B&B Friday Update 12/23/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/23/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric sets up a punch bowl in the foyer of the Forrester Mansion. He is wearing a tan suit. Quinn walks down stairs in a beautiful pant suit. She wishes him a Merry Christmas. Eric knows that she keeps saying that but wonders if it really is. Quinn feels that it is a quiet Christmas and she cannot think of a better way to spend it with him. Eric knows that it will be wonderful to have things with Quinn. He knows that people make their own families and traditions. He gets a text message and of course Charlie and Pam are going to be at the mission longer than they thought. Wyatt walks in. He wishes them a Merry Christmas. He explains that Ivy texted. She wishes them all well as well and is enjoying spending time with her folks. Eric will be sure to text her and John later. It seems that is the way a lot of them will be wishing each other a Merry Christmas this year.

Steffy is wearing Christmas pajamas and is reading a riddle in the kitchen. She is on a scavenger hunt. She runs over to the couch. She finds a gift under the sofa. She has red socks. Liam explains that now she has socks to wear. Liam thanks her for understanding why he would rather be here instead of at Eric’s right now. Steffy understands. She puts the socks on and then starts to kiss Liam passionately.

In Katie’s living room Bill is trying to explain what stocks are to Will. Katie walks in and asks what he is doing. Bill thinks that Will is absorbing this information and will benefit him in five years. Katie tells Will that he has five minutes then he is going to go upstairs and take a nap. Katie was thinking of going over to Eric’s house. She has the nanny here so Bill can join her if he wants.

Eric is on the phone with Kristin. He thinks it is great that Zende went to be with her and Tony. Eric hangs up. Kristin sent their best. Quinn tells Eric to call them all up. She knows that he wants them all to be around here and singing around the piano. Eric doesn’t think it is wrong to have one song. Wyatt asks if Ridge really sings.

Rick is reading to Lizzie while the rest of the family watch. Ridge picks up his phone. He guesses that Eric beat him to it. He wishes him a Merry Christmas. Eric says the same and wants him to come over for a quick Christmas carol. He would love to see RJ and Brooke. Ridge explains that they have a lot to do around the house. He thinks they will catch up after the holidays. He hangs up. Later, RJ suggests that it is only just one song. Brooke always loved having everyone around the piano. Rick doesn’t want to boycott him. RJ knows that Eric always loved hiding an ornament for him to find. Ridge thinks that they are having fun here. Rick and RJ both reluctantly agree.

Pam and Charlie walk into the mansion and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Pam explains that there were so many people at the mission. She wasn’t sure that they were going to get out in time. Charlie says that is why they texted. Eric tells them that it is nice of them to show up but no one is coming. Pam says that they deserve a proper Christmas feast. Eric feels bad that they did all this work. Pam and Charlie go into the kitchen to start cooking. Quinn suggests that Eric call someone else.

Steffy gets a call and Liam goes into the kitchen. Steffy wishes him a Merry Christmas. Eric asks how her holiday is going. Steffy thinks it is good. It is great to hear his voice. It is even more like Christmas now. Liam hears that and looks offended. Eric knows that she and Liam want to have their own day but he would love for them to come over and at least sing one Christmas Carol. They will have some eggnog. Steffy thinks it sounds wonderful. She thinks that they will lay low though because they haven’t even gotten out of their pajamas. She promises to see him before New Year’s. Eric says ok. She wishes him a Merry Christmas.

Eric hangs up. He is frowning. Eric wonders if it wasn’t such a hot idea. He slams the piano lid down. He guesses that he doesn’t need a carol. Eric is glad to have Quinn here at least. He has her. Eric looks at a stocking. Someone knocks on the door. Quinn goes over and finds Katie and Bill. Katie asks if she got her text and wonders if it was ok. Quinn is doesn’t care and is just happy they are here. She tells them both to come on in. She wishes them both a Merry Christmas. She hugs them. Quinn tells Eric to look at who showed up. Katie hugs Eric and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Eric doesn’t think that Katie had to come over. Katie thought she did because it was Christmas after all. Quinn smiles at Katie and shakes her head happily.

Steffy is feeling a little bad. Eric asked her to come over and sing Christmas carols. She wonders why she feels so bad. Liam looks at his keys. He tells her to close her eyes. He wraps the keys. Steffy asks what this is. She opens them up and finds the keys. Liam knows he made a big deal about not going over to Eric’s but he wants her to have the best Christmas ever. Steffy thinks that Liam has been a very good boy this year and Santa is going to make sure that he is taken care of tonight. Liam really hopes that Steffy is Santa in this situation.

Katie can understand why everyone wanted to do their own thing this year. At least Eric had a full house at Thanksgiving. Eric has celebrated so many years’ worth of traditions at the house. A harmonica starts to play. Quinn opens the front door and RJ is standing there. He gestures for the others to come on. Maya, Rick, Brooke, and Ridge are all at the door with him. Eric starts to smile and walks slowly over to them. He sees that they are here. Ridge says that they are here for him. Rick asks if they are going to be let in. Maya wishes Eric a Merry Christmas. Eric wonders about Rick’s plans. He asks where Lizzie is. Maya explains that Nicole and her parents will bring her by after her nap. Brooke kisses Eric and tells him that Christmas wouldn’t be the same without him. Ridge wonders what song they should butcher. Eric tells him it is up to them to decide. Quinn closes the door and smiles at how happy Eric looks. Eric smiles back at her. Later on RJ finds the ornament. Rick jokes that Ridge’s early work is so horrible it sticks out. Ridge thinks that is so funny. Ridge wonders if they are doing this. Eric tells him they are. He wants them to gather around the piano. He thinks it means so much to him. Steffy and Liam walk in. She asks if they missed it. Eric is so glad they are here. Both of them. Eric guesses Deck the Halls in the family key. Quinn sits down next to Eric. They all start to sing together. Later on Eric reads a book. Ridge knows that they all planned to spend today separately this is what they do. They are Forrester’s actual or honorable this is what they do. Steffy wonders what it would be like without Eric’s traditions, Pam’s food, and every ones laughs. She thanks Eric for keeping the traditions alive. She toasts to the leader of the family. Eric kisses Quinn. Steffy smiles. They all decorate the tree more. And eat Christmas cookies. Quinn even gets to be involved with the rest of the family. Eric feels that the most beautiful gifts in the world are the simplest. Eric thanks them all for coming. He wishes them all a Merry Christmas to each and everyone of them. They all hug each other. They start to chant one more song. They start to sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

The cast and crew of “The Bold and the Beautiful” as usual wishes the audience a Merry Christmas.

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