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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/19/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn asks if he really won’t say anything to Eric or tell anyone what happened between the two of them in San Francisco. Ridge reminds her that she had already said that no one will believe him. Quinn realizes that she should be grateful but he has wanted her out his life for so long that she cannot believe that he would be willing to keep the secret.

Liam feels that everyone has a breaking point. He feels that he has reached his a long time ago. Steffy agrees that he has been patient and understanding. Liam tries to be but now he thinks that was a mistake. Liam wants all of her or none of her at all. He is so sick of Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt teaming up against him. They should be together now and not when Eric says it is ok for them.

Eric assumes that Wyatt is moving out then. Wyatt is. He feels that living here with Eric and Quinn was amazing but it really wasn’t the way to get Steffy back. Wyatt doesn’t want Eric to get the wrong idea. He supports everything that Eric has done for him. He just doesn’t want Steffy to feel like she was bribed into being with him. Steffy is under a lot of pressure with work and Liam and everything. Then their pitch only made things worse. He knows he had to try because he loves her and he knows he the right guy for her but if he really is the right guy then he shouldn’t have to convince her of that.

Liam believes that their lives have been on hold for a long time and they should have been married a long time ago. Liam wants Steffy to come home to him. Steffy promises that the divorce is almost over. Liam wonders what happens then. Steffy tells him that the marriage will be over and they will move in together. Liam feels that if Steffy is working with Quinn’s son she will find a way to keep putting them together. That is why she needs to make it clear that there is no chance she is getting back with Wyatt. She also needs to make it clear that she wants the divorce finalized immediately.

Eric has to say that he is a little surprised by this. Wyatt thinks that it is a little necessary. Eric guesses that he feels he needs to do it. Wyatt really enjoyed living here. He never thought he would enjoy living with Quinn again but it was good. Wyatt still cannot believe that Quinn is the same woman who would have done anything to keep them together. Eric knows that Quinn has realized how reckless she was. Wyatt points out that she has been like that his entire life. Until Eric. He transformed her. He realized that integrity is so important in a relationship. He also realized that he wants someone who believes in him completely. As much as Eric and her believe in each other.

Quinn guesses that Eric will never know anything that has happened between them. She needs to have his words and be promised. Ridge feels that the kiss is between them an no one else. Quinn needs a promise. Ridge thinks that it is their secret.

Wyatt walks into his beach house and gets out his phone. He sends a text message.

Steffy understand what Liam wants. She just doesn’t know where this is coming from. Why is ending her marriage so urgent? Liam believes that they are all getting to her. Steffy asks who. They are not. Liam feels they are and he is tired of watching it happen. Steffy gets a call from Wyatt. She answers. Wyatt needs to see her. Steffy asks if it is work related. Wyatt notes that it isn’t, but it is important. Steffy feels that the situation is already awkward enough and doesn’t need it to get anymore. Wyatt appreciates that but he isn’t taking no for an answer. Steffy asks if he is at the office or at Eric’s. Wyatt tells her that he is at their place. Steffy assumes he means the beach. Wyatt tells her that it is important. Steffy is on her way. Liam guesses that she is going. Steffy explains that Wyatt told her it is important. Liam wants to know for who. Liam believes she is honoring a marriage that never should have happened. She is making everything Quinn did to them legit. Steffy isn’t. She wants a future with Liam. Liam shows that even in all of this she answered the phone because it said Wyatt. She is going to drop everything because he told her to come meet him. He knows how much she loves Eric but they have waited long enough and they need to come first. He is going to be at the house tonight. He will make them dinner. Steffy suggests that she get Wyatt to come here if he is that worried about it. Liam thinks she should go and tell him it is over. Then come home tonight. Steffy understands he is upset but he has nothing to worry about. She promises him. Steffy leaves. The two look at each other before she closes the door.

Ridge starts to think about Quinn begging that he will not say anything to Eric. He starts to think about kissing Quinn.

Eric and Quinn are hugging each other. Eric is so happy to have her back. Quinn feels that it is so nice to be back. Eric wants to tell Quinn that Wyatt has made a pretty important choice. He doesn’t want Quinn to be upset by this but Wyatt has decided to move out. Quinn asks why. Eric guesses that it is time to move on. He is going back to the beach house. Wyatt feels that he has done the best he can to save his marriage and he is going accept that it might really be over now. Quinn knows this is all her fault. Steffy shut him out because of her and then the damage was done. Eric knows that Wyatt doesn’t blame her. Quinn made so many mistakes. Eric knows that Quinn isn’t the same woman she was then. He knows that Quinn is proud of him. He is a thoughtful and intelligent young man and she should be proud. Quinn thanks him for being there for Wyatt and her. Being away from him made her realize how much she loves him. How thankful she is to be his wife. She missed him. She hated being away from him. The two hug again.

Steffy walks into the beach house and Wyatt is on the phone. He hangs up. Steffy says hello. She guesses that the place looks nice. Wyatt guessed that when she said she would come by he had to spruce the place up a little bit. Wyatt thanks her for seeing him. She knows that he said it was important. Wyatt asks if she would like a glass of wine. He found a really good bottle. Steffy thinks that it is too early for that. Wyatt feels that it is never too early. Wyatt tells her to for old time sake. He toasts for better days. Steffy will have one glass but no toast. Wyatt really has to say something. It has been a long time since they have both been in the house together. He thinks they should toast to all the good times they had together. The laughs they had and the dinner she ruined. Steffy reminds him it was only one time. Wyatt guesses they can toast to bad timing. They click glasses and drink.

Liam walks into Rick’s office and explains that he got Ridge’s text. He guesses that it didn’t seem like good news and wants to know what happened. Ridge tells him that she didn’t cross the line. He thought he knew how she would react but he had no idea.

Eric feels that Wyatt is as tough as she is. Quinn knows that Wyatt is a better person than she is. Eric promised to take care of Quinn and to give her everything in this world. Quinn has everything she could ever dream of. Eric asks how the event worked out. Quinn explains that she was very well received at the event. Eric heard as much. Eric is shocked at how complimentary he was for her on that stage. Quinn thinks the whole trip was like that. Not what she expected. Eric wanted that to happen. He wanted Ridge to see her as the woman he knows she is. He wants to hear all about it. Quinn would rather focus on being home with her husband. Quinn wonders what else she could say. They will never be best friends. Eric asks if Ridge did something to her. Quinn claims that he didn’t. Eric is glad. He wants the two of them to have a decent relationship. There is nothing better in the world than to know that they are getting closer.

Steffy realizes that this is a difficult time for Wyatt. Steffy believes they had some great memories here. She isn’t so sure that having her here was a great idea. She thinks they should talk. Wyatt feels she is right. It has been difficult for both of them. He knows how they can move on from this. They have to stop listening to the clock that is counting down the end of their marriage. They need to look at what they have done and what they have accomplished together. They need to forget about the divorce and think about what they mean to each other.

Eric thinks they should celebrate. He knows it is a little early, but the summit was a big success and she was a big hit. Quinn isn’t really in a martini mood. Eric explains that it isn’t time for martinis. Quinn notices tequila. Eric is told that it is her new best friend. Quinn isn’t really in the mood for tequila either. Eric wants to know what is bothering her. He asks if something is wrong. Eric wonders if he was wrong to send them on a trip together. Eric wants to know what is going on. Quinn feels they have been to hard on Ridge. He isn’t the enemy but neither is she. It is just so much more complicated than that. She doesn’t need her relationship with him to change. She doesn’t need to talk about Ridge anymore. She is here with him. This is exactly where she wants to be. She loves him and loves their life together. Things are good and she wants them to stay that way. She never wants to lose him. She hugs Eric.

Liam remembers Ridge calling him and he was in the room alone with Quinn. He said it was about to happen. Ridge knows what he said but nothing happened. It was a bad plan. Liam thinks it was the only plan as they tried everything else. Ridge doesn’t think there is anything else. Liam wonders what that means. That he can never get to Quinn. He is just going to stop trying. Ridge is saying that. Liam cannot have Steffy working with Wyatt and Quinn every day. Ridge tells him that Steffy needs to work this out on her own. She loves him and she will work through it. Liam thought he was sure it would work. He asks if nothing happened at all. Ridge tells him nothing at all.

Quinn looks at Eric. Eric wipes her tears. He kisses her on the neck. Quinn thinks of kissing Ridge.

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