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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/3/17


Written By Anthony
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In Steffy’s office Wyatt and Quinn are talking. Wyatt doesn’t think that Eric had to put his foot down for him. Quinn reminds him that Steffy is still his wife. Wyatt knows but it isn’t for long. Quinn wonders what kind of an attitude that is. Until the divorce is final he doesn’t want Steffy living with Liam. Wyatt asks if she really agreed and moved out. Quinn explains that he insisted. Wyatt wonders if Quinn knows that this means. It means that Quinn has finally found a truly good man. She better not screw it up. She sees flashes of Ridge in her mind. Quinn tells him that he better work out with Steffy. This is it.

Liam walks out from his bedroom carrying to boxes. He tells Steffy that she doesn’t have to do this. Eric cannot tell her who she gets to live with. Steffy feels that Eric sort of has a point though. Liam doesn’t think that he does. He has Quinn whispering in his ear. That is what this is. It is another manipulation. She is just trying to get her to go back to Wyatt. Steffy tells Liam that he knew she had reservations about moving in with him. She is not a free woman. She is married to Wyatt. Liam reminds her that she said she belongs with him. Steffy knows they will be together. Once the divorce is final. Quinn is not coming between them. She is not being manipulated by her.

Quinn sits down at Steffy’s desk and looks at Ridge’s design that used her jewelry. She hears him say that he positively hates her. She sulks and sighs. She hears Wyatt tell her not to screw it up with Eric. She starts to think of Ridge again. Ridge walks in and thinks that is an interesting look. He wonders if it would be funny if they were thinking about the same thing.

In Thomas’s loft Steffy is on the phone with Carter. She needs the divorce finalized. She will talk to a judge. She doesn’t care what she has to do. Someone is knocking on the door and she hangs up. Nicole walks in and asks if she needs help unpacking. Steffy explains that this was Eric’s idea. She doesn’t want her living with Liam while still married to Wyatt. She cannot disagree. Nicole asks how Liam is taking it. She cannot imagine that Liam is taking this well.

Liam storms into Rick’s office. He tells Wyatt that he is not getting away with this. Whatever Quinn has planned will not work. Quinn is trying to hand Steffy to him on a silver platter and he is here to inform him that it is not going to happen.

Quinn seriously doubts that he knows what she is thinking about. Quinn is considering some changes. Ridge is glad. He wanted to send up a sample to see if they mesh. Quinn asks if he wants to collaborate. Ridge wants to see if there is anything there. Quinn wants to know what he is doing. Ridge is her head designer and best at the company.

Wyatt gets it. Steffy moved out and he is angry. He cannot take it out on Eric though so he came here and blow up at him. Liam knows that this was not Eric’s idea. This is what Quinn wants. He put this idea into Steffy’s head that she should stay in the loft until the divorce. Wyatt asks if she is really at the loft. Liam says until the divorce. Then she moves right back with him. Wyatt asks if he is sure because Liam is acting really insecure. Liam thinks that Quinn is to blame. Wyatt thinks that Quinn’s life is perfect right now. Liam guesses that she isn’t satisfied. She will not stop until Wyatt’s life is perfect too. Wyatt reminds him that Steffy moved out because she knew what they were doing was wrong. Liam feels that they had every right. They are going to pick out right where they left off. Wyatt guesses that it didn’t even bother him. Liam wasn’t even slightly bothered because it was a technicality that they were married. Wyatt is bothered and it certainly bothered Eric. Those vows mean something to him. He appreciates that Eric cares about him. Liam is sure he does. Wyatt knows he isn’t getting that from his own father. They all know that Liam is the favorite child. He asks when he will get a call from him. It will be something like “you need to respect your brother’s relationship with Steffy.” All the while she still has his wedding ring on her finer. He knows that it is fading but it is still there. Just like his marriage is. It has not completely disappeared. Liam isn’t ignoring reality but Wyatt is. Steffy will not be manipulated by Quinn. Wyatt knows that Liam doesn’t want to believe this but his mother has much more important things to do and frankly so does he. If he will excuse him he has somewhere to be.

Steffy will come to the office as soon as she gets settled. Nicole knows that she has two Spencer men fighting over her. Nothing in her life is going to be settle for a while.

Ridge has a dress with her design on it. He asks Quinn what she thinks. Quinn wonders if he really cannot guess. Ridge means artist to artist what does she think. Quinn knows that he never respected her before. He always said she knew nothing. Ridge wants to know why the dress and jewelry work. Quinn guesses it has a liquid quality. The fall of the gown and the curve of metal. Ridge wants her to touch the dress. It is soft. Ridge touches her hand. Quinn quickly pulls back. She doesn’t think that there is any room for changes. Quinn guesses it is too bad. She got his text last night saying they should keep distance. She thinks he is right. Katie walks in. She didn’t realize they were in here. She didn’t hear any yelling or screaming in the hall. She asks what is going on.

Steffy answers her door again. It is Wyatt. He heard she got a new pad. Steffy explains it is temporary. She doesn’t want him buying her a house warming gift. Wyatt guesses that is to bad. He got her himself. He kisses his muscle. Steffy laughs.

Ridge explains that the two of them were working. Quinn tells her they were discussing a design with jewelry. She wonders what Katie wants. If she is looking for Brooke… Katie was actually looking for Quinn. If she is too busy then she can come back. Ridge says they are done and completely done with each other. Ridge leaves.

Wyatt loves what Steffy has done with the place. Steffy doesn’t plan on staying. Wyatt knows that is what Liam said. Steffy wonders if he spoke to him. Wyatt says that he paid him a visit at work. Steffy is sorry. Wyatt doesn’t blame him for being angry that she moved out. He knows the feeling. Steffy doesn’t feel great about it either. Eric insisted. Steffy explains that Liam is not happy about it. Wyatt knows that Liam isn’t happy with him, Eric, Steffy, or Quinn. He can only imagine what is was like to live with such an upbeat guy. Steffy didn’t leave him. Wyatt points out that they are not living together. Steffy thinks that this is just for the time being. Wyatt explains that this is not her only option. He is living up at the estate but he has the beach house. Steffy asks if he is offering her the beach house. Wyatt is offering her to live with her husband.

Liam walks back into Rick’s office and tells Ridge that this has to stop. Ridge asks what Quinn did now. Liam doesn’t think it is Quinn. It is Wyatt. He wants Steffy back really bad. Ridge already told Liam that he is on it. Liam knows but in the meantime Steffy is moving into the loft. Ridge points out that she isn’t living with Wyatt. Liam doesn’t think she will do that. Liam thinks they have to do something. Quinn is not on the hook. Ridge told Quinn not to flirt. He knows what he is doing. She is falling for him.

Katie asks if Quinn is ok. Quinn is and wonders why she asks. Katie just thought she maybe walked in on something. It seemed kind of tense. Quinn guesses that Ridge was being mildly charming. Quinn asks if she wanted something. Katie explains that she did go over to see Eric the other day and wanted her to know that they are completely transparent. Quinn thanks her for telling her. Quinn thinks it is inspiring to see their love. Quinn knows that Eric is an inspiring person. Katie doesn’t want Quinn to feel jealous or insecure. Quinn doesn’t want those feelings anymore. She has Eric. Katie is glad that they bring out the best in each other. She can see how committed the two are to each other.

Steffy thinks that she will stay here. Wyatt imagines that she doesn’t want Thomas’s plants to get lonely. Steffy is honoring Eric’s wishes as tough as they are. Wyatt knows that Eric appreciates her doing so. Steffy feels that this situation is complicated enough. Steffy needs him to understand that this is temporary. She knows that he knew she moved out so he came over to see her. Wyatt did so to give her a hand. To make sure that she is alright. He had an image in his head that she was carrying her luggage all by herself. Steffy didn’t bring that much stuff. Wyatt is glad. It is better for her back and his. Wyatt asks what she needs. Steffy needs to do this by herself. Wyatt knows she is under a lot of pressure from her family and Liam. He is not here to make things worse. He is just here. Steffy thanks him.

Katie knows that Quinn is very lucky to have found a man like Eric. Quinn knows that Eric doesn’t agree. He thinks he is the lucky one. Katie feels that they have something very special. Katie guesses that is how it happens sometimes. Sometimes it just hits you. You see someone in a different light. She is the person that Eric can rely on. Eric has found this with Quinn. Quinn knows he has. Katie hopes so.

Ridge knows that Quinn likes playing with fire. The more dangerous the better. Liam asks if that is why he pulling back. Ridge is sure that she will get more obsessed that way. Liam points out that if Quinn gets caught then so does he. Ridge feels it is the best and only chance. He has to get Quinn out of their lives. Liam is all for playing dirty. After everything she has done but the question is how willing is he to do this. Ridge took Brooke away from him. If he sees him with his wife. It isn’t Ridge to lose it is Quinn. Every member of his family thinks he is selfish and that is why he wants to be in charge. That is only partly true. He doesn’t want to see the company fall apart. He has to do what he has to do. He needs to get Quinn on her knees.

Quinn starts to hear Katie say how she sees how committed she is to Eric. She starts seeing Ridge in her head again. She sighs and looks scared.

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