Eric thanks Pam for her often thought after opinion. He thinks he hears the phones ringing. Pam guesses she should leave. She closes the door behind her. Eric has heard Quinn’s side of the story now he wants to hear his. He wants to know what happened on the trip.

Quinn admits that some days are harder than others. Ivy wonders why. Quinn doesn’t know. She has a lot on her mind. She is the president of the company. Ivy points out that she is also dealing with Ridge. Quinn states that is something too. Ivy cannot believe all the hate that Ridge puts on her. It must be horrible.

Liam thinks that Steffy should be back by now. Bill wonders where she is. Liam tells him that Wyatt called and Steffy came running. Bill points out that they are still married. Liam knows and he gets enough of that from Eric, Wyatt, and Quinn. Hopefully, that ends tonight. He wants her to move in here. He wants that stupid tattoo off her finger. Bill asks if he told her all that. Liam did. He is so sick of her being at Wyatt’s call. He told her to find out what he wants and then get back here. He meant it.

Steffy knows that the memories will always be a part of them and he is right no one can take them away. Wyatt guesses that their life is over though. Steffy knows he doesn’t want to hear that. Wyatt doesn’t. He thinks about the day that they got married. The beach and the vows. The way that she looked at him. It is a day he never will forget. Steffy doesn’t want him to get into this. What he wants or is hoping for she cannot give it to him. Someone is knocking on the door. Wyatt invited someone to join them. He opens the door. It is Carter who is holding an envelope. Wyatt thanked him for coming by.

Eric realizes that San Francisco was not all that Ridge expected. Ridge tells him it wasn’t. Eric knows that Quinn was surprised by it too. It has a big impact on her. Ridge guesses that it has an impact on him as well. Eric has waited a long time for him to see her the same way that he does as well. He doesn’t expect that his feelings have changed in only one weekend. What Ridge said from up on the stage was very generous. He appreciates that. He would appreciate him getting closer to Quinn as well. It was a big surprise to see Ridge saying her praises. He wants to know what bright that on. Ridge feels that it is tough to say. Eric is glad that the two of them are getting closer.

Bill is glad to see Liam has taken his advice on being patient. Seriously he is impressed. Liam wants to know with what. Bill enjoys seeing Liam all fired up and determined. Liam keeps thinking about everything they have been through thanks to him Quinn. It is one thing if she wants to do that to Eric and heck she can even do that with Wyatt. Steffy though… Bill asks if Steffy is on board with this. Liam guesses that she is. That is why she went over to Wyatt’s to cut all ties. Liam guesses that Wyatt will just have to get by without her.

Steffy thinks that it is nice to see Carter. She wonders why he is here though. Carter wonders if Wyatt didn’t tell her. Wyatt hasn’t yet. Steffy asks what he didn’t tell her. Carter wants to make sure this is what they both want. Steffy wants to know what exactly is going on. Wyatt takes the envelope and gets paper work out. He wants it to Steffy. She looks at it. Carter guesses that his job here is done. He wishes them both good luck. Steffy sees that the divorce is finalized. Wyatt confirms that it is signed, sealed, and delivered. Wyatt assumes that she thought he was asking her here for a different reason. He wishes it was. He would love for Carter to have renewed their vows but he knew that isn’t what Steffy wanted. Steffy asks why now. Wyatt guesses that it was getting kind of old. Everyone pressuring her into being with him. It was kind of a cheap shot. Steffy never felt like that. Wyatt knows that Liam did and from his point of view he was right. She can’t tell him that he said that. He is his brother though and he loves her and while Wyatt loves her too, he isn’t the one she wants to be with. Wyatt doesn’t want her that way either. He knows that they have all tried to help out but he doesn’t want her to be with him if she doesn’t want to. If she wants to be with him then it is her choice. It isn’t the case though so here it is… Steffy hugs him. She looks conflicted. Steffy looks at the papers. She doesn’t know what to say. Wyatt would prefer that she didn’t thank him, Gratitude is not what he needs right now. She needs to consider it an act of love or some form of insanity. He isn’t so sure what it is yet. Someone else knocks on the door. It is Steffy’s tattoo removal doctor. Steffy wonders what he is doing here. Wyatt knows that she has one last treatment then it is gone. Then their marriage is officially over.

Bill knows that he said something earlier about Ridge. If only he did something. Bill demands to know what he could have done. Liam thinks it is stupid. He and Quinn went to a summit in San Francisco. Bill guesses it was with Eric. Liam tells him no. They were by themselves. Bill asks if they were in a fighting cage or something. Liam notes that Ridge was determined to get Quinn out of his life for good. Bill wants to know how. Liam doesn’t think it matters because Quinn is here to stay. Bill thinks that Ridge is going to have to deal with that crazy then because she has Eric on a leash. He bets that Ridge will screw up though.

Ridge starts to think about seeing Quinn naked. He then thinks about rubbing her foot and then trying to seduce her in the steam room.

Quinn starts to feel a little panicky. Ivy walks back in and demands to know what is going on with her.

Steffy is getting the tattoo removed. The doctor tells her that is it. Steffy asks if it is finally gone. The doctor explains that it will need to be bandaged a little longer. It is gone though. Steffy looks at Wyatt. The doctor cleans up. Wyatt tells her that between this and that it is official. He asks how it feels to be a free woman.

Liam wants to know how long it takes to tell someone that it is over. Liam blows out the candles on the table. She should be here by now. Bill reminds him how it is with those two. Liam thinks he means how it isn’t. They are getting a divorce. Bill knows he wants a break so take some time. They do care about each other. He can’t lose faith. He has been tracking Brooke for a long time and now she is engaged. He isn’t losing faith. He knows they will end up together. Liam wonders when Brooke is coming back. Bill guesses for as long as Hope needs her. Liam asks if she is supposed to get married to Ridge then. Liam assumes he has something cooking. Bill doesn’t need it. Ridge will self-destruct like usual.

Quinn’s heart is racing. Ivy tries to get her to come into reality. Quinn realizes that she loves Eric so much and she screwed things up so much. Ivy doesn’t think that she has screwed up anything. Quinn can’t. Ivy thinks she is so hot and has a fever. Quinn is fine. She just needs to be alone and gather her thoughts. She leaves the room.

Ridge is walking in circles. He tries to cool himself down with a glass.

Quinn is backstage and is spinning around out of control with her heart beating loudly. Ridge walks back there and Quinn turns around to see his face.

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