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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/4/17


Written By Anthony
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According to Liam, Quinn is the reason that Steffy moved out. Obviously, he wants Quinn gone as much as Ridge does. Ridge is working on it. Liam knows that he keeps saying that but wants to know what specifically he plans on doing. Ridge wants to ask him something. He wonders if he has ever looked into Quinn’s eyes. There is an intensity there. They are piercing. He can see why Eric would be into her. Liam doesn’t want him getting sunk in.

Ivy walks into Quinn and Eric’s bedroom. She starts to think about when she overheard Ridge and Quinn arguing in the steam room. Quinn walks out from her closet and asks Ivy what she is doing in her bedroom. Ivy explains that she knows. She saw Quinn outside the steam room with Ridge. Quinn promises that Ivy is mistaken. Ivy asks if Quinn is cheating on Eric.

Downstairs in the Forrester living room, Eric tells Steffy that he is glad that she moved out. Steffy didn’t want to. She keeps thinking it was a big mistake. Eric felt it was the right thing to do. Steffy doesn’t. She keeps going back on her promises. It isn’t fair to him. Eric asks about the promises that she made to Wyatt. Steffy knows that Wyatt is upset but Liam is upset too. He doesn’t want her working with Wyatt or having a strong social media presence. Eric guesses that Liam wants what he wants. Steffy asks if he can see where Liam is coming from for one second. Eric tells Steffy that he is married to Quinn. She is helping her run the company and not going anywhere. Wyatt is not going anywhere either. He is making Steffy one of the top influencers in the world. She should stick it out with him and work out her marriage. Liam wants her to stay at home and stick by the fire. She is better than that. Steffy knows that Liam supports her career but doesn’t support the people that she is around. She wants to be clear that she only moved out temporary. She won’t be moving out. Eric asks what happens when Hope comes back. Steffy tells him that he is committed to her. Eric guesses for now but it is no sure thing. Eric feels that Liam is holding her back. Steffy disagrees. Eric reminds her that she is a Forrester. He thinks that he will be giving her the entire company someday. Steffy asks about Ridge. Eric isn’t going to give it to Ridge. He let him down time and time again and not just recently. When he was married to Brooke they were happily married with two beautiful children. He reached in there and took that away from him. A man doesn’t forget that. His trust in Ridge is gone and it is never coming back.

Ridge needs to figure out what Eric fell for and why he gave Quinn the keys to the kingdom three months in. Liam doesn’t think that even God could explain that. Ridge wonders if Quinn is using black magic on them. Ridge wants to keep Eric safe. If he goes down then he isn’t going down alone. He will take Quinn with him.

Quinn promises that it isn’t what she thinks. Ivy asks if Quinn is having an affair. Quinn says no. Ivy asks why Ridge said that. Quinn reminds her that Ridge is engaged to Brooke. Ivy knows but wonders why she heard Ridge say that he saw her naked. Ivy asks if it was true. Quinn was taking a shower outside and Ridge saw her. Ivy asks if when he showed up she told him to leave. She got covered up. Quinn didn’t. She wasn’t shy. She promises that she has never been unfaithful to her husband. She cannot tell anyone this. Especially Eric.

Liam wonders how far Ridge has thought this through. Ridge is out of options. Liam suggests that there is a better idea. Ridge is sick and tired of waiting for Eric to change his mind. Liam wonders what happens when Eric doesn’t trust him ever again. Ridge has been Eric’s enemy for years. He took Brooke away from him. Liam knows that Ridge devoted his life to Forrester. If he does this to Eric then he will lose Forrester. Ridge will get another job or start his own company. The worst thing is the way Eric looks at him. Liam knows that Eric doesn’t care for him either. Steffy and him have been deprived so many times. Liam is just fighting for his relationship. Ridge knows that Steffy will make up her mind. Liam thinks that they did make up their minds. They were living together. Liam thinks that this is ridicules and Quinn is the puppet master. He never expected Eric to go this low. Yet here he is using his power.

Eric tells a server that this is beautiful and that they will be eating soon. Steffy asks what the occasion is. Eric has an evening planned with Quinn. It is a surprise. Eric calls for Quinn. Eric tells Quinn to put the Forrester original on in the closet because he has a surprise for her. Quinn cannot wait. Eric will see her soon. Steffy thinks he is a romantic. Eric has to keep things interesting. Steffy imagines that things never get boring with Quinn. Eric knows Quinn is committed to him.

Quinn sees the dress and finds it breath taking. Ivy knows that Eric designed it just for her. Quinn guesses. Eric has a surprise and wants to meet her downstairs. Ivy knows that he loves her and is completely devoted her to. Quinn is as well. Ivy tells her to stop flirting with Ridge. Quinn cannot explain it. Nothing is happening. Ivy doesn’t believe her. She knows something happened and if she doesn’t find out she will go and ask Ridge herself. Quinn was in the design office the other day and twisted her ankle. Ridge put some ice on it and was nice to her. Ivy asks what happened in the steam room. Quinn was already in there when Ridge walked in. Ivy asks if Ridge touched her. Quinn says a little. He is acting like he is attracted to her. Ivy wonders if she is attracted to him. Quinn isn’t. They are just messing with each other’s heads. Ivy thinks that this is Ridge they are talking about. Quinn has never been happier and isn’t going to screw that up. Ivy thinks it sounds like Ridge is trying to get in between her and Eric. Quinn has thought about that which is why she isn’t going to indulge him anymore. The silly little games are over. She will not let Ridge ruin her marriage.

The servants are setting up dinner. Eric tells Steffy to look at this. It is the best of times in this house again. Steffy doesn’t think it is a bad setup. Eric agrees. They will toast to the success of the family. To the business as well which is running well. He thanks Steffy. He will toast to Quinn a woman he trusts with his life. Not just her but Wyatt as well. Eric is going to ask Steffy to do something for him. He wants her to move in here with all of them. Steffy cannot do that. She isn’t some gift that he can give to Quinn. Eric knows that Wyatt wants to work on her marriage. This commitment is from Wyatt not Liam. The biggest gift you can get from someone is a committed heart. He wants her to have the same thing he has with Quinn.

Ivy thinks the dress is beautiful. Quinn wonders where Eric is taking her. Ivy is worried about her. Quinn doesn’t want her to be. Ivy knows she has the sweetest man in the world and doesn’t want to see her ruin her life. Quinn won’t do that. She will not fall for Ridge. She isn’t an idiot. Quinn isn’t weak to Ridge’s ego. Quinn will not let him ruin her relationship with Eric.

Liam just thinks that Ridge is confident and isn’t so sure that is good or bad. Ridge looks at Quinn and the way she allows him to touch her. Liam finds it hard to imagine Quinn ruining her marriage. She isn’t a stupid person. Ridge knows that they are not. She is already on to him. She is attracted to him because he is trouble. Liam asks about Brooke. Ridge will not cross a line. Quinn will.

Eric thanks the workers. They leave. Quinn walks downstairs wearing the dress. Eric thinks she is a vision in the dress. Quinn finds it beautiful. Eric loves being her husband. He never has felt this love in his life. The two kiss each other passionately. Quinn smiles.

Liam wants to believe that Ridge can pull this off because there is nothing more he would like to see than to never see from Quinn again. Ridge knows that there is a lot at stake for all of them. Liam doesn’t think that he and Steffy would have been apart if it wasn’t for Quinn. Ridge wants to break the spell. Liam asks if he can really make this happen. Ridge knows he can. Liam wonders if Quinn knows about this. Ridge guesses. He is sure that she will understand. Ridge knows that Eric will leave her. Liam doubts Quinn will risk all of this. They are going to get the toxic woman out of their lives for good.

Quinn toasts Eric for being husband of the year and setting up a beautiful evening. Eric thinks it is his pleasure. They click glasses and drink. Quinn thinks that this is such a surprise and he put out her favorite candles. Eric thought a little flirtation is good for a married couple. Eric admires her so much. Her trust is boundless. Quinn doesn’t take him for granted. Quinn thinks that Eric changed her and Wyatt’s life. He has been so good to them. It is nights like this that she remembers how many people they had to stand up to. Their love and marriage is something she cherishes. She never wants to let him down. Eric doesn’t think that could happen. Eric asks if he can dance with her. Quinn and him get up and start to dance in the living room. Quinn and Eric are both smiling as they dance alone. Quinn thinks he is the best thing to happen to her in her entire life. She never wants to lose him.

Ridge will get Quinn out of his father’s home. Sometimes love hurts. Eric hurt them by bringing her into their lives. His days with her are all but over.

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