B&B Friday Update 1/6/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/6/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy looks miserable. Wyatt asks if Steffy has seen these numbers. These numbers are great. He expected them to be big but not this big. He cannot wait to tell Eric. Wyatt asks what time the meeting is. Wyatt asks her again when the meeting with Eric is. Steffy explains it is pretty soon. Wyatt wonders if she is thinking about what Liam said. Steffy assumes he means about being more private with her life. She isn’t so sure if that is a bad idea. Wyatt asks if she has seen the results. Her following is insane. Steffy guesses that she is quite the influencer while Liam is in pain. She is just supposed to feel good about it. Steffy has a few things to wrap up here. She tells him to go to the meeting. Wyatt leaves.

Liam explains to Ridge that he feels so disconnected. It used to be that he used to be able to discuss things with Steffy. He could even argue. Ridge knows that is because of Quinn. Everyone stands in her way. Liam can feel Steffy slipping away and there isn’t a darn thing he can do about it. There is something that Ridge can do though if he is still up for it.

Eric tells Quinn that it was horrible. Ridge and him have had their battles but this time… Quinn assumes it was about her. Eric really thought that after the holidays that things would get better. He doesn’t think they ever will. Quinn wonders what his complaint was this time. Eric doesn’t want to talk about it. Quinn guesses they won’t talk about it then. They can be positive. Eric wants to talk about them. Something they can smile about. Quinn reminds Eric that they are a family. They might have lost Ridge but they have Wyatt and Steffy. Eric thinks they might be on the verge of rediscovery. All he did was tell them what he believes in. Quinn feels that it worked. Steffy moved out of Liam’s. Quinn asks if it would be wonderful if they all lived together.

Steffy is on the phone with Thomas. She thanks him. She is all set up at the loft. Once the divorce is final she is gone. She is fine. Steffy has to go and will talk later. Steffy hangs up and sighs. She starts to think about Liam telling her that he loves her.

Liam knows that Ridge is having second thoughts about his plan to expose Quinn. Ridge is having second thoughts about destroying Eric. After discussing things with Eric though a little bit he just realized that Eric doesn’t see Quinn the way they do and he will get burned. Liam suggests that it could take a while. Ridge has no choice. Quinn has Eric all tied up so she can have whatever she wants.

Quinn thinks that Steffy needs to move in here. Eric feels that will take a little more convincing. Quinn knows but she listens to him. She respects him. Ridge feels that they run the risk of her feeling like she is being pressured. Quinn believes that her living at Thomas’s is just her burning time. She asks if Eric wants her to live her. Eric would love it. Quinn suggests he ask her again. This isn’t too much more. She could live in her own suite here. They would be saving a marriage. Eric agrees. He absolutely agrees. Wyatt walks in with some boxes. He tells them that it is almost show time so he better get ready. Quinn goes over their plan that will get Steffy to move back in here. Then the two of them can move on with their lives.

Liam wonders if Ridge realizes what is ironic. Steffy left Wyatt because of Quinn. Then she walked out on him for the same reason. Ridge feels that Steffy is blind right now. Liam is scared. He will talk but she doesn’t listen. Ridge feels that she does care and wants to listen. Liam doesn’t care what he is going through. It is what Steffy is going through that scares him. They have to get her out of there before Quinn has her to brainwashed to see the true. Ridge will have to see that this doesn’t happen.

Steffy is sorry that she is late. Eric asks if she is ok. Steffy is just having one of those days. Eric knows that Wyatt wants to give a presentation but first he wants Steffy to know that he is very aware of how difficult it was for her to move out of Liam’s. He thought it was needed though. Steffy doesn’t think her relationship is part of the meeting. Wyatt starts. He asks why they are doing this. He wonders why he is working so hard to build an online community. He wonders if it is to show the world how beautiful and talented Steffy is. There is something more. The brand of Forrester Creations. This can all be summed up one word. Sales. He turns his laptop on. A video turns on it is an infomercial for Steffy. Wyatt has a plan to create a perfume. Wyatt wonders what her reaction is. Steffy thought they went through R&D for their scents. Wyatt already did. Steffy asks why he didn’t tell the CEO. Wyatt wanted to but wanted it to be a surprise though. Steffy thinks it certainly is. She is blown away.

Ridge is worried about Steffy in the same way that Wyatt is. Ridge will get Steffy out of Quinn’s orbit. Liam knows that this started with the CEO position that he cannot believe that Steffy even considered after all that Quinn put them through. Ridge can understand that. It was an opportunity for Steffy. It was one for Quinn as well. Liam knows that Quinn scored a job for Wyatt too. Liam cannot believe all the things that Quinn has managed to manipulate. Steffy is changing and she is beginning to accept Quinn into her life.

Quinn wonders what Steffy thinks. Steffy asks if he did this all on his own. Wyatt admits that Quinn did help with the fragrance samples. Eric knows that Wyatt and Quinn have been working on this for a while now. Steffy asks if he knew about this. Eric knows about everything. Wyatt also has a pitch. They are creating a brand for Steffy. He has her smell the perfume. Steffy can smell the lilac. Steffy cannot believe that he didn’t tell her about this at all. Wyatt knows he is CEO and has a full plate on her hand. Eric thinks that this provides a lot of growth for them as a company. Steffy cannot believe she will have her own brand. Wyatt tells her that she is the brand. She inspires people. She is what every woman wants to be. Wyatt can think of one person in particular and that is her husband.

Liam looks at a picture of Steffy and starts to think of all the times they spent together. Ridge promises that it isn’t over. Liam feels that it is drifting in that direction. He has never felt like this with Steffy. He is losing her. Ridge will not let that happen. Liam suggests that Quinn will toy with Ridge. He will tease him but never cross the line. Ridge knows that she will do so though and Eric will never look at her the same.

Steffy looks at the bottle of perfume. Eric thinks they are a team. It means they have to stay close. Eric wants Steffy to move in. She has already moved out of Liam’s. This house has spawned so many wonderful chapters for the company. Wyatt knows that it is a lot to take in but then he thought about it and he realized it meant getting to be with his wife again. Steffy keeps thinking about Liam. Eric wants Steffy to see something. He takes a cloth off of a portrait. It is a giant picture of Steffy. He tells her that this house will be hers one day. It will be if she does this now. The picture of her will go over the mantle. Quinn knows she has been guarded when it comes to her but she really does love Eric. They are good to each other and they can be good for each other. Eric wants her to think back about what it was like to be married to Wyatt. The good things. It would be good to be married to him again. Steffy turns around and sees Wyatt. He remembers how she changed his life. He thought they would be together and he still does and thinks they still can. Wyatt has always had relationship with his mother where he wants to strangle her and love her at the same time. Like them springing this on her. He knows that she thinks that Quinn manipulated their marriage and she did. He understands why she feels the way she did in the past but Quinn has changed. Steffy just needs to see how happy they are together. They are good together. His mother was all that came in between them. He just wants another chance. Eric thinks that they are the power of Forrester. There is nothing they cannot accomplish together. Quinn wants her to be here. She belongs here with her grandfather and husband. Wyatt wants to support her with everything she does in her life. There is nothing that they cannot accomplish together. This is where she belongs. He wants another chance.

Liam thinks that they are all ganging up on him. It is like they are offering her the world. He hopes that Steffy doesn’t fall for it.

Wyatt wants Steffy to come home to them. He wants her to come home to him. Steffy is crying.

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