B&B Tuesday Update 1/17/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/17/17


Written By Anthony
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Quinn asks why Ridge is still here. Ridge wonders why she would want him to walk out the door after what she just said. Quinn wants to know why not. Ridge doesn’t think she should be alone right now. Quinn is asking him to leave. Ridge supposes that he shouldn’t be alone right now. He pours himself another drink. Ridge wonders if she wants one as well. Quinn says no. Quinn decides that she does. She takes the glass. Quinn tells him to leave. Ridge slowly walks towards the door. Ridge is not going anywhere.

Katie decides that she should go. Eric asks her why. Katie notes that it is getting late. Eric points out that she lives next door. Katie reminds him that his wife is out of town and she doesn’t want to overstep. Eric doesn’t want Katie to worry. Quinn trusts him just as much as he trusts her.

At Liam’s place Bill tells him that he better not be late for this meeting tomorrow. Liam passes it off and says ok. Bill means it. They always ask him questions he has no tolerance for. He is going to give his speech and get the hell out. Bill wonders if he got the agenda from Allison. Liam did and he mentions that some of those bozos like to be called employees. Bill guesses that Liam was paying attention. Liam admits he is distracted. He really wants Steffy home.

Thomas tells Steffy about how they were down to their last outfit change. Three hours left on the flight. Needless to say, that Caroline will be packing a lot of diapers on her way back. Steffy thinks the two of them will get back together. Thomas doesn’t know. They are taking it slow. A day at a time. He suggests that it might be nice to not have a roommate when they get back home. Steffy understands. Thomas assumes that the idea is to get back with Liam.

Bill wants to give Liam fatherly advice. He actually has to be patient. Liam finds that funny coming from the most impatient man alive. Bill cannot believe he is saying that. Liam knows what he is going through with Brooke. She went back to Ridge and he cannot even talk her out of it because she is visiting Hope in Europe. Liam guesses that he has little patience for Forrester’s then. Bill doesn’t think that it matters. The point is that sometimes you just have to know that things will work out. It might take time but Steffy will move back in here. He also knows that there is no way in hell that Ridge will ever marry Brooke.

Quinn puts down her glass. She tells Ridge that if he is here for the tequila then he is free to take it. Ridge isn’t here for tequila. Quinn knows that he is here to humiliate her and take her away from Eric. That will never happen. If he thinks that she could betray Eric, then he doesn’t know a damn thing about her. Ridge guesses that she is right so they should change that.

Steffy cares about Wyatt. That is why Liam and her have to wait. Thomas asks if she is ok with that. Steffy isn’t. She needs to think about Quinn. He will be stuck with her the rest of his life. Thomas reminds her that they could as well seeing that she is married to Eric. Steffy suggests that her feelings for Eric could be real even if she doesn’t trust her. Thomas is shocked that it has lasted this long. He thought that she would have a Quinn melt down by now. Steffy just hopes that Eric isn’t to hurt when it happens.

Katie asks if he really has no issues with Quinn. Eric has no issues at all. He has total faith in his wife.

Ridge wants Quinn to tell him. Quinn wonders what she is supposed to tell him. Ridge wants to hear her story. Quinn knows that he doesn’t want to hear it. Ridge does. Quinn wants to know why she would tell someone who hates her so much about herself. Ridge thinks that there might be a slight chance he could hate her less. Quinn really doesn’t care about that after all that has happened. Ridge wants her to talk to him. He wants her to make him understand. Ridge sits down. Quinn asks if he wants her to try to explain what it feels like to be used over and over again. She keeps saying to herself that the next guy will be different but he isn’t. He is just as awful. She was so young when Bill came into her life and he tossed her aside. He told her to get rid of the kid. Every guy that came after was another version of Bill or like the men her mother would bring home. She swore she would never be like her mother and give up power. Ridge assumes that Bill was the first one. He ordered her around but she made her own choices. Quinn kept him away and kept her son away from him. A lot of hard work paid off though. Her son is nothing like the rest of them. Ridge doesn’t think he is anything like Bill Spencer. Quinn asks if he wasn’t just about to use him tonight. So he could humiliate her to her husband. He is just like the rest of them. Not her son or husband though. Eric is the first man to respect her. She now has the one man on this planet to know how it is like to love another person. She is not giving him up. Not ever.

Liam takes a sip of beer. Bill walks out of the kitchen. Liam asks when Brooke is coming back. Bill doesn’t know. Liam respects him for not giving up. Bill admits that Spencer’s never give up. Liam guesses that is kind of a problem when he and Wyatt want the same thing. Bill feels that Steffy is lucky either way. Brooke on the other hand if he doesn’t convince her to come back to him then she is stuck with that loser. Bill bets that Ridge will mess up. He always does.

Ridge asks if Eric was really the first man to treat her well. The first man who didn’t make her feel bad. He understands why she doesn’t want to lose him. She needs to understand that he is his son and Eric is kind and gentle. It is his job to protect him from people like her. Quinn asks what he means. Ridge guesses gold diggers. Quinn thinks that if she was a gold digger that she would have gone after Bill’s millions. Quinn thinks that it is pathetic how he thinks that anyone not born with a million dollar trust fund is not right. He is so different than her. He is different than most of society. He doesn’t know what it is like go into bankruptcy or what it is like to go hungry because you decide to give Wyatt the last bit of cottage cheese you could find. As a Forrester he didn’t have to worry about paying bills and feeding his child. All while trying to get a business off the ground. Yet he wonders why she is guarded and mean. She had to be. Ridge guesses that she built a wall. She went too far with what she did to Liam and Ivy. Quinn screams that she hates who she was. All the things she has done. She hates that she had to justify in her head that she would give her son a better life. She would do anything for her child. Quinn guesses that he would write a big check to a private school. Quinn had to get more creative. She made so many mistakes. After years and years of hard work and dedication she is finally able to give her son a life worth living. She is able to give herself that because she is loved. Now that she has that she needs to hear him. She is not letting him take that away from him.

Katie wonders if Quinn and Ridge will make it back alive. Eric is sure that there might be a broken leg or two. Katie laughs. Eric has high hopes for this event. It is a chance for them to get to know each other. Maybe even a break through. Eric wants them to get to know each other.

Ridge doesn’t want to take Eric away from her. He doesn’t want to take anything away from her. He wants to protect Eric and the company and their legacy. Quinn is sure that he is afraid of her. Ridge is not afraid of her. He is afraid of who she could be. Quinn knows that Eric is the only one who has ever seen her for who she really is. She has lived with the fear that Ridge has every day of her life. She knew that every month she could end up homeless. She was afraid. Ridge is just telling her what he sees. Quinn had to be guarded. She had no other choice. She had been burned so many times. So she pushed people away. Quinn had to. Who cares if people thought she was a bitch? She survived. Quinn survived everything she had ever been through. They made it through somehow. Somehow the greatest man to ever be put on this earth saw that and took a chance on her. She is so sorry if she doesn’t follow his marching orders. After years of being guarded and being alone she is finally not. She is not alone anymore. She doesn’t want to be. Quinn is sobbing. She never wants to be alone again. She wipes her tears. Ridge tells her she isn’t alone. Ridge is going to deny ever saying this. He knows why Eric fell for Stephanie and now why he fell for Quinn. It isn’t because she is pretty or young or because her crazy eyes. It is because he sees her for who she really is. The woman that she is hiding from the world and she is beautiful. She doesn’t have to hide her anymore. It will be alright and fine. Quinn knows he doesn’t really believe that. Ridge does. She needs to stop spinning her web of crazy. Quinn is trying. Ridge tells her to stop completely. She can be amazing and she can trust that. Ridge tells her to trust that. He gets up. Quinn hands him his cloth back. Quinn hugs him. Ridge hugs her back. The two look at each other. The two kiss each other passionately. The two look at each other with guilt in their eyes.

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