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Written By Anthony
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Liam cannot believe that Eric is trying to get involved in their relationship this way. Steffy doesn’t think that is what he is doing. He doesn’t care and Liam shouldn’t either. Liam reminds her that Eric told her to move out. Steffy adds that it is only until she is divorced. He doesn’t think it is appropriate for the CEO of Forrester to be doing this. Liam thinks that they both know that there is more to it than that. Steffy loves Liam and wants to live with him. Liam tells her that she should stay then. She can say that she isn’t leaving him.

Quinn limps back into the mansion. She looks up at the wall. She starts to think of Ridge attempting to seduce her and her telling him to knock it off. Eric walks in. He was just about to call her and see what was taking her so long. They hug. Quinn asks Eric what is wrong. Eric can tell that she is not herself and wonders what happened.

Ridge sighs. He is in Rick’s office. Brooke walks in laughing. She tells him that RJ is watching Lizzie and has already read her two bed time stories and hasn’t drifted off. She told him to sing her a song. RJ texted back that he doesn’t do lullabies. Ridge knows that he is resourceful. Brooke knows that RJ takes after his daddy and has his father’s good looks too. Brooke notices that Ridge’s hair is damp. Ridge explains that he took a steam. Brooke wonders if he was alone or if someone she knows joined him. Ridge lies and says it was a spur of the moment thing. Brooke wishes that he had called her to join. She loves things that are spontaneous at the moment. Ridge asks if that is what she is calling it now. Brooke guesses that he can call it what he wants. Brooke just doesn’t want to be excluded next time. Ridge will not forget. Brooke asks how it went. Ridge guesses it had its moments. Brooke knows he has a lot of work to do. Ridge feels that Steffy runs a tight shift around here. Brooke wonders if Steffy is still around or if Quinn is. Ridge asks why she wants to know if he has seen Quinn. Brooke asks if she is.

Quinn wants to know why he would think that. Eric knows because she is his wife and even though they have not been married long he can still tell when she isn’t feeling herself. Quinn asks if he really can tell. She wonders what she is thinking now then. Eric wants to hear what happened at work today. Even though she should have stayed home and taken care of her sore ankle. Quinn thinks her ankle is fine. Eric asks if Ridge is giving her a hard time. Quinn tries telling him but Eric knows she said that he took care of her and iced her ankle. He wonders if Ridge has found a new way to get to Quinn.

Steffy hates putting Liam through all of this. Liam doesn’t think that it is her fault. It is because Quinn is hell bent on getting her back with Wyatt. Liam knows that Quinn is using Eric to do it. Steffy doesn’t think that Eric is being used and he isn’t pressuring her to do it. He is just looking out for her. He wants what is best for her personally. He wants her to succeed. Liam wants her to succeed too but this is not the nineteenth century. No one is going to judge her for getting a divorce. Steffy doesn’t think that is Eric’s point. He is concerned about her appearance. Liam finds that odd considering the long list of scandals that the Forrester family has gone through. This isn’t even a scandal. This is two people who were ripped apart and may be ripped apart again by the same woman. They cannot let Quinn keep doing this to them.

Ridge picks up a sketch book and asks Brooke what she thinks. Brooke likes it. She notices that one of Quinn’s necklaces are in the design though. Ridge knows. It goes well with the dress though. Brooke is shocked that he is complimenting Quinn. Ridge is just trying to throw her off balance. Brooke feels that it will take more than nice words to get her out of Eric’s life and out of the company. Ridge has a few ideas up his sleeve and she doesn’t want to know. Brooke has always been confident in Ridge. She however knows that Steffy has been appointed CEO and Quinn is president. She is pretty sure that they are not going to reverse themselves. Ridge guesses that is the thing about life. You turn a corner and you don’t know what you will get.

Quinn doesn’t want Eric to worry. Ridge is putty in her hands. Quinn thinks that it will be ok. Eric is glad. He hopes that Steffy and Wyatt will also be ok. Quinn does as well. Even though she is working with Wyatt every day she is still going home to Liam every night. Eric spoke to her about that. He told her how inappropriate he thought it was that she was shacking up with her husband’s brother. Quinn is shocked that he spoke to her about that. Eric did. Wyatt is perfect for his granddaughter. He admires her and respects who she is. Liam says he does but he doesn’t. He is unreliable whereas Wyatt is a standup guy. Eric can support that kind of a marriage. Quinn thinks he is a dear man and she doesn’t deserve him. They hug.

Steffy walks into the living room. She blows out the candles. Liam asks if she has already decided. Steffy hasn’t decided anything. She has to be honest. She feels guilty and that is why she didn’t move in here initially. Liam knows that she was trying to be sensitive to Wyatt. Liam thinks that was right at the time. Steffy wonders if Eric is right. Liam doesn’t think any of this is right. Steffy thinks that once this is final then they will be fine. Liam feels that Quinn is going to manipulate things her way again. She is brainwashing Eric and trying to work on Steffy. Steffy will not let this happen. Liam knows that Quinn will keep hammering away until the divorce doesn’t happen. She has to see that.

Brooke understands Ridge’s frustration with Quinn better than anyone. The last time though he went up against her it didn’t work well. Brooke would just let her self-district. She knows that would take a while though. Ridge isn’t so sure. Brooke wants to know what Ridge is up to. Ridge is going to protect the company at whatever cost it takes. He has to do this no matter what it takes to get her out of their lives.

Quinn knows that Steffy respects him and she knows that he respects Steffy. Eric thinks that she has grown into a wonderful woman. She is loyal. Quinn knows that she is loyal to the company and family but wonders if she is loyal to her marriage. Eric gave Steffy a lot to think about. Eric calls up Steffy. He asked something of her. He hears Liam and wants to be put on speak phone. Steffy does so. Eric knows that they are both good people and they both should know that they shouldn’t be living together while she is still married. While Steffy is still married they shouldn’t be living together. He wants them to respect the marriage. He wants her to move out right away. Liam thinks that Quinn is manipulating him and needs to leave her right away. Eric hangs up the phone.

Liam wants to know how this keeps happening. The two of them love each other. All they want is to live the life that Quinn stole from them. He knows how important Eric is but she is separated from Wyatt and this isn’t a casual fling. They are in love and they are planning a future. Steffy hates this as much as he does. She wants to respect and listen to his opinions. Liam thinks that this is all Quinn speaking. Steffy is a married woman and she is living with a man who is not her husband. The only thing that will change is that she will not be living there. The moment the divorce is final they will be back together and pick up where they left off. That is her promise to him. She kisses Liam. She will have someone get her things. She is sorry. Steffy never wants Liam to doubt how much she loves him. Steffy grabs her bag. She walks over to the door. She leaves. Outside she is crying. Inside Liam sheds a single tear and looks angry. Later on Liam calls Ridge. Ridge picks up his phone and wonders what is wrong. Liam explains that Steffy just moved out. Eric told her to. They guilt tripped her into moving out until the divorce was final. Then bless their hearts she gets to come back after it is final. This is all Quinn though. Liam thinks they need to do something about this now. Ridge is already on it. He was in the steam room with her earlier and it is coming along. Ridge will do whatever it takes to open his eyes. There is too much at stake here. When he is done with Quinn, Eric will want nothing to do with her. Liam points out that he might not want anything to do with Ridge either. Ridge is willing to do that for the company. Quinn has to go.

Ridge starts to send a text message.

Quinn picks up her phone in her bedroom. Ridge has sent her a text message. He thinks she is right and they need to stay far away from each other. Quinn responds with ok. Eric walks in and asks if everything is alright. Quinn thinks everything is fine now that he is here. Eric is going to take a quick shower and then will be right back. He is a little tired. Quinn hopes not to tired. Quinn continues to look at her phone. She turns it off and lays in bed. She starts to think about Ridge again and her telling him off. She looks scared in bed.

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