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Written By Anthony
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In Rick’s office, Liam asks Ridge why he lost his temper. Ridge doesn’t think that it's not to do that with Quinn. Liam knows that Quinn said straight up that she would be enlisting Wyatt and Eric to get Steffy away from him. Liam remembers when Eric used to be his friend. Clearly, he never listened when he tried to give him the uncensored story of Quinn Fuller. Ridge knows that Eric doesn’t hear anything if he doesn’t want to hear it. Liam knows but he kept hearing himself repeat it until Eric threw him out of his house. Ridge promises that Eric doesn’t stay long. Except with him.

Eric congratulates Wyatt on the fragrances. Wyatt thanks him but feels that Eric would be better off thanking the chemist. All he did was be picky about it. He is sure that is one of his best qualities because he ended up with Steffy. Quinn points out to Steffy that Eric said that when she moved out her mother had put some of her stuff away in the attic. Steffy had forgotten that she had done that. Quinn suggests that they could go up there if Steffy wants. They have so many empty rooms that she can take her pick. Eric feels that this could have always been Steffy’s house. Ridge was always so quick to move. She doesn’t have to let Ridge’s restlessness get in her way. Eric suggests that the house could skip a generation. He could leave it to her. He isn’t going to leave it to a bunch of people. All Steffy has to do is move in with them now.

In Brooke’s kitchen, RJ asks why she is chopping an onion. Brooke is trying to make him cry. RJ points out that she never puts onions in the sauce. Brooke minces them so he doesn’t see them. RJ is going to have to call the authorities on her. RJ could forgive her if he never had to see or taste them. Brooke reminds him that he never has. RJ also wants Brooke to marry Ridge. Brooke tells him that isn’t exactly just up to her.

Liam walks back into the office. He tells Ridge that Steffy isn’t back from her meeting. It has apparently run late. Ridge wonders what meeting that is. Liam is referring to the meeting in which Quinn and Wyatt turn Steffy into a show horse. Ridge guesses that Wyatt knows what sells to the masses. Ridge reminds him this is about celebrating vanity. First Quinn, now Steffy. Eric made her CEO and now her picture is all over the internet. He can only imagine what will happen next.

Wyatt thinks that Steffy will be an even bigger name than before. Steffy asks if that is safe. Quinn promises that she will have security. Eric doesn’t think there is any going back. Eric knows that with all her followers solo trips to the grocery store will no longer be a thing. Quinn promises that she will never have to be alone. Wyatt doesn’t think she will have to live alone. Eric promises that all Steffy needs is here.

Brooke realizes that she shouldn’t have said anything. RJ knows but she did. He knows that Ridge will not marry her until a certain someone goes away. Brooke corrects him and says that a certain someone needs to be out of their lives. RJ wonders what the difference is. Brooke guesses that is what Ridge said. RJ guesses that is a good thing. He doesn’t think that Bill be leaving his mansion anytime soon. Brooke tells RJ that this isn’t about Bill. RJ asks who it is then. Brooke doesn’t think this should be like high school. It is more than just hating her. RJ wonders if this is Quinn. He knows that she is not going anywhere. She will outlive Eric and make the mansion into a Goth hangout. Brooke doesn’t want him to joke. RJ isn’t joking. Women outlive men. Especially, their sugar daddies. That is kind of the point. Brooke doesn’t think that is very nice. Brooke tells RJ that he doesn’t know what Quinn has put the family through. They tried to shield him from that. RJ understands that if Ridge was married to someone like that he would want to untie the knot too. He just doesn’t see how Ridge thinks that this will happen with Quinn. Brooke explains that Ridge isn’t giving specifics but he is very motivated.

Liam remembers all those months thinking that Steffy would return to him. He didn’t know how or when. Ridge promises that he hasn’t lost her yet. Liam doesn’t like the when. Ridge will get rid of Quinn. Even if Eric ends up hating him. Liam knows that if Ridge succeeds then he will not be CEO. Liam wants to know what happens if this is the end of his relationship with Eric. Ridge doesn’t want to do any of this but he doesn’t have a choice. Ridge suggests that Liam go after Quinn. She liked him once. Liam tells Ridge to be careful. Ridge is a big boy. Liam knows that she eats those for breakfast.

Wyatt doesn’t think that he has ever seen a check for a million dollars. Other than the big ones they give away in those sweepstakes. Steffy thinks that this is too much. He can name a product line after her. Quinn explains that Carter told them they had to offer her some form of compensation. Wyatt guesses that this is the going rate of a promotion like this. Steffy doesn’t think she is that big of a deal. Quinn doesn’t think that there are that many CEO’s out there her age outside of silicon valley. Steffy knows that ever since she got this job she goes home to thinking she has had an incredible job. There are people out there though that work incredibly hard but never see this kind of check. Quinn feels that this portrait of her will look great over the fireplace when she and Wyatt move in to the house. Steffy thinks that the painting is beautifully done. It is a little embarrassing. She is sure that her mother or father would love it or even Liam. She isn’t moving in here anytime soon. Steffy doesn’t want to hurt Wyatt. He knows where they stand. She moved out of Liam’s but once the divorce is final she is moving back in. Wyatt never saw someone so difficult to give a million dollars to. He assures her that this isn’t a bribe. He just wants her to think about the whole Steffy Beverly Hills deal. He thinks it is an incredible opportunity for her and the company. Steffy feels that he is an excellent salesman. Wyatt wonders what he will be able to see her in the future.

RJ is glad that Maya and Rick went out with her parents. Brooke was hoping for a family night. RJ gets to eat what should have been there dinner. Brooke reminds him that he already has seconds. RJ points out that his math is excellent. Ridge walks in. Brooke thought that Ridge told her not to hold dinner for him. Ridge thought he would have been later. Ridge thinks that dinner is one thing but he cannot keep her like this. He wants to know why he is living in sin with his mother. Ridge thinks that he can because he is RJ’s father. RJ thinks it is because he is obsessed with his step-mother. Ridge tells him that Quinn is not his step-mother and asks if Brooke put this in his head. RJ feels that the two of them need direction. Ridge thinks he needs to take his elbows off the table. He also needs to finish his homework. RJ guesses that was a great diversion but it still doesn’t work.

Quinn really thought they were going to get through to Steffy. Eric did as well. Wyatt knows that Steffy adores Eric and she is grateful for all he has given her. He knows that Quinn on the other hand, she doesn’t adore. He does sense a thawing though. Wyatt thinks the portrait thing is going a little too far. Quinn explains that was Eric’s idea. Eric guesses that his charm doesn’t always work. Wyatt wonders what he will do with the two of them other than love them. He is cheering for them to put his marriage back together but the other part of him wants to put his own marriage back together himself. Eric is sorry for getting involved too much. Wyatt doesn’t think he meant anything bad by it. Quinn on the other hand… Quinn realizes she has her tendencies. She guesses she helps to much and not letting anyone in on it and thinking that she knows better than everyone else. Wyatt loves Quinn even if it is a mental disorder. Quinn loves him too. She thinks the new year will be good for them. Wyatt wants her to quit while she is a head.

Liam is making himself dinner at home. Steffy calls for him. Liam walks over and sees that she is here. Steffy asks if that is ok. Liam would like it better if she had suitcases with her. He wonders how her meeting went. Steffy asks what meeting he is referring to. Liam knew she had one at Eric’s. Steffy guesses that news travels fast. Liam guesses that she has something to tell him. Steffy admits that they want her to move into Eric’s.

Ridge thinks that the food tastes really good. Brooke thought that she made enough but then remembered how much teenage boys really eat. Brooke still cannot believe that she has a teenage son who seems to know her better than she knows herself sometimes. Ridge guesses that she is an open book. Brooke thought she was mysterious. Brooke is off to Italy. Ridge asks what is so mysterious in Italy. Brooke points out that there is one blonde there who is very important to her. Hope. Ridge asks if she really wants to go to Milan. Brooke does. She misses her and he is to busy plotting against Quinn. Ridge guesses that it might not be a bad idea. Brooke thinks he really is trying to get rid of her. Ridge is trying to get the family back together. He was kicked out of Eric’s house again this morning. Brooke is sorry. Ridge cannot believe how lost and blind Eric is. Ridge isn’t blind though because he has Brooke. Brooke has him. She thinks that once she gets back Ridge will want to say his vows. They will shower each other with rice. Ridge kisses her.

Eric and Quinn are sitting on the couch. Quinn still feels so responsible. Eric holds her.

Liam hopes that Steffy saw this coming as well. Steffy doesn’t think that this is an insult to him. Liam asks if Eric even has a voice of his own anymore. Steffy doesn’t want Liam to do that. She had to hear him out. Liam knows that Steffy had a roof over her head with him. Until she decided to feel a sense of morals. Steffy wishes they didn’t have to go through this again. Liam is trying to reconcile two different things. Steffy knows that Eric feels hurt. He is trying to build a legacy of something and all he has left is her. Liam knows that he also has his new son-in-law Wyatt. Steffy doesn’t think it is a scheme. It is a way to build a new product around her. Liam asks what they could possibly make. Forrester makes clothing. Steffy admits that Eric also wanted to leave the house to her. Liam thinks they are trying to buy her. Steffy knows they believe in her. Liam wishes he could say certain things. Liam asks if he will ever see her again if she moves in. Steffy said no. She isn’t moving in. She thanked them for the offer but she told them that once they are divorced she will be moving back in with Liam. She will be married to him again. Wyatt is a good guy but Liam is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. The two start to kiss each other. Liam smiles. He loves her. Steffy loves him. The two start to kiss passionately.

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