B&B Wednesday Update 1/18/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/18/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn is working on jewelry in Rick’s office. She starts to think of kissing Ridge. Eric calls her. Quinn says hello to him. Eric is missing his beautiful wife and wonders where she is. Quinn just landed. Eric assumes that she and Ridge both did. Quinn took the private jet. Ridge flew back commercial. She thinks that he has a private meeting or something. They were going to meet up at Forrester and go over things with Steffy. Then she will come home to Eric. Eric would like to know how things went with her son. Quinn hated being away from him. Ridge walks up behind her. Eric thinks it is crazy. It was only one night. He loves her. Quinn loves him too. She hangs up the phone. Ridge closes the door. He knows that she is feeling guilty and wonders why.

Liam is working on his laptop from his living room. He texts Ridge and asks how the plan went. He remembers her telling him that once the divorce is final things will be back to normal. He then remembers Ridge promising her that he will get Quinn in a compromising situation. Ridge texts him back saying that things didn’t go as plan. Liam gets angry and storms out of his house.

Wyatt is at Steffy’s door. He explains that he has good news and better news. Wyatt wants to know what she would like to hear first. Steffy asks if he is angling for a raise. Wyatt isn’t sure. He wants her to look at this and see if he deserves one. He hands her a tablet. Steffy sees it and is impressed. Wyatt tells her that isn’t even the half of it. She should look at the numbers for the day in her life photo shoot. It is off the charts. Thomas walks in and asks what is off the charts. Steffy guesses that she is. Thomas is sure that this is Wyatt’s idea. Wyatt is just trying to help out. He is sure that Quinn and Ridge got a lot of questions about it at the summit. Wyatt knows that Quinn is back and is sure that they have a lot to tell them about the whole event.

Katie is back at the Forrester mansion. She won’t stay long. She just had some mail sent to her by accident. She thinks it is from John. Eric loves getting letters from him on his trips. Katie thinks that is nice. She knows that there are not many people who still like writing letters. She decides she should probably go. Eric wants her to stick around. She only just got here and he wants company. Katie isn’t so sure if that is such a good idea without Quinn’s permission. Eric hopes that Quinn doesn’t scare her that much. Katie doesn’t think so. She just clearly means business when she gets that look in her eye. Eric has definitely seen that before. It is a little scary. He only sees it when he forgets to take his meds. She wants him to live a long time. Katie wonders when they are expected back. She is sure that he wants to hear all about the trip.

Quinn doesn’t want Ridge to start. Ridge asks if he is wrong. Quinn knew she should have gone home instead coming here first. Ridge tells her that everyone wants to know how things went. Steffy, Wyatt, and Thomas all walk in. They heard that they were back. Wyatt hugs Quinn. Thomas is glad to see Ridge. The two hug and Ridge welcomes him back. Steffy can see that they made it back without killing each other. Wyatt wants to know how they managed to do that. Thomas wonders if that is only what they want them to believe and they actually have something juicy they are keeping from them.

Eric feels that from everything he has heard so for they summit was a huge success. Katie assumes that he is relieved by this. Eric is. Especially since he forced them to do it together. He knows how much they cannot stand each other. Eric thinks they are trying to find common ground. Eric guesses that Ridge had business to attend to elsewhere after wards. Eric guesses that it was to much to ask for them to become friends. Eric wants them to realize that there was something that they didn’t even know was there because of this trip.

Ridge tells them all that Quinn and him had a job to do and they did it. Thomas feels that he has made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal. Steffy thinks it is clear that it was a very big deal. Wyatt knows that Ridge stood in front of everyone and said he was sorry to Quinn. Unless he said something he didn’t mean. Ridge doesn’t say something he doesn’t mean. Steffy guesses that the online rumors were true then. He did admit to liking the jewelry pass. Steffy guesses that Quinn said a few nice things as well. Wyatt guesses that they could always retract them if she wants him too. Ridge wants Wyatt to take a breath. Quinn had her moment. He is acknowledging her contributions. He saw a side of her that he wasn’t aware of. He needs to work with her for a while before she goes home from Eric. Wyatt, Steffy, and Thomas all leave. Quinn doesn’t think that Ridge has to say a word. They both know what is going to happen here. As soon as he leaves this office he is going to go and tell Eric what happened between them. She knows that he will do that.

Steffy is working in her office and Liam storms in. he needs her to drop what she is doing so they can talk. He asks if they have been tested. He feels like they have been tested more than any other couple. She makes a choice that he doesn’t agree with and he tells her why he doesn’t and then she says she hears him. Liam isn’t so sure that she is registering what he says to her. She shouldn’t have moved out and let Eric get to her. Steffy asks where this is coming from. Liam explains that Bill came over and gave him a lesson on patience. He was reminded that Spencer’s never give up and that means Wyatt too. He hasn’t been sleeping lately. Quinn is making sure that she stays with Wyatt. Quinn has actually tried to murder him and then she kidnapped him and she stole months from the two of them. All Quinn had to do was say she has changed over and over again. Now she is closer with Quinn than ever and yet isn’t true. He thinks that she isn’t doing Wyatt any favors and sure as hell not doing him any.

Eric is working on design work. Wyatt walks in and explains that he was just with Quinn. Quinn and Ridge confirmed what they had said last night. They were a hit. Eric is glad to hear that. He is sure that Eric would like to hear it from Quinn in person. Wyatt is sure that Eric really loves Quinn. Eric loves her as much as Wyatt loves Steffy. Wyatt really is flattered in supporting him and his marriage the other night. Eric explains that he and Quinn both feel strongly in that he should work on his marriage with Steffy. Wyatt wants to but it isn’t that simple. Wyatt doesn’t want to win over Steffy by pressuring her.

Quinn knows that was what this was all about. He wanted her to cross the line. Just enough so he could prove to Eric what he said she was all along. Now he is going to tell him what happened and destroy her marriage. It doesn’t even matter to him that all she ever wanted was to be a good and carrying wife. It doesn’t matter because he has got his proof or so he thinks because she could deny it but she will not lie to Eric. She will not lie to the one man she has ever loved. He can go ahead and shatter her. Ridge thinks that she is right about everything she has said. He set this whole thing up just to trap her. She caught him and he admitted it. Something happened though. He got to know her better and it changed things. So he isn’t going to say anything to Eric.

Liam thinks that things have gone to far. He appreciates that she chose not to move in with them but now is the time to explain to all of them she cannot be bought or bribed. They will keep trying. He doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. Their relationship has to come before anyone else.

Wyatt knows that Quinn is the reason that he was married. He knows this. Liam has been trying to go on about that for the longest time. Wyatt cannot pretend any longer. Eric will not him leave out the fact that Steffy loves him. Wyatt knows but it isn’t right to have three people against his brother. They have unintentionally put Steffy back in the middle of things and that isn’t fair. As long as he is living here under this roof he just… Eric knows that they did say it was temporary. Wyatt knows. Eric asks if Quinn knows. Wyatt feels it is best he just quietly moves back down to the beach house. Wyatt feels that there are a lot of good memories there but life goes on. Eric promises him he always has a home here. Wyatt knows but this is the Forrester house. He isn’t a Forrester. He wants to think him for giving Quinn peace and happiness. They have created this beautiful and inspiring relationship. He knows that they will never let each other down. He knows that Quinn will never let her down.

Quinn asks if Ridge really isn’t going to tell Eric. Ridge assumes she doesn’t believe him. Quinn doesn’t know. She wonders if this is just another manipulation. Ridge guesses she thinks this another trap. Ridge isn’t sure. He has been her worst nightmare for so long. Ridge suggests that they actually try to get along. Make an effort. Quinn would love that. It is what Eric wants more than anything. Ridge wonders what she wants. Quinn just assumed that she would be banished from Eric’s life forever. Ridge guesses they have work to do and she heard him. She has to stop controlling people’s lives. Quinn knows and she is going to do it. Ridge will too. Otherwise what happened was meaningless. Quinn will live up to her word. She is going to be true to her husband. He has to understand whatever has been going on between them that she is in love with Eric. She doesn’t even know how to explain that. Eric can never know. He has to promise this is their secret. Ridge promises it is their secret.

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