B&B Monday Update 12/26/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/26/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Brooke and Ridge are kissing passionately in Rick’s office. Brooke is feeling Stephanie’s presence. Ridge points out that she is wearing her ring. Now Brooke’s ring. Brooke recalls that Stephanie also wore a wedding band. Ridge thinks that Brooke will wear one as well. Brooke wonders when. Ridge asks if she wants to set a wedding date. Brooke assumes that he has one set. Ridge does. He suggests that it be the day that they get rid of Quinn Fuller. Brooke smiles.

Steffy is on the phone behind her desk. Steffy is smiling. Steffy calls Pam on the phone and explains acts like she has been doing this job forever. She gets off the phone. Wyatt tells her that he doesn’t know about Quinn but he was just watching. Quinn likes the transition. Steffy was obviously born for this job. Steffy asks how Eric is doing. Quinn tells her that he is doing great. Steffy made the holiday so lovely for him. Steffy admits that it was a lovely day. The house was decorated beautifully. Quinn is happy that Steffy thought so. She really wanted to do a good job. Christmas is so important to Eric. Whatever is important to Eric is also important to her. Wyatt promises Quinn that Christmas was amazing. Quinn thanks him. Quinn asks what Steffy thought.

Liam walks into his kitchen through the back door. He informs Bill that he dropped in right in front of him. Bill feels that is a matter of opinion. He does think that there was enough room for the two of them though. Liam thinks that is debatable. Bill guesses that he did take Liam’s wave and hopes he is happy. Bill asks how things are going post Christmas. Specifically Steffy being CEO. Liam wants her to be CEO. He just doesn’t want her as CEO with Wyatt and Quinn whispering in her ear the entire time. Bill feels that this is risky business. Liam asks why. Bill points out that Steffy won the lottery and Liam is demanding that she rip up the ticket. Liam doesn’t think that it is like that. Bill understands that it has nothing to do with the job but the people involved with the job. Liam honestly believes that Quinn is trying to brainwash Steffy. Steffy wouldn’t have gotten the job if it were not for Quinn. Quinn will never let her forget that until Steffy thinks that she is a changed woman.

Brooke guesses that in that case she doesn’t have to rush out and call the caterer. Ridge is sorry. Brooke guesses that is alright if he really wants to wait. Ridge knows this is not alright. He just doesn’t want this big Quinn cloud hanging over them. Brooke asks how Ridge plans on dealing with Quinn. Ridge doesn’t know. He will do whatever it takes to get it done.

Wyatt explains that their click through rate is up twenty percent but it could be higher. Wyatt explains that this is all about their influencer with Steffy. They need to do some crowed sourcing to make the fans feel included. Liam walks in and Wyatt tells him to come on in. Liam doesn’t think that Ridge would ever go for that. Wyatt isn’t saying that they would use their designs. He just wants the fans to feel closer to Steffy. Liam thinks that is such a bad idea on so many levels. Wyatt asks if Steffy has met their resident nay sayer Liam. Liam asks if Wyatt is not open to another point of view. Steffy is and would like to hear it. Liam thinks that Steffy is being turned into clickbait. Liam feels that it is demeaning to use Steffy in this way when she is the CEO of a multimillion dollar organization. Secondly it isn’t going to work if the end game is sales. Nicole states that sales are up. Liam knows and hates saying this but it is because of Quinn that the sales are up. Wyatt knows and that is because of branding. Forrester’s success is linked to their cutting edge products that Steffy can represent. Liam thinks that Wyatt is turning Steffy into a human emoji. Wyatt doesn’t think that is a bad idea. Liam begs Steffy to listen to him. He asks if she wants to be the laughing stock of the business community. Wyatt tells him to look at how much she trends. Liam tells him to look at the chat rooms because they are not kind. Wyatt and Nicole are both trying to make Steffy a brand. He cannot tell them that this will hurt them in anyway. Liam knows it will hurt them in the long run. Steffy will get buzz at first and then in a year she will be the one who made a fool of herself on social media. Liam thinks that the only reason that Wyatt is doing this is over a marriage that is already over. Quinn points out that the divorce is not final yet. Liam asks if they really think that Steffy doesn’t see what is going on. Wyatt is just trying to grow an online community. Something that Liam apparently cannot acknowledge. Liam thinks that privacy is key. He doesn’t want her to do this. She has class because she is a Forrester. Quinn thinks that they have heard enough. They are in the middle of a meeting. Liam asks if she would like him to go. Steffy tells him that they will talk about this afterward. Liam leaves.

Brooke doesn’t mean to be negative but the family has tried to rid the family of Quinn several times now. It doesn’t work. Ridge doesn’t think it will fail this time. Brooke asks if he does have a plan. Brooke hates to see him this way. Ridge is almost happy. Brooke knows he has to put on a happy face during Christmas. Ridge admits that was hard. Ridge sees her picture and it isn’t right. He couldn’t eat anything. Ridge feels that Quinn wants Steffy and Wyatt back together. He wants to know how Steffy cannot see that. Brooke points out that Quinn has Eric in her corner. Ridge feels that she has him pinned to the corner. They need Quinn to betray Eric. Brooke doesn’t see that happening. Ridge doesn’t either. Liam walks in. He is sorry. He took a wrong turn. Brooke tells him it is ok. She has an appointment to get to. She will see Ridge later. She kisses him goodbye then leaves. Ridge thinks that Liam looks a little beat up. Liam was just in a meeting with Quinn, Wyatt, and Steffy and they are beating her over the head with the social media stuff. Ridge guesses that is enough said. Liam knows that Ridge has a dump Quinn campaign. Ridge wishes he had a plan. He thinks she is smug and flirty with him. Liam asks when he found her flirty. Ridge found her naked in the backyard taking a shower.

Brooke sits down in her kitchen. She takes a sip of her drink. She starts to think about Ridge telling her he wants to wait until Quinn is gone. Bill walks in and asks if she missed him.

Wyatt thinks that this should do it. Nicole will book some time later in the week to shoot those stills. Quinn wants to give Wyatt and Steffy sometime to talk things over. Nicole wonders if they are still on for their lunch meeting. Wyatt is. He will see her there. Nicole and Quinn leave. Wyatt tells Steffy that he is wrong and she should know that. Steffy feels that he is just looking out for her. Wyatt thinks that Liam is just looking out for himself and his viewpoint. He knows nothing about social media. Steffy feels that he made some valid points. Wyatt asks about what. That he is afraid of losing her. Liam asks why he was even here. Steffy explains that he loves her. Wyatt knows but there are a lot of people who do. Some of them let them do their job the way she wants to do it and live her life the way she wants to. Then there are some of them who want her to live her life the way he wants. She is CEO of the company and she doesn’t need that. Wyatt sees that she is still determined to have the ring removed and marry Liam.

Liam wonders why she was showering in the backyard. Ridge tells Liam that Quinn bought Eric a shower for Christmas. Liam asks if she was really naked. Ridge walked through the yard to get to the house. Quinn tried flirting with her in his mind. Liam thinks that this is weird because it is in Eric’s backyard. He asks what she did. Ridge tried not to look at her and she was getting off on it. Liam asks if he knows that this means. Ridge does. It means she has no shame. Liam explains that she is married to Eric but flirting with him. Quinn walks in and sees Mister Doom and Mister Gloom. She thinks that Ridge missed a good meeting. He would have been proud of his daughter. He asks if she missed some sort of pout fest. Ridge thinks that she enjoys this. Quinn guesses that as awful as he has been to her she does enjoy seeing her sweat. Ridge guesses it gives her a perverse pleasure. Quinn guesses that he would know that. She asks if any female has ever been able to put him in his place the way she has.

Wyatt doesn’t think that it will ever completely go away just like him. Steffy tells him that the doctor will try. Wyatt asks if she is talking about him. If so then she will need a witch doctor. Steffy is talking about the ring and not him. Wyatt would like to talk about himself for a moment. Steffy knows that is his favorite subject. Wyatt thinks that he is Steffy’s favorite subject. Wyatt got Steffy to the alter. It didn’t take away from the moment regardless of who got them there. She promised him for forever. Wyatt looks at her finger. He tells her that she promised to share a life with him. He still believes in that promise.

Quinn asks if she can give Ridge a word of advice. Ridge guesses. Quinn thinks he needs to tell Liam to back off. He is distracting Steffy from her important job. Ridge knows it is the job he was supposed to have. Quinn asks if Ridge can look at her when they talk together. Quinn sees his latest design. She notices that the piece she just designed is there. He guesses it goes well. Quinn doesn’t think he has to be so negative. Ridge thinks that she is positively the worst person he has ever met. She is a really good designer though. Quinn guesses that is a start. Ridge asks if he can finish by himself. Ridge thinks that he was put on this planet to protect Eric from women. Quinn is the most evil person he has ever met but there is something undeniably sexy about her. Quinn asks if he called her sexy. Ridge didn’t say that. He thinks she is awful.

Brooke wonders how Bill got into her house. Bill walked in. Brooke asks what he is doing here. Bill didn’t come here to see the poser. Brooke explains that he is at work. Bill knows. Brooke asks what he wants. Bill wants her and he will have her. He doesn’t want her to be with Brooke. He knows that Ridge will stray. He always does. He never would. He will be there waiting for her. They will have their future finally.

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