B&B Friday Update 1/13/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/13/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn admits that this has been a seminal moment in her career. She will never forget it. Not to mention being in the same room as so many brilliant and talented minds. To hear such brilliant and kind words. Ridge feels that is a wrap up line. He would like to thank everyone for being here. He thought it was a great evening. Very inspired and united. He thanks them all. The crowed claps for them.

Thomas and Steffy walk into the loft. Thomas wonders how long she said she was staying here. Steffy is sorry. She will pick up everything. Thomas thinks it is fine. It is just crazy seeing her back in here. Steffy can get a hotel if he wants her too. Thomas tells her she can stay as long as she wants. He just is shocked to see her moving out of Liam’s place.

Wyatt just got a text. Quinn explains to him that it went over well. Ridge even complimented her. Wyatt has a photo. Wyatt is smiling. Liam guesses that some ones plan is working. Wyatt looks at him strangely.

Steffy really didn’t want to move out. It is tough being away from him. Thomas was shocked when she said she wanted to move out. He was shocked she wanted to move back in here. Steffy explains that Eric has opinions. He thinks it is wrong for her to be living with Liam while still married to Wyatt. Plus she has an image to uphold as CEO. Thomas can tell that Eric and Quinn have really been working on her. He asks what this means for Steffy and Wyatt.

Wyatt feels that Eric is a very astute guy. He gets to sit as his feet and learn from him. Wyatt thinks that this is like a coming out party for Quinn. She is finally getting the recognition that she deserves. Liam reminds him that all she does is make jewelry. Wyatt tells Liam how Quinn ran Forrester when Eric couldn’t and came up with the jewelry pass all on her own. It was very profitable for them. Liam is sure that everyone will be seeing Quinn much more clearly.

In the hotel room Quinn asks how this could happen. There was obviously a communication issue because they both cannot stay here. They need another room. Ridge thinks that they can work that out later. Quinn was a start tonight. Quinn did kind of feel like a star. Ridge really thinks she did great. She was charming. She was a real asset to Forrester. Quinn accepts his compliment. Ridge goes to find them a drink. He remembers her saying she had tequila. Quinn thinks that it works. Ridge doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea. He still despises everything about her. Quinn thinks the feeling is mutual. They drink to that.

Steffy will always care about Wyatt. She just couldn’t get the marriage to work. Thomas knows that it is a tall order to make someone stay away from their own mother. Steffy thought he was team Liam. Thomas is team Steffy and always will be team Steffy he is just trying to figure her out. Steffy wants him to go for it. She is an open book. Thomas knows she isn’t. His guess is that Wyatt is still fighting for her. Steffy was lucky to have Wyatt. Anyone would be. He isn’t going to be alone for long. Thomas asks if it bothers her to think of Wyatt with someone else. Steffy doesn’t think that is fair. She is the one who wanted a divorce. Once it is final she is moving in with Liam and they are having their future. Thomas knows she has been through a lot. Quinn is involved in all of it. Thomas is going to go work out. Steffy gets out her phone.

Wyatt wonders if he can ask Liam a question. He wants to know how Stress lasts because clearly he has a lot of it right now. He gets that he has issues with how close Steffy is working with him and Quinn. He also understands that Liam hates the whole social media campaign but him having a fit over everything doesn’t change anything. Wyatt will be working with Steffy. Marketing is his job and he is good at it. Wyatt isn’t going anywhere. Liam can hope though. Wyatt isn’t worried about Liam. They are brother’s so whatever differences they have are fine. Wyatt suggests that Liam learn to deal with things. Liam guesses that he is right. Quinn does need to be dealt with. Wyatt leaves the room.

Quinn thinks that this is pleasant. Ridge guesses it isn’t bad for a mini bar. Quinn isn’t talking about the tequila. She is talking about her and Ridge having a nice moment. She feels that this is all because of how wise Eric is. Sending them off to San Francisco together. Quinn is getting a friendly vibe between the two of them. She knows they will never be real friends but they can at least be tolerant of each other. Someone knocks on the door and it is the manager of the hotel. He explains that originally, they had two rooms booked for them. Quinn explains that they absolutely need two rooms. He unfortunately is not able to do anything as the entire hotel is booked. He leaves. Ridge guesses they are stuck in the same room together. Quinn is going to go take a bath. It has been a long day. She asks if she needs to lock the door. Ridge suggests that he do so. He is going to go have a drink.

Liam gets a call from Ridge. He tells him that he has Quinn alone. This time tomorrow she will be out of the picture for good. Liam thinks that is good news.

Steffy opens the door of loft and it is Liam. He asks if Thomas is home. Steffy tells him that he is working out. Liam is glad. The two start to kiss. Steffy tells him to come on in. Liam wonders if she has heard from Ridge or Quinn. Steffy hasn’t but hopes things went well. Liam points out that she doesn’t have to listen to Eric and Quinn. She can come home a lot sooner than she thinks.

Quinn walks out into the living room wearing her robe. Ridge also walks in. Quinn didn’t think that he would have been back so soon. Ridge explains that the bar was to depressing. All lonely people. He would rather party up here. Quinn already told him that she is a tequila newbie. Ridge thinks that the thing with tequila is practice. They have another drink. Ridge knows that neither one of them are good at being patient. Ridge was impressed with her tonight. She was charming and great. He guesses he is seeing the real Quinn for the first time. He wants to see more of her. She asks where these compliments are coming from. She has always admired his creative genius. Quinn goes looking for her body lotion. Ridge finds it. He tries to put it on her. Quinn tells him that he has it. Quinn starts to put it on her legs. Quinn knows that he said that he saw the real Quinn. She wonders if that was the tequila talking. Ridge tells her that she missed a spot on her legs. Someone knocks on the door. Ridge goes to get it. A man explains that another room became available. Someone called specifically requesting the change from two rooms to one. Quinn asks if he said a man called. Ridge tells them they can leave. Quinn wants to know what is going on here.

Steffy asks what he means sooner than she thinks. Liam is just choosing optimism. He is choosing to believe all the things wrong will be different soon. He thinks they will be made right and she will be back to where they belong. So many things that have been put in their way. They always end up back together. He always has believed in them. Nothing is going to stop them because their names are written in the stars. Steffy loves him so much. Liam loves her too. That is why they are unstoppable. He kisses her.

Quinn asks what Ridge is up to. Ridge doesn’t know. These moments keep happening. Quinn asks what he means by moments. Ridge isn’t sure. He means these moments between them. Quinn guesses he is right. These do keep happening. Ridge thinks that she started. She was taking a naked shower outside. Quinn is on to Ridge. She twists her ankle and he gives her a massage and then in the steam room and now this. Quinn told him that playing her wouldn’t work. She has a theory that Eric is rubbing off on her. The only thing she did here was believe him. She believed what he said on stage but she knows he was lying. He wanted to lead her down a path to destroy her marriage. She cannot believe that he would try to seduce her to destroy her marriage. Quinn is not going to do that. She asks who would do this to their father. Ridge needs to get her out of Eric’s life. He has her this close to the edge. This close to showing him how much she really loves Eric. Ridge thinks that she was close. Quinn thinks that he was misjudged. Quinn is going to tell Ridge what happened. She is telling him right now that he is the one who will pay the price.

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