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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/12/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the living room of the Forrester mansion Quinn is shocked that Eric wants her and Ridge to go to a design symposium together. Eric knows that it is short notice but they want them to be on the guest panel. He thinks that it is very important that Forrester be represented. Quinn suggests that Ridge just go by himself. Eric wants them both there. Ridge points out that it is all the way in San Francisco. Eric tells them to take the Jet. It is a one hour flight and an overnight. Quinn doesn’t think this is such a good idea. Ridge wonders why he doesn’t send Steffy or Eric just go. Eric feels that this should be good for both of them. They need to get to know each other better. They are family now and they need to start appreciating each other.

Steffy isn’t so sure. It is a little embarrassing. Wyatt asks how it is embarrassing. She is becoming a huge celebrity on social media. She has billions of followers. Liam walks back in and tells Steffy that she is a product now. Wyatt thinks that they are doing PR right now. Liam feels that he is so LA. Wyatt is glad. Thomas walks in and thinks that he loves LA the most. Which is why he is back. Steffy walks over to him. Thomas can see that some things have changed around here referring to Steffy being CEO. He can also see that some things never change. He is looking at Liam and Wyatt. Wyatt asks if that is a jab.

Eric explains that their accommodations have been made and the jet is ready. They need to go as soon as possible. Ridge wonders why Eric thought that he didn’t have to run any of this past him. Eric appreciates his understanding on this. He thinks that this could be very good for the company. He honestly thinks that it is good for the family. Quinn suggests that Eric should come along and they can have a mini vacation. Eric hasn’t been given the ok to fly yet. Ridge thinks that Eric makes a good point. He keeps saying how Quinn has changed and now she loves Eric. This is her chance to prove it to the world.

Steffy is so glad to see Thomas. Liam asks if Caroline and Douglas have come back with him. Thomas says that she wanted to stay back and spend some time with her mother’s. Thomas knows that he has a new boss though. Thomas asks how she swung that one. Liam feels that is a question for Eric and Quinn.

Quinn tells Eric that they do everything together and she doesn’t want to spend a moment without him. Eric will miss her. Quinn asks who will make sure that he has his medication in the morning or who will bring him his tea. Eric will be fine. He promises. Eric needs her to promise to have some fun up there. Eric feels that this is the chance to show the world the type of woman she is.

In Rick’s office Liam tries to make sense of San Francisco with Quinn. Ridge admits that it is Eric’s idea. Liam assumes it is just the two of them. Liam feels that it is just too convenient to be true. Ridge guesses that Eric thinks they need to spend some time together. Liam guesses that it is just to ironic. Liam guesses that his plan is really happening. Ridge is going to go through with it tonight. Liam knows that Ridge and Quinn will be speaking at a design expo. There is not a lot of down time. Ridge will have to improvise. Liam asks what that means. Ridge will do whatever he has to do in order to get Quinn to expose herself. Liam hopes that it is within reason. Ridge isn’t going to cross any lines. Liam is glad. Considering that he is engaged to Brooke and Brooke has no idea. Ridge thanks him for reminding him of that. He thinks that Brooke will understand. Liam asks what happens when Quinn doesn’t buy it. Ridge knows that Quinn will buy it. Liam knows that Quinn was on to him last week. Ridge points out that Quinn loves danger. Ridge calls up the hotel and tells them that there should only be one room. She has changed the reservations for only one room. Liam laughs that he just put them in the same hotel room. Ridge has to go to the airport.

Quinn really doesn’t want to go. She has terrible stage fright. Eric knows that she didn’t have stage fright in the show stopper. He is sure that everything will be alright. Quinn asks if they can video chat later. Eric thinks that of course they can. Quinn explains that there are salad fixings in the fridge but he will have to ask Linda to defrost some chicken. Eric can do all of that. She will be his shining star. Quinn really doesn’t like being put in this position. She asks what happens if she messes up. Eric knows she will be perfect. There is nothing he can do to disappoint him. Eric wants her to get going. Quinn will call as soon as she lands. She loves Eric. She kisses him. Eric loves her too.

Thomas knows that just as she gets settled in his loft he comes home and cramps her style. Steffy thinks it is fine. She isn’t there that much anyway. Thomas is glad that means that she can sleep on the couch. Steffy doesn’t do couches. Liam walks back in. Wyatt asks where he went. He got a text and just took off. Liam informs him that he used to work here and there are people who value his opinion. Wyatt suggests they look into getting rid of those people. Thomas really missed the two of them. Liam wonders if he and Caroline are still trying to work things out. Thomas tells him that they are. They should see Douglas. He is huge and handsome. Steffy misses her nephew. Thomas thinks they will be back soon. Hopefully then she will be moved out of his place. Liam thinks that hopefully she will be back in with him. Thomas asks where Ridge is. Liam explains that he is on a flight with Quinn right now. Steffy looks uncomfortable. Wyatt just got a text from Quinn. She and Ridge landed a while ago. Later on Wyatt thinks that is an odd pairing. Ridge cannot even stand Quinn. Liam guesses that Eric thought it would be a good idea. Wyatt wonders why. Liam guesses to mend things. Wyatt knows that will never happen. Liam thinks that he would be surprised at some of the things that can happen. Wyatt is shocked he didn’t go to Eric’s with Steffy and Thomas. Liam knows that Thomas just got back into town. He wonders why he would go with them. Wyatt doesn’t know. He doesn’t seem to let Steffy out of his sight lately. He is following her around like he has a tracking device on her. Wyatt knows what he is doing. Liam thinks he is freaking out. Wyatt isn’t stupid. Liam asks if he sees Steffy complaining. Wyatt thought that he was supposed to be working at Spencer. He assumes that Bill must wonder where he is sometimes. Liam tells him that Bill doesn’t keep him on the leash like some people. Apparently, Eric is the one holding the leash now. Wyatt has been so busy lately that he forgot how annoying he is. Liam thinks that if Quinn and Ridge can survive a trip together then they can survive an afternoon together. Wyatt thinks that Ridge and Quinn together is a bad idea.

Eric feels that since Thomas and Caroline share a son. It would be nice if they can work things out. Thomas tells him that they are giving it a shot but he doesn’t know what the future holds for them. Eric thinks they are incredible parents. He misses Thomas. Thomas misses him too. He also misses the CEO right here. Eric thinks that Steffy is doing a great job. Thomas is sure of it but he is feeling a little overlooked. Eric is sure that his time has come. He needs him to design right now. Thomas wants to know how Ridge is dealing with all of this. With Steffy running the company and Quinn being so involved. He cannot be happy. Eric knows he isn’t very happy. Steffy thinks that is putting it mildly. Eric explains that Ridge will put his frustrations out on Quinn. Thomas asks why he would send them on a trip together. Steffy isn’t so sure that was the best idea.

Backstage at the fashion expo Quinn and Ridge put on microphones. Quinn looks very nervous. A woman comes up to them and is so happy they were able to attend on such short notice. Quinn explains that they are not married. She is married to his father. The woman explains that none of that will happen tonight. Another woman comes over and tells them that they are ready to start. They will have them go over to the green room. Ridge asks if she is ok. Quinn isn’t much of a public speaker. Quinn hopes that these people are all fans. She isn’t normally this anxious. Ridge thinks that nothing bad can happen unless she wants it too. She is in control.

Liam asks what could possibly go wrong on the trip. It isn’t like Quinn has ever done anything to embarrass him. Wyatt asks why Eric didn’t send Steffy and him. He wants to know why it had to be Ridge and Quinn. Liam told him that Eric wanted them to learn to get along. Wyatt thinks that has to be awkward. They couldn’t have done a whole lot on the plane. Liam is sure that there are a number of things they could have done. Wyatt points out that it is almost dinner time. Steffy probably isn’t going to come back to the office anytime soon so he can probably go home. Liam asks why he assumes everything he does involves Steffy. Wyatt thinks that Liam is obsessed with his wife. Liam feels that is only legally. Wyatt tells Liam that they are married. Liam reminds him that is only until the divorce goes through. Wyatt points out there is a chance it never will.

Thomas will never get used to the picture of Quinn. Steffy won’t either. Thomas asks if there have been any updates. Eric hasn’t gotten any texts from Quinn since they landed. Steffy hopes that they don’t embarrass him and go at it in public. Thomas would hope that it doesn’t get physical. Eric knows that it is no secret that they do not get along. They are both adults though. This is business. He is sure that they will behave appropriately. He knows that Quinn would like nothing better than for them to get along. Thomas knows that he seems hopeful. Eric feels that after today Quinn can prove to the world who she really is. After that she will be welcomed with open arms. Steffy hopes that it goes well but they need to remember who they both are. They are both strong winded people.

Quinn explains to the room that she started off in downtown LA. She was making jewelry in a warehouse making it with her son. They struggled for years to get off the ground. They built up their little business. They were doing ok. That is when Forrester Creations called though. She was blown away. To be designing for such a company. A company created by an extraordinary family. A family that she had admired for such a long time. She thought it was the pinnacle of her career. It wasn’t though. Life kept giving her new challenges. She was even CEO for a short time when Eric fell ill. Even though it was a difficult time with the help and support of her family she was able to survive. She even had a little fun with it. Ridge knows she did. She did the jewelry pass. That was fun and she was wearing his show shopper. The host of the event asks if Ridge wasn’t a fan. Ridge admits he wasn’t. He wasn’t happy about it at all. If he is being truthful he thinks the two of them do not really get along. Quinn tries to stop him but Ridge thinks it is true. They are two artists with two different visions. They make one vision that works for both. He realizes that he owes Quinn an apology. The jewelry pass was a good idea. He didn’t see it at the time. The show stopper wasn’t designed for her but she was flawless. He is using a lot of words to say something simple. Quinn is a force to be recon with. Quinn thanks him. She thanks them all. She was so honored to be here with them today. As a proud member of the fashion community she feels welcomed and truly accepted. Just as everyone in this room she has worked her life to get where she is. She thinks that it is an honor to be sharing a stage with a brilliant designer like Ridge Forrester. In Ridge’s head he tells Quinn that it will all end for Quinn that night.

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