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Written By Anthony
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Liam assumes that there is a reason for all of this. Steffy asks if there has to be. Steffy wanted to have a romantic evening with him. Liam thinks that she has something to tell him. He wants to know what it is.

Wyatt is shocked that Eric told Steffy that she shouldn’t be living with Liam. Eric doesn’t think that she should be so long as she is still married to Wyatt. Wyatt thanks him for thinking about him but reminds him that Steffy is divorcing him. Eric told Steffy that she has to respect marriage and honor what she has with him. If what he has in store comes into play then maybe she will be as devoted to him as Quinn is to him.

Quinn stands on her ankle. Ridge tells her she should be sitting down. Quinn guesses that there is no rest for the wicked. Quinn is in pain and she should probably be off her ankle. Ridge feels like his magic hands can make her feel so much better.

Brooke is washing dishes and Bill slams a bottle on her kitchen table. She freaks out and turns around. She asks what he is doing here and doing back again. Bill asks if Ridge even drinks sparkling cider because he personally likes it. Brooke explains that Ridge is still at work. Bill guesses that they will have to survive without him somehow.

Wyatt does appreciate the enthusiasm but unless Steffy does a complete 180… Eric expects that she would. Living here. He thinks it would be a great idea. All of them together would be the first step to having his marriage back on track.

Liam thinks that if Steffy has something to say that she needs to say it. Steffy would rather show it. She holds his hand. She takes him into the bedroom.

Bill pours Brooke a glass of cider. He guesses this isn’t exactly how he imagined ending the year with her. He was expecting to have a surprise trip to Paris. Instead here they are in her kitchen. He guesses it isn’t the most romantic spot but he will take what he can get. He toasts to a better year ahead. Brooke really does hope that this next year will be a better year for Bill. Bill bets that this time next year he will spend the day with Brooke. He knows she is engaged to Ridge but that will never last. He is waiting until Quinn is gone and that will never happen. A marriage to her will never happen.

Quinn ponders over the thought of Ridge’s magical hands. Ridge explains that is how the story goes. Quinn appreciates the offer but if he touches her feet the wrong way it might give the wrong idea. She needs some heat. She is going to take fifteen minutes in the steam room. She smiles and walks out. Ridge tells himself that it just might.

Wyatt asks if Eric is really willing to take sides like this. To support Wyatt over Liam. He knows how Liam is the golden boy and everybody’s favorite. He knows that Liam is Bill’s favorite. Eric feels that Bill is an idiot. He explains that Liam’s waffles. He mistreats women. He leads them on. Not at all like Wyatt. He is the kind of man that Steffy deserves.

Steffy and Liam start to undress each other in bed. Steffy asks if he knows how much he means to her. Liam does. They roll over each other in bed. Liam takes off her brad. He kisses her.

Brooke feels that Bill would be in the same position if he were in Ridge’s place. Bill doesn’t think anything would stop him from marrying Brooke. Brooke thinks that Ridge showing up would stop him. Bill thinks that is completely different and she knows it. Bill wasn’t going to have that wedding day ruined by Ridge. Bill doesn’t think that Quinn is going anywhere. So he wants to know why Ridge would have Brooke wait for a day that is never going to happen. He asks how he is going to get rid of Quinn. Brooke has no idea but knowing Ridge he will try anything.

Quinn lays down in the steam room. She puts a towel over her eyes. Someone opens the door. She tells them that someone is in here and would like them to come back when she is done. Ridge thinks that there is room enough in here for too. Quinn takes off her towel and sits up. She looks terrified.

Steffy rests her head on Liam’s chest. Liam asks why she is being so quiet. He asks if she is lost in thought. Steffy supposes she is. Liam asks what she is thinking. Steffy is thinking about how happy he makes her and how they can survive anything. Liam wonders if something has been thrown at them. Steffy had an interesting conversation with Eric. He made some valid points and made her step out and look at things. She was a little uneasy to how things went for them. Eric thinks that what she is doing is wrong. How she is technically married to Wyatt but living with Liam. He wants her to move out.

Wyatt asks if Eric really means that. Eric does. He is loyal and trustworthy. Any woman would be lucky to have her. He hopes that Steffy realizes that. Wyatt does as well. Wyatt thinks that Steffy will be Wyatt’s wife.

Brooke doesn’t want Bill to get his hopes up. Bill is keeping his hopes up. His commitment to her has never wavered her. His commitment never changes. He is the same guy. The guy who hurt her. It is just a matter of time before he does it again.

In the lobby of Forrester, Pam asks if Ivy was headed to the sky lounge. Ivy thinks that it is crowded up there. She was going to head to the basement and see if they have. Ivy asks if that is really all they used to have here. Pam says yes. Until Donna thought up the sky lounge. She actually has a good idea every now and again. No one has to fight for the equipment down there. Plus there is the steam room. Ivy wonders if anyone actually uses that anymore. Pam explains that they do but she should knock because Charlie uses it to do yoga. Something she doesn’t want to walk into.

Quinn tells him to either get in or get out because they are losing steam. Quinn wanted to have alone time. Ridge doesn’t have to say anything. Quinn just wants her ankle to feel better. Ridge is here to help her. He puts his hand on her foot. Quinn tells him not to do that. He starts to rub it and tells her to close her eyes. He wants her to take a deep breath. He wonders how it feels. Quinn thinks it feels magical. Ridge starts to move towards her knee. Quinn tells him to stop. That is enough. He is going to go. She walks into the other room. Ridge asks if she is ok. Quinn knows he doesn’t give a damn about her. Whatever he is up to he can forget about it.

Liam doesn’t think that Eric has any right to be criticizing where she lives. He is the one she should have been with the entire time. Steffy knows but understands where Eric comes from. Liam thinks this is where she should be with him. Steffy knows eventually. She asks if it is to soon. She is married to Wyatt but living with him. Liam guesses she is really considering this. Liam thinks that she just wanted to tell him that she was leaving him.

Brooke is not stupid. She knows her history with Ridge. Bill thinks that they will be married.

Ridge wants to know why Quinn thinks that he is up to something. Quinn thinks it could have something to do with the fact that he hates her and thinks she is out to get his family. Ridge guesses that is a really good point. Ridge is human though. He saw she was hurt and wanted to help. Quinn doesn’t think he wanted to help. He just wanted to take advantage of her. She wants to know what game she was playing. Ridge asks if she wants to hear about games like how she was naked taking a shower. (Ivy overhears this). Quinn was showering on her property. Ridge thinks that Quinn despises him as much as he does her. Quinn doesn’t know what to call this. Ridge thinks this is something they have in common. Quinn doesn’t want to flirt with him or have him touch her. She is married to Eric. He doesn’t get to play with her emotions. She storms out.

Eric thinks that Wyatt is a part of Quinn. A woman who has given him unconditional love. If he gives Steffy even half that then he will be just fine.

Ridge tells himself that he thinks that Quinn has fallen for her.

Quinn storms into Steffy’s office. She would never hurt Eric. She sees pictures of both Eric and Ridge and starts to freak out. She starts shaking and her heart is beating super fast. She hears a million voices in her head of Eric and Ridge and herself. She screams no.

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