B&B Wednesday Update 1/11/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/11/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy is in her office looking at paperwork. She puts the paperwork down and says breakfast tacos. Liam walks in with a bag. He explains they are from her favorite taco truck. Liam knows she had such a great night they needed to continue it. He wanted it to be breakfast in bed but this will have to do. Steffy thinks this is amazing. She thanks him. Liam thinks it could have been better. They could have woken up under the same roof.

Wyatt still isn’t going to give up on this campaign. He still thinks that Steffy could be huge. This is good for Forrester. Wyatt asks if he is boring Quinn. Quinn is sorry. She is just tired. Wyatt realizes this is from the tequila. Quinn told him already that she isn’t much of a tequila drinker. Wyatt saw that she was enjoying it last night. He had a few to many last night but he needed it. Quinn is disappointed to. She really thought that Steffy was going to come back to him.

In his kitchen Bill is glad that Katie let him know she was going to come by with this little spread of food. Katie notes that when Will realized he left his teddy here last night he had a tantrum of epic proportions. Bill is glad that she is liking her new place. Katie likes it too. Bill wonders what it is like to live next to Eric and Quinn. He hopes that she got a good deal on that house. Living next door to a lunatic is great for property values. Katie feels that living next to Eric is well worth the price. Katie hopes that Bill sent Eric a thank you for getting Will into West Side Prep. Bill did. He sent him a bottle of his best scotch. Katie knows that Will has let him know about every part of her life. She wants to know about Bill’s life. She asks if he is pining over Brooke.

In her living room Brooke asks if RJ really doesn’t mind that she is going out of town. RJ admits that he would rather Ridge go to Italy with her. Ridge tells RJ that even if he did go that wouldn’t mean RJ would have the house to himself. RJ isn’t even thinking about that. He is thinking about her. He is sure that Hope could come here. Brooke thinks that is a sweet idea but she is going alone. Ridge is putting things in order so that they can get married when she gets back. RJ gives Ridge a strange look.

Katie doesn’t want Bill to give her that look. She isn’t giving him a hard time. She is just curious. Katie asks if he really isn’t giving up. Bill isn’t. Katie is shocked he hasn’t swallowed his pride even though she hurt him. Katie knows that he hasn’t mentioned it so he is sure that Bill doesn’t know. Brooke is leaving town for a while.

RJ wants to know why they should wait. They can have the wedding in Italy. He can come too. Brooke thinks that weddings take time to plan. RJ knows that they have had those weddings before. This one would be different. Ridge wants the wedding to be memorable too. He just cannot get away right now. He has a few things he needs to take care of. RJ knows it is Quinn. Ridge needs to take care of this. The company and family.

Quinn thought they were so close. She really thought they were getting through to Steffy. Wyatt though so too until Eric asked her to move in. Quinn knows that Wyatt gave an amazing pitch. The fragrance and cosmetic line. Wyatt thinks that Steffy could be huge. She needs to realize what she could be capable of. She needs to embrace her potential. Quinn wants him to keep working on it. Steffy will realize that Wyatt is the man that really cares about her. Wyatt guesses that is quite the epiphany. Wyatt has a meeting to get too. He should probably go. Quinn wishes him luck. Wyatt leaves.

Steffy is ready to get back to work. Liam cannot believe she is kicking him out. Steffy has a meeting. Liam thinks that she can tell them to come back later. She is CEO. Steffy will see Liam later. Liam asks if she is coming back to his place. Steffy thinks that is tempting. Liam knows that Eric said that they cannot live together. He never said that they couldn’t be together anytime they wanted. Steffy knows he didn’t say that. The two kiss each other. Wyatt walks in. He slams the door. Wyatt guesses the door slipped. Wyatt suggests they put a tie on the doorknob or better yet not do it here.

Katie only knows that Brooke is going to Italy to see Hope. She leaves today. Bill asks if Katie knows for how long. Katie wasn’t told so. Knowing Brooke it could be for a while. Bill asks why she is telling him this. Katie thought that he wanted too. Katie will see him later. He can tell Brooke goodbye for her.

Liam heard that he tried to bribe Steffy to move back in with him. That isn’t cool. Wyatt tells him that isn’t what is happening. Liam knows that he literally offered her a check. Wyatt was trying to widen her horizons. He knows that Liam wouldn’t know anything about that though. Wyatt knows he didn’t even want Steffy to be CEO in the first place. He has been hating on her social media campaign since day one. Steffy could be a huge success and Liam is just holding her back. Steffy wants to send them both to their corners. Wyatt is just trying to explain how they will be doing her new product line. Liam reminds him that Steffy is an executive and not a spokesperson. Wyatt knows that she is a powerful woman that others want to be. Forrester can benefit from that. He has a million ideas so they can start brainstorming. Wyatt asks if Liam can tell Pam they don’t want to be disturbed on his way out. Liam guesses he will see her later. He leaves. Steffy guesses they can get to work. Wyatt knows that she was with him last night.

Quinn is working on her jewelry and Ridge walks in. She informs him that he is late. Ridge tells her to calm down. She is clearly anxious to see him. Quinn thinks he should have called and let her know that he was running behind. Ridge was at Brooke’s saying goodbye. Quinn asks what happened.

Brooke is getting packed and someone knocks on her door. Brooke opens it and finds Bill at her door. Bill heard that she was going out of town. He had to see her before she left.

Quinn asks if he had an argument with Brooke. Ridge explains she is going to see Hope in Italy. Ridge wonders why they would be arguing. Quinn doesn’t want to talk about it. She isn’t feeling like herself today. Ridge asks if she is ok. Quinn was introduced to tequila last night. She isn’t much of a tequila drinker. Quinn is so tired today. Quinn wonders what he will do now that Brooke is going out of town. Ridge has had a few ideas and now that Brooke is gone he can realize it.

Bill hopes that she isn’t trying to slip away without saying goodbye. Brooke isn’t going away for that long. Bill was told by Katie that it might be a while. Brooke is shocked that Katie told him this. Bill thinks that anything that gets her away from the dressmaker is fine with him. Brooke is spending time with her daughter. Then getting married when she gets home. Bill is still waiting for Brooke.

Wyatt guesses that along with her products she should think of doing some endorsements. Wyatt doesn’t want Steffy to think he was trying to bribe Steffy. It was meant to be a show of support. If she doesn’t want to live at Eric’s that is fine but everything else should still be on the table. Steffy appreciates everything he is doing. Wyatt knows that Liam doesn’t. He sees her very differently. Wyatt sees her potential. He knows that puts her in a tough position. He cannot pretend that doesn’t upset him. He cannot give up on them and all they can accomplish together.

Liam walks into Rick’s office and asks Quinn why she doesn’t know how to quit. That was a hell of a bribe. Quinn explains that Wyatt give an inspired presentation. Quinn knows that he wants her to settle for a life with Liam. Liam wonders how running one of the biggest fashion houses is settling. Quinn knows that she could do so much more. With Wyatt’s help she could influence on a global scale. They were trying to advance her career. They believe in her so much more than Liam. He is always trying to hold her back.

Wyatt guesses that it might be crazy to hold out on a marriage that is ending. Their divorce isn’t final though. Steffy knows it will be soon. Wyatt knows when they got married he believed that she meant every word of them. Steffy cannot live with Wyatt. Wyatt knows that she wouldn’t have moved out of Liam’s if she didn’t think it was the right thing to do. Wyatt reminds her that they are still married. It isn’t too late to try.

Liam couldn’t hold Steffy back if he wanted to. He doesn’t want Steffy around either her or Wyatt. Quinn asks if Liam thinks that Steffy cannot protect herself. Liam wants to talk about the CEO position. Her moving out and the Steffy product line. This is all Quinn. She is still trying to push them together. She is trying to give Wyatt whatever she thinks he deserves. Ridge walks in. Quinn explains that Liam is going off on her again. Liam doubts that Ridge will help her. He feels the same way he does. She scammed him out of his job. Sooner or later Quinn will slip up. Eric will be done with her just like Steffy and Wyatt. Quinn asks if he is trying to say that Steffy is starting to accept her. Liam is trying to say that once and for all she will be out of their lives.

Bill will drive Brooke to the airport. Brooke already has a car picking her up. Bill wants her to cancel. If she wants to spend time with Brooke that is great. Soon as she is done they can get married. They can get married wherever. They can get away from all the distractions. Bill thinks this is a great idea. Brooke is engaged to Ridge. Bill knows that Ridge is taking advantage of this situation. Brooke is worth it. He loves her. He knows that Brooke has created a scenario to get rid of her guilt He knows that she needs someone committed to her. Ridge is only committed to himself. He will do something self to betray her.

Liam asks if Brooke is going out of town. This is when he needs to expose Quinn. They need to get rid of her.

Bill loves Brooke and will not give up on that love of their future together. They will be married. Bill opens the door for Brooke. He is carrying her luggage. Brooke takes from him. They hold hands for a single moment. Bill walks away. Brooke looks off and looks confused as he leaves.

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