B&B Tuesday Update 1/10/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/10/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam asks Steffy if she realizes what just happened. Steffy thinks that it is called a kiss. Liam means before the kiss. What she said about committing to a life with him. Even with Wyatt, Quinn, and her own grandfather dangling all those checks and cosmetic lines. Steffy doesn’t think it matters. This is what she wants. To love him for the rest of their lives. Steffy kisses him.

Wyatt looks at the portrait of Steffy. Quinn walks back downstairs. Wyatt wonders if Eric is ok. Quinn explains that he was feeling a bit warn out so he decided to turn in early. Quinn knows he is a little disappointed. Wyatt guesses he can join the club. Wyatt doesn’t want Steffy to think that they were trying to bribe her. Quinn knows that Steffy doesn’t feel that way. Quinn thinks that things are changing for Steffy. Wyatt asks how after tonight. Quinn knows that they were offering her a lot tonight. Once she has sometime to really think about it she may change her mind. Wyatt asks when she became such an optimist. Quinn is really working hard to make sure that, that woman is gone for good.

In Brooke’s bedroom Ridge asks how her massage is going. Brooke knows that Ridge is trying to bribe her so she won’t go away. Ridge knows how important the trip is to her. Brooke misses Hope. Face time and texting just doesn’t cut it any longer. Ridge wonders if Hope knows she is coming. Brooke will be surprising her. Ridge asks when she is leaving. Brooke will be going tomorrow. Ridge is shocked that it is so soon. Brooke knows that Hope needs to see her. Ridge thinks that Brooke needs to see her. He suggests that Hope come home for the wedding. Brooke thinks that he needs to make Quinn disappear first. Then they can get married. She needs him to work on that detail while she is away. Brooke kisses Ridge. Ridge guesses that Brooke is giving him marching orders. Brooke wouldn’t want him squandering his time while she is away. Ridge won’t. Getting rid of Quinn is his first priority. Brooke thought that she was his first priority. Ridge needs to get her out of here. Brooke doesn’t want this to be dragged out. She wants to be married before she is too old. She doesn’t want this to go over forever. Ridge promises that he will get her out of their lives. Brooke asks if it is time he tell her what he plans on doing.

Quinn knows that Steffy still loves Wyatt. She isn’t living with Liam. Wyatt knows that is because Eric asked her too not because she wanted too. Quinn feels the point is that she moved out and that is the first step. Wyatt needs Quinn to stop. At some point, they just need to admit that this divorce is going to be final. He isn’t giving up on her but it just isn’t looking very hopeful. He is sure that Steffy is over there with Liam right now.

Steffy and Liam kiss each other passionately. He thinks that this is driving him crazy. Steffy knows. She wishes that she didn’t have to leave. Liam doesn’t want her to. She can just get her stuff from Thomas’s tomorrow. Steffy only just moved in there. Liam doesn’t think he should have let her. He should have chained her to her bed. He feels that there are a million and one reasons why she shouldn’t have had to leave. He knows what they all said to her but this is what it was really about. Getting her on their side and under the same roof as Wyatt. She chose him though. He wants her to come home to her and give them all a message.

Quinn doesn’t think that Wyatt knows for sure that Steffy is with Liam right now. She could be at the office. Wyatt guesses that is some wishful thinking. Quinn tells Wyatt to call her. Wyatt asks what they are supposed to say. They already told her how much they believe in her. This divorce is still going to happen. She made it very clear that she sees a future with Liam. Quinn knows that he has let her down in the past and will again. Wyatt never will either. Tomorrow he is going to go right back to it. He is going to do everything he can to make Steffy see what she can accomplish. Liam is probably going to make her shun the spotlight but he cannot do that. Wyatt wants the whole world to see that Steffy is great. Tonight, though he needs a drink. Wyatt goes over to the bar and finds himself some tequila. He asks if Quinn wants one. Quinn is good.

Liam doesn’t want Steffy to let Quinn think that her merry group of followers to think that they are on to Steffy. He doesn’t think it will work. Steffy was very clear to them. They know that her marriage to Wyatt was on borrowed time. Liam feels that this is a mixed message. She is living away from him and that gives Wyatt a whole lot of hope. Steffy should have been more sensitive to Wyatt. Liam thinks she has been nothing but sensitive to Wyatt’s feelings. It is Quinn that keeps stirring the pot. They will keep at it until she is one of them. As long as the clock is ticking pressure is going to keep coming to her.

Ridge knows that Brooke doesn’t want to hear the cringe worthy details. Brooke knows that Ridge is a lover and not a fighter. Ridge knows. Quinn has said things to him that no one else ever has. She cost him his relationship with Eric. He cannot forgive her for that. Brooke knows that Quinn thinks that she is protecting him. Ridge knows that Quinn is playing him only Eric cannot see it. Ridge thinks he is going to have to do something a little more extreme. Brooke is starting to get a little scared now. Ridge doesn’t want her to get scared. It is going to be ok. Brooke thinks that Ridge is the one who needs a massage. Every time, he is near Quinn he gets tense. Ridge just needs her out of his life. The two start to kiss passionately. They walk over to the bed and lay down still kissing. They are under the sheets. Ridge explains that is what she will be missing while she is gone. Brooke wonders if she needs to cut her trip short. Ridge wonders if he should meet her in Italy for a honeymoon. Brooke thinks you have to be married before you have the honeymoon. Ridge explains that they are not those kind of people. Brooke suggests they try. Brooke doesn’t want to. She wants them to plan the wedding. Brooke wonders if when she gets home they can get organized. Ridge asks if she thinks that he can get rid of her that quickly. Brooke hopes that he can especially after what she did to Hope, Liam, and Steffy. She knows that he is being determined even if he will not say how he is getting rid of her. Ridge is a lover night a fighter. Brooke and Ridge kiss each other passionately and hold each other.

Quinn asks if the tequila is helping. Wyatt doesn’t think it hurts. Quinn guesses that he can pour her one. Quinn tries it but she starts coughing. Wyatt thinks that is the spirt.

Liam feels that they know this isn’t going to stop. It is just going to be one incredible offer after another. He confesses that there is a part of him that is worried. He is worried they will get to her. They want to give her fame and fortune and power. He cannot compete with that. Steffy promises that he offers her something no one else does. He kisses her. Liam kisses back. They start to undress each other. Liam is kissing her neck. He kisses her leg going up to her waste. He then gets back up to her and kisses her on the lips again. Steffy gets on tip and starts to kiss him. Liam wishes that she didn’t have to leave. Steffy knows it is torture but the day is coming soon that she doesn’t have to. Liam knows the offers will keep coming from Quinn. Steffy thinks that Wyatt is really trying to save their marriage. Liam doesn’t doubt that but he also is increasingly desperate. Steffy is sure that Eric will keep him in check. Liam knows that Eric is also invested in saving the marriage. Steffy knows that Eric can go too far sometimes. She promises though that nothing is going to change anything. This will be her home and he will be her husband. She loves him so much. Liam holds Steffy.

Brooke wonders if she should tell Hope that she is coming she might be on business or something. Ridge is texting Quinn to meet him at the office tomorrow. Brooke asks what he thinks. Brooke wonders why he is texting. She asks if she should be jealous. Brooke asks if it is something for pleasure. Ridge tells her it is Quinn. He is setting something up at the office tomorrow. Brooke assumes it is something about his plan. Ridge thinks it is their future.

Quinn has never been much of a tequila drinker. She wonders if it is time she starts. She doesn’t want anymore though. She hasn’t had a lot to eat today. Quinn gets a text message. It is from Ridge. He wants to meet with her tomorrow. Wyatt asks why. Quinn guesses she will find out then. Wyatt wants her to be careful. People might start to talk about her with Ridge.

Ridge will get Quinn out of here the only way he knows how. It might be dirty but he will get it done. For the two of them and the company. Ridge hugs Brooke.

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