B&B Tuesday Update 12/27/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/27/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke asks Bill if he is ever unsure of himself. Bill isn’t. Especially, when it comes to them. Brooke is marrying Ridge. Bill is not a believer in Brooke and Ridge and all that destiny garbage. He feels that Ridge’s track record speaks for itself. He doesn’t value Brooke in the way that he does. Brooke doesn’t want Bill to be unrealistic. Bill is glad because he doesn’t want her to be unrealistic either. Bill wonders if she has a date set. Brooke explains that they have a time frame. He doesn’t want to get married until Quinn is out of their lives. Bill thinks that is absolutely perfect. It gives them all the time in the world to get back on track.

Ridge guesses that since Quinn is here she can make herself useful. Quinn wonders how she can service Ridge. Ridge wants Quinn to hold this dress for him. Ridge asks Pam over the phone to bring in a fit model. Quinn thinks that he wants to see it move. It is the same way when she wants to see a piece of jewelry on someone for the first time. Pam walks in. He hung up before she could say anything. All the models are down at the boutique today. They are having a private show. Ridge thanks her anyway. She leaves. Ridge guesses that Quinn will have to do. She modeled the show stopper so he thinks she can do this. Quinn guesses that she will put it on.

Wyatt tells Steffy that it is just them so she can admit it. She clearly misses him. Steffy wonders what makes him think that. Wyatt feels that the smile on her face right now confirms it. Steffy doesn’t want him to talk like this. Wyatt doesn’t see Steffy happy with Liam who keeps making demands of her all the time. Where as Wyatt is happy to let Steffy be her. She should do her. The world knows about Steffy now. Steffy knows it is because of him. Wyatt wants her to stick with him. He will make her a star. Just like he made her his wife. Steffy doesn’t know. She wonders if they should step back from the online market for a while. Wyatt doesn’t think that you can just step back from the online market. Steffy wonders about oversaturation and familiarity. It breathes contempt. Wyatt wants Steffy to own herself. The world cannot get enough of her. In a short amount of time she has gone from social media celebrity to enforcer. Liam walks in. Liam imagines that he is talking about his social media campaign. Steffy shouldn’t be in front of the masses and he thinks this shows how little Wyatt respects her.

Bill wants Brooke to think about the amount of times that Ridge has tried getting rid of Quinn. It is almost as much as he has tried being married to Brooke. Brooke doesn’t think that is fair. Bill thinks what isn’t fair is her putting herself through that. He promises to be there for her again. Brooke asks if Bill is seriously going to wait for her. Bill thinks they will be together sooner than she thinks. It is just a matter of time.

In the Forrester living room, Katie thanks Eric for Christmas. It was lovely. Eric thought it was wonderful that she was here. He guesses they can call him old fashion but he loves having people around him. He thought everyone was great especially since they were all so worried about Quinn. Katie asks if Quinn is here. Eric tells her that she is at the office. Katie is just a little scared to here without Quinn. She doesn’t imagine she would be ok with her being here.

Quinn walks out in a red dress that reveals a little bit of leg. Ridge wants her to turn around in the dress. Ridge tells her to get up on the stool. He measures the dress and starts to put pins in it. Quinn looks down at him. She looks uncomfortable.

Liam reminds Wyatt that Steffy is CEO of Forrester Creations. That is a huge deal for someone her age. Wyatt wonders if he is trying to make his own point. Liam means that Steffy is young and wonders how she is supposed to succeed if her every move is on social media. It is an insult. Wyatt wants people to see the brand. Pam walks in and hands paperwork to Steffy. He wants to be in charge of her social media because it is his job. Pam thinks that he is doing a bang up job. She saw the new video on the website. Sexy CEO. Steffy didn’t hear about this. She asks what Wyatt did.

Bill has waited a long time for Brooke. Brooke tells him that they are not going to happen. Bill knows that she is trying to do right by her family. Giving RJ something that he didn’t have while growing up. Bill doesn’t want her to be worried about Will. He has two parents that are willing to co-parent. Katie and him are not getting back together. She is happy with her independence. He is hopelessly in love with her. He is getting back together with her.

Eric asks if Katie is worried about Quinn. Katie isn’t worried. She just wonders sometimes about Quinn’s feelings. Eric doesn’t think that Quinn has any reason to be jealous. Katie just wants Eric to have the best life possible. Eric does and Quinn sees to it. Katie hopes that Quinn doesn’t let him down.

Quinn thinks that the thing where he pinned the fabric up really made it more comfortable. Ridge thinks that is the whole idea. Quinn knows he is really good at this. Ridge wants Quinn to turn sideways. He measures her. Ridge knows she is a very confident woman. She was naked after all. Quinn knows he would bring that up. Quinn is nothing compared to Brooke. She wonders when they are getting married. Ridge hasn’t set a date yet. They are focused on the company and family right now. Quinn thought that Ridge would be more upset with Steffy being CEO. Ridge wants Quinn to turn around. She does so and trips on to the couch. She hopes she didn’t swell her ankle. Ridge is going to go get some nice. Quinn thinks that is nice of him. Ridge doesn’t want her to move until he gets back.

Steffy cannot believe that Wyatt posted a video called sexy CEO. Liam wonders how anyone can take Steffy seriously with a video like that. Wyatt tells him to relax. Steffy is sexy and he should agree. Pam thinks that the video is actually really nice. Liam asks if Steffy is ok with this.

Katie wonders if Eric ok with not being CEO. She wonders if he enjoys not being around the office. Eric is happy. The company is in good hands with Steffy and Quinn. They will work well together. Katie thinks his faith in Quinn is admirable. Eric wants someone who is loyal.

Ridge puts some ice on Quinn’s foot. Quinn never expected Ridge to be so nice to her. Ridge just doesn’t want her suing the company. Quinn thinks that under all his grumpiness he is actually a good person. She wants to know if Ridge wants to get to know her a little better. Ridge wonders what she wants. Quinn wants a chance. Quinn asks if Ridge is a little upset that Eric gave Steffy the job over him. Ridge has said it before and will say it again. He is doing what is best for the company. Quinn tries to stand and she does so. She can hobble her way to the car and go home. Ridge wants to make it clear that she still hates her. Quinn still hates him as well. She leaps out the door.

Wyatt explains that it is only thirty seconds. He used some clips from the lingerie line. Liam cannot believe he used that. He asks what is wrong with him. She is running one of the biggest fashion houses in the world and he has her wearing almost nothing. Wyatt points out that it has worked because she is up ten thousand followers. He assumes Liam is the only one who hasn’t seen it. Steffy is watching it and can see that it is big. Liam thinks that Steffy is better than this and shouldn’t sell herself short.

Quinn is at home now and getting her foot massaged by Eric. She thinks it feels good. Eric asks if Ridge helped her. Quinn admits that they actually have a decent conversation. Eric is glad. Quinn hopes that if she keeps trying that he will warm up to her. She only had to almost break her ankle to get that to happen. Quinn explains that they had a really good meeting today. Ridge didn’t show up. She thinks that he is still really upset over being passed over. She thinks he is glad for Steffy. He incorporated one of her designs into one of his pieces. Eric tells her that Ridge thinks that he is completely under her control and the truth is he is right. He kisses him. Quinn is so happy with Eric and it scares her. She always manages to screw things up when she is happy. Eric only demands love and loyalty and love. Quinn points out that he said love twice. Eric knows.

Liam is being driven nuts by Wyatt. Now that the three of them are at the office all day they get to work their magic on Steffy. They have to get rid of Quinn. Ridge thinks that is the goal. Liam saw Quinn flirting with him. Ridge saw the vibe. She appears to like to be with Eric. She is the most destructive person in the world. If there is a tiny glimpse of hope that they can bring down Quinn he has to take it.

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