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Written By Anthony
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In Steffy’s office, Liam tells Ridge that yesterday he was insistent on getting rid of Quinn no matter what the consequence was. Ridge knows that if he goes through with this plan to destroy Quinn then he might lose whatever relationship he has with Eric. Liam asks if he is changing his mind. Ridge is thinking things through. He isn’t sure he wants to do this to Quinn. To expose her like that. There might be a way to do this honestly and peacefully. Steffy walks in. She can tell they have that Quinn look on their faces. She wants to know what is going on.

In Rick’s office Quinn and Ivy are working on jewelry. Quinn thinks it is chilly in here and wonders if she wants her to turn the heat up. She guesses it isn’t about the temperature. She hasn’t said two words to her since she sat down. Ivy is upset with Quinn. Quinn doesn’t want her to be. She came clean with her. Ivy does give her credit because honesty hasn’t exactly been her default. She believed in Quinn’s relationship with Eric. Quinn tells Ivy it is real. She hasn’t betrayed Eric and she never will. Ivy wants to know how Quinn could flirt with Ridge in the steam room. Quinn sighs.

Eric appreciates Wyatt’s enthusiasm. He sees a lot of himself in Wyatt. Wyatt is flattered and wonders how so. Eric was always very excited to go to work. Wyatt feels that social media is the beast that never sleeps. He needs to feed the monster. Steffy’s numbers are sky rocketing. He wants to help the company and Steffy. Eric knows this is all about his great love of Steffy. He is behind Wyatt one hundred percent. Eric hopes that the two of them find love and commitment that he has been blessed to find with Quinn.

Steffy wonders what is going on and asks if Quinn has done something. Liam assumes she means more than just breathing perfectly good air. Steffy knows that he and Ridge were just talking about her. Liam feels it was more of the same. Why is she here and what can they do to stop it. Liam wonders how she slept. Steffy thought it was hard being away from Liam. She wants to go home. Liam suggests that she do so then. There is no reason they should be apart. Liam asks if Eric has inserted himself into Steffy’s personal life before. Steffy hasn’t but she has never done this before. She never has been married to one brother and lived with another. She has never been so much in the public eye. Liam knows and Eric has never had Quinn whispering in his ear. This is his whole point. He just wishes that Steffy would realize how much Quinn is behind this.

Quinn cannot believe that Ivy is acting like she is having an affair with Ridge. She doesn’t even like the guy. She was bantering. It was better than him stepping all over her. He is so rude to her. Quinn asks if she can blame her for wanting a different way to communicate with him. Ivy asks if she really needed to be naked. Quinn was showering on her property. Ridge was the one who snuck up on her. Ivy wants to know how many people have a conversation almost completely naked. Quinn doesn’t expect her to understand. She has never had to prove herself her entire life and never back down. She has though. Being with Eric has softened a lot of her rough edges. Not all of them. When she is challenged sometime her old defense mechanisms come in. Quinn knows the one thing about her that is pure is her feelings for Eric. She should never doubt them.

Eric wants to know what he can do for Ridge. Ridge just wanted to check on his health. Eric is having a good day. Eric suggests that this unexpected visit has nothing to do with his health. Ridge thinks he is right. The family has been off track ever since he got involved with Quinn. He wanted to see if there was a chance to normalize things. Eric knows that normalizing things involves him being CEO and Steffy not being CEO. Ridge is not here for that.

Steffy gets it. It is frustrating. Quinn has been messing with Liam for a long time but Liam needs to see her. He needs to trust that she is smart enough to handle herself. Liam doesn’t think it is a matter of intellect. Steffy guesses that she could say he is right and that Quinn is behind everything. Steffy asks if she should turn down her job because Quinn arranged it. Steffy tells Liam that Wyatt will always be around. He is Liam’s brother and her soon to be ex-husband. He is Eric’s step-son. It doesn’t have to affect them if they do not allow it. She moved out but she will move back in. Liam hears her. His Quinn radar is off the charts though so he will not let her hurt her. They start to kiss. Nicole and Wyatt walk in and asks if they should come back later. Liam says yes. Wyatt thinks they should go with no because they were scheduled to work on her campaign today.

Ivy wants to believe Quinn but she cannot stop thinking about all these questionable encounters with Ridge. Quinn asks what she is talking about. There were only two. Ivy points out that Ridge saw her naked. Quinn wanted to get in his face. Make him uncomfortable. Ivy thinks that sounds right because he followed her into the steam room. Quinn tells her that is it exactly. He followed her in. Not the other way around. Ivy assumes that she just sat there and let him touch her. Quinn tells Ivy that Ridge has been horrible to her. He is completely out of line. He is Eric’s son so she has to be careful. She is trying to bring the family together not rip them apart. She is completely committed to Eric. Ivy needs to be certain. She adores Eric. She needs Quinn to look her in the eyes and say she has no desire for Ridge.

Eric asks if this is really not about Steffy then. Ridge promises that it really isn’t. Ridge knows that Steffy is going to be a fantastic CEO one day. Not now though. She has no experience in running the company. Ridge knows he thinks that he doesn’t need protection but he does and that is why he is here. Eric is ok with the way things are. Ridge gets it. He is punishing him because he isn’t playing nice with his wife. Eric isn’t punishing him. Out of all the insane things he does. He wants what is best for the company. He thinks that Steffy is good. Unlike Ridge who is divisive. Eric isn’t going to talk about this. Ridge wonders how this happened to them. Just moving on to past things. He has loved Quinn for five minutes and Ridge has loved him his entire life. This woman is no good. Eric wonders how he knows this. He has spent no time with Quinn at all. He spends no time with her or spent time to see how hard she has changed. Eric is happy now. He is happier than he has ever been in his life. Ridge loves Eric. He always sees the best in people. The past indicates the future and Quinn is no less dangerous than she ever was. Ridge wishes he didn’t have to do this. Ridge asks what Eric would do if he could prove to him that Quinn doesn’t deserve his trust.

Steffy is on her desk posing for a picture. Liam is watching angry with Nicole off to the side. She is wearing glasses. Wyatt thinks they got it. Wyatt wants Nicole to post these right away. Steffy feels that Nicole has been amazing. Nicole just happens to be part of the team. Liam runs over to Wyatt and tells him that he is missing out on a side of Steffy the world needs to see. She is drinking water. Wyatt thanks him for looking out. Wyatt asks why he disagrees with the photos so much. It is a day in the life with Steffy. Liam asks if Steffy really doesn’t have a problem with this. Steffy understands both of their views but she doesn’t think that Wyatt is taking it to far. Liam asks why she isn’t scared that the entire world is following her every move. Wyatt asks if Liam stays up late at night looking for ways to suck up all the air in the room. Liam just got done reading the comment section on Wyatt’s posts and there are creeps out there that are not fans. Wyatt thinks that Liam is trying to scare Steffy into doing what he wants her to do. Rude comments come with the territory. You cannot be high profile and not have rude comments. It comes with the job. Wyatt feels that getting in front of it lets you create your own perception. Liam reminds him that Wyatt is the CEO. This is horrible for Steffy. Liam thinks that Wyatt is objectifying Steffy and he is not ok with that.

Ivy wants Quinn to tell her that she doesn’t feel a pull towards Ridge. Quinn has been treated miserably by Ridge. She would love to have the upper hand on him after all he has done. Quinn tells Ivy that this is nothing. It is certainly not a threat to her marriage. Importunely Ridge comes with her marriage to Eric and she needs to find a way to deal. Feelings for him other than loathing him never.

Ridge wants to prove that the family has been right all along and he cannot trust Quinn. Ridge asks how he proposes to do that. Ridge doesn’t know how to do it. Ridge doesn’t think Quinn is trustworthy. Eric will call his bluff. He tells him to bring proof. Ridge is going to prove that Eric has no soul. Eric doesn’t think that Ridge has convinced him at all that Quinn is not committed to their marriage. Ridge asks why he became so clueless. Eric thinks that Quinn has changed him for the better. She will never let him down and he knows that. Ridge is going to have to show him the naked truth.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam has any reason being in the middle of this. Forrester Creations is a fantastic brand. It just needs to be updated and Steffy brings them that. Steffy points out that the profits are up. Liam asks why it has to just be Steffy. Why it cannot be Ivy or Thomas and someone without a corporate level job to protect. Liam thinks that you give people a little bit then they want more. Wyatt knows that if Steffy disappears then things fall. Liam wants to know what happens with Steffy’s standing with the world as CEO. It is demeaning. It is disrespectful to him. That is something only he should get to see. Everything he does is designed to get Steffy for him. Steffy promises that she is with Liam and nothing will change that. Liam wishes that Quinn wasn’t pulling strings.

Quinn starts to think about Eric’s wedding vows and then hers to him. They plan to be faithful to each other. Then she starts to think about Ridge threatening her and trying to flirt with her. She stands up and looks scared.

Eric wonders what Ridge is talking about with the naked truth. Ridge is trying to prove the reality of his situation with Quinn. Ridge loves Eric. He is the strongest man he knows. He wants to know when he turned into a little puppy. He never wanted Steffy to be CEO. Quinn wanted her to be CEO for Wyatt. Ridge feels this is pointless. They will never see eye to eye when it comes to Quinn. He is tired of Ridge insulting his wife. Ridge can prove that Quinn is not loyal. Eric tells him to get out of his house and prove it then. Ridge thinks that someone will have to be sacrificed to prove it. He wonders if Eric wants that to be him. Eric tells him to get out.

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