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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/28/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge wants to make it clear to Liam that he doesn’t want him telling anyone how they are bringing down Quinn. That includes Steffy. Liam guesses so. He asks what they are not telling Steffy. That Quinn is mildly obsessed with him. Ridge says yes.

Quinn doesn’t think that her foot is really that bad. Eric has extensive medical experience. It is called raising four kids. Quinn tries to walk on it. She says it looks ugly but it doesn’t feel that bad. She guesses he does good work. Eric wonders if it has anything to do with the fact that Ridge put ice on it right away. Quinn wonders what he thinks about Ridge being so nice to her. Eric wonders if they are slowly learning to live together. Quinn thinks she should go back to the office. She wants to show people that she can pull her weight. Quinn just is thinking about Wyatt. She doesn’t know how to help him. She knows that Steffy is trying but it is so hard for Wyatt to see his wife go home to another man every night. Quinn asks what Eric will do with the rest of his day. Eric isn’t sure. The usual superhero stuff probably. He will save the planet and fight injustice. Quinn laughs.

Wyatt and Nicole are going over business on the couch in Steffy’s office. Wyatt asks Steffy if Nicole is awesome. Steffy asks how Nicole knows all of this. Nicole came to LA to get into computer stuff at college. Nicole knows that their older clients will probably want some conservative photos of Steffy. Wyatt tells her that they have come up with some proposals if they want to hear. Steffy thinks they are both amazing but she will have to hear them later. Eric wants to see her. Nicole tells her to give him her best. Steffy leaves. Nicole couldn’t deal with what Wyatt is doing. Working hour after hour and day after day for a person who broke his heart. Wyatt isn’t so sure this is appropriate to talk about this. Nicole can tell that this is a labor of love for him. She realizes that this might not be appropriate.

Eric asks if Steffy has said something to Ridge. Steffy hasn’t said anything. Eric thinks that her willingness to work at Quinn could have a domino effect on the company. Steffy thinks that she fell and Ridge helped her out. It is just common decency. Steffy asks if that is what he wants to talk about. Eric guesses somewhat. He wonders if she is still a married woman. Steffy is technically. She is in the process of divorcing. Eric wonders what she would think if she heard that a married woman was shacking up with her husband’s brother. Steffy guesses that she would think it is none of her business. Eric doesn’t think that she would think that. He thinks that she would think it is shameful and she would be right.

Liam gets a come hither feeling whenever Quinn is around and it sends a shiver to his spine. He doesn’t know why that is but he asks how you get Quinn to give you more than a smile and wink. She is crazy not stupid. Eric knows but she also has betrayed everyone she has ever known. That includes Eric. He is just speeding up the process. Quinn walks in. She asks why they are staring. She explains that Eric fixed up her ankle. Ridge tells Quinn that she should really learn to knock. Quinn was too busy listening in. Pam and Charlie have the most epic fights. She was like “I am woman hear me roar!” Quinn asks if she interrupted a meeting of her anti-fan club. Ridge explains that they were just looking up supplies online and there were half a million hits. Quinn once had a boyfriend or he wasn’t really a boyfriend but he put arsenic in her gumbo. It was the best night sleep she ever had. Quinn asks if she should put a sock over her leg. Ridge has a treatment that could help.

Nicole suggests a day in the life. Most people don’t even know what CEO’s do. Wyatt doesn’t think that most CEO’s know what they do. Nicole guesses that he doesn’t like it. Wyatt does like it. He just got her thinking. He wonders when you really know it is over with someone. She says she is over Zende but asks how she really knows. Nicole thinks you know when it is over when it hurts to much not to be. Wyatt guesses that it hurts the longer you allow it to last.

Steffy wants to know why this is coming up now. Eric thinks it is coming up now because he didn’t want to bring it up when he was estranged from all of them. He didn’t want to hear a bunch of abuse from everyone who thought he lost his mind. Steffy never thought that. She was just scared Quinn was using her for her own purpose. Eric wonders if she still feels that way. Steffy asks if this new concern for her private life came from him or Quinn. Eric says it came from himself. She hasn’t asked him to talk about it. He is saying this to him now. Her private life is not private anymore. Eric would like to see Steffy give her marriage a second chance if he is being honest. Steffy asks what about her own personal feelings and what makes her happy. Eric asks about the promises that Liam has made. He is not much of a fan of Liam’s anymore ever since he showed up right before Christmas and was borderline abusive. Eric realized that he and his wife have a conflicted past. He could have pressed charges but he didn’t. Eric thinks that it is unfair of him to show up now and start throwing out accusations. Eric wants her to wait until her divorce is final. Steffy wonders if she should have done it before but it is too late now. Eric doesn’t think it is too late. It is never too late. She can move out tonight.

Quinn isn’t so sure that this wrap is helping her. Ridge suggest that she put her foot up on the couch and he can look at it. Quinn asks if he would really do that. She thinks that is very helpful. Quinn guesses that he has something to fall back on if the whole fashion world doesn’t work out. Liam is going to go back to work. Quinn didn’t mean to interrupt anything. Liam will get the details later from Ridge. Ridge sits down. Quinn asks if he was being serious. Ridge was. Quinn thinks he has done enough. Ridge thought they were just getting started.

Nicole admits that after working closely with Steffy she does like her. She didn’t know if she would. Wyatt asks why. Nicole knows she is fierce. Smart and funny. She relies on him a lot. No one’s opinion matters more than Wyatt. Nicole wonders if whatever feels over between them is just a chapter. Not a whole story.

Steffy promises that she will think about what he was saying. Eric was not hoping for that response. Steffy was crashing at Thomas’s loft. She doesn’t want to be asked of that again. She is finally at home and sleeping in her own bed. Eric feels that her proper bed is the one in which she pledged to her husband. Steffy asks if that is really fair. Eric believes in marriage and divorce. He is not criticizing her in that way. He just wants to know if it is really fair to go home to another mans bed for the whole world to see. Steffy points out that Ridge did. She knows that Eric did as well. Eric wants her to be better than they were. She shouldn’t make a show until her divorce is final. He wants her to move out tonight. Steffy should go. Eric spoke to payroll this morning and she isn’t drawing a paycheck. Steffy thought she would leave it to him. Eric thinks that is a mistake too. If she doesn’t value herself then no one else will. He is starting her at a million a year with bonus’s for performance. Steffy doesn’t know what to say. Eric wants her to know how much it means to him to have someone he can trust. He looks at the his years and he thinks that Steffy is the best of all of them.

Ridge puts Quinn’s foot on his leg and starts to rub it. Quinn told Eric how nice he was being to her and how civilized. Ridge asks if she knows what that was. It was low blood sugar. He gets that some time. Eric thinks that Ridge is coming around. That he is being less hateful. Ridge thinks she is a psychotic criminal but not hateful. Quinn knows he likes to tease her but she asks if she has any qualities that are good for Eric. Ridge can see those qualities but what one cannot see are the reasons why he hates her so much. She asks if he ever thought about combing her hair. Ridge assumes that she wants to run her fingers through it. Quinn doesn’t think there is enough hand sanitizer in the building. Eric wonders if she is reminded of the sexual harassment video they all have to watch. He reminds her that she is his boss now and needs to take it easy.

Wyatt walks into the mansion. Eric asks if he is not going to say hello. Wyatt is sorry he just thought that he would have company. Eric explains that Steffy left a while ago. Wyatt was in a meeting with her when she got the text. Eric wonders how things are going for Wyatt. Wyatt is doing great with his new job. Wyatt admits that Steffy and him work well together but there are moments. Eric guesses that people do get a few things wrong. Wyatt wonders what Steffy is getting wrong. If this is Quinn talking then… Eric thinks there are certain standards. He told Steffy that she has to stop living with Liam while married to Wyatt.

Steffy lights candles all over her house. She pours two glasses of wine and there is a fire going. Liam walks in and knows it isn’t his birthday. Steffy has a present for him. He asks what this is. Steffy wants to think about that. Liam wonders what the occasion is. Steffy says it is him. Liam hopes he did something good. Steffy thinks that he is strong and sexy and loyal. He is loving and she loves that. She needs him now more than ever. Liam is still the same guy he was back then. Steffy didn’t understand commitment then. She just knew she needed to be a better person then. Liam asks if there is a surprise. Steffy looks a little sad.

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