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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/22/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge thinks that Stephanie’s ring looks good on Brooke. Brooke feels it is beautiful. She thinks it is so much. Ridge knows that Stephanie would be thrilled. She would be proud. Brooke knows they are finally here. Exactly where they are meant to be. Ridge knows that this time it is forever.

Liam feels that Steffy is the best Christmas gift he has ever gotten. Steffy knows it is nice. It is not even Christmas morning. Liam knows that it will be Christmas soon. Steffy wonders where they should spend the day. Liam assumes she means where they want to or where they should. Liam asks what everyone else is doing. He wonders if she has spoken to Eric. Liam knows that Steffy is expected to be over there for the holiday.

Eric wants his family over for the holiday. Quinn knows he does. He wants to continue on the Forrester tradition. They have a big meal and sing carols. It is a big celebration every year. Quinn knows but his family is getting older and they are starting to have new plans. Rick and Maya have their new baby. Eric knows that Rick wants to spend their first Christmas as a family. Quinn will not let that ruin their Christmas. They kiss. Charlie and Pam walk in. Charlie thought the kitchen was hot. Eric wonders what Charlie would like. Pam was only planning on baking tonight. Yet, they thought about how many people were going to be here tomorrow for Christmas dinner. Pam is sorry to hear that. Charlie guesses that there is more food for them. Pam has made so many desserts. Quinn understands. People have their own lives. Pam doesn’t know if that is the only issue that Rick and Maya have. Eric is well aware that some people have issues with their marriage. Eric feels that this is a time to put differences aside. Eric wants to have peace in this home.

Steffy always celebrates Christmas with Eric. Liam understands. Then again that was before Quinn was in the picture. Steffy knows that he was able to survive Thanksgiving. Liam wasn’t able to do that without a few cocktails. He is only kidding. He thought it was a very nice day. It still didn’t make it easy sitting next to Quinn. Liam just thinks that things are so much more complicate this year. Especially, with Eric saying he doesn’t support their relationship. Steffy asks if he is saying he doesn’t want to go.

Brooke feels that Ridge definitely outdid her in terms of Christmas. Ridge tells her they have time before Christmas. RJ walks in and is happy to see them looking like that. Brooke asks if he is angling for more presents. RJ wouldn’t think of it. Ridge explains they have some news. They are getting a puppy. Brooke admits they are getting married. RJ is overjoyed. Ridge grabs him and starts playfully tackling him. Brooke laughs.

Steffy knows that Eric is counting on the whole family to be there. Liam tells her good luck with that. Quinn has basically alienated the entire family except Wyatt. Steffy knows it will be different this year. Quinn’s portrait over the fire place. Her energy throughout the house. It really makes her miss Stephanie. Liam knows they do not want him around. Liam thinks that by next Christmas Eric will come to his senses. Liam is not trying to be difficult. Steffy gets why he is not excited. Liam wants to curl up and listen to Nat King Cole with Steffy.

RJ guesses that this is the mysterious gift that Ridge has been holding on to. Ridge explains to him that it was Stephanie’s. RJ thinks that is cool. Brooke loves it so much. It is so special. He loves them both so much. Ridge asks what RJ thinks. They are under the same roof. RJ has wanted this forever. He needs to go start his Christmas shopping though. Brooke reminds him that Christmas is tomorrow. RJ knows and they are both free to get him nothing. This is the best present ever. He leaves. Brooke wants to just stay here tomorrow and celebrate in their house. Ridge thinks that is a good idea if Quinn is at Eric’s. He has to go speak to Steffy first though. Brooke asks if he is really going to leave after proposing to her. Ridge doesn’t want her to look at it that way. He thinks the sooner he is back the sooner they can celebrate. Ridge will never leave her again.

Pam admits that Quinn actually did a pretty good job at decorating. She just hopes that between all the decorations and all the cooking they have done that it doesn’t go to waste. Charlie starts to really badly impersonate coughing. Pam turns around and he is holding mistletoe over his head. He hopes that it doesn’t go to waste. Pam kisses him. Charlie thinks it is a Christmas miracle. Pam asks what happens if they are the only ones here tomorrow.

Outside the mansion Quinn has Eric with his eyes closed trying to get him to his present. Quinn has a surprise for him. Eric thought they agreed to no presents until the morning. Quinn knows but she couldn’t help it. She promised that she would shower him with love and affection. Eric remembers. Quinn wants him to be prepared to get wet. Eric opens his eyes and sees the outdoor shower. Eric thinks this is fantastic.

Brooke is over by the tree and someone knocks. She opens it and it is Bill. He wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Eric thinks this is great. He wonders how she came up with it. Quinn knows he has mentioned before how he always wanted an outdoor shower. Eric wanted one but never thought he would get around to it. Eric cannot wait to try it out with his sexy wife. Quinn may have already tried it out. Eric asks if there is enough privacy here. He hopes no one saw her. Quinn doesn’t think so unless you are lurking in the bushes. Eric thanks her. It is a wonderful gift and he loves it.

Liam asks Ridge if he can get him anything. Ridge is good. The house looks great. Steffy asks what he is doing for Christmas. Ridge doesn’t know and wonders about them. Liam explains that is the issue they are having. Steffy says that Liam feels uncomfortable about being there. Quinn, Wyatt, and all her imaginary friends will be there. It is going to get crowded. Liam thinks it is too much. He respects Eric but him telling him about how to have a relationship with Steffy it is weird. Ridge understands. Steffy knows that they are always at Eric’s house for Christmas though. Ridge knows. Steffy guesses it is different though. Steffy thinks that Ridge, Brooke, and RJ should come over. Liam is going to make something called a furkey. It is a turkey only tofu. Ridge thinks that sounds… Brooke and RJ and him are going spend some much needed alone time together. Especially since they are going to be a real family again. Steffy asks if he proposed to Brooke.

Brooke asks what Bill is doing here. Bill had to come wish Brooke a Merry Christmas in person. Brooke tells him to come in. Bill admits that he didn’t exactly expect to be celebrating like this today. He thought that he would be with him. The two of them here. It doesn’t mean he is giving up on them. He knows that Brooke chose Ridge for the sake of RJ. He looks down and sees the ring.

Eric guesses that he has to to give Quinn one of her presents as they walk back into the mansion living room. Quinn wants to keep guessing and open them up on Christmas morning. Eric guesses that she can open her presents with everyone else tomorrow. He knows that Ridge is going to be so envious of it. Quinn awkwardly says yes he will. He calls Steffy.

Steffy is so happy for Ridge. She cannot believe that she is actually saying this but she does think that Stephanie would be very happy for him and Brooke. Ridge agrees. Liam thinks that Ridge was quick and congratulates him. Steffy gets a phone call and sighs. She says hello to Eric. He wants to know when she is coming over tomorrow. Steffy actually decided to spend the holiday at home with Liam. She just wants it to be the two of them. Eric understands. Steffy thanks him. Ridge wants to talk to him. Steffy tells Eric that Ridge is here and wants to talk. Ridge tells him he has some news. Brooke and him got engaged. Eric is very happy about that. Ridge is going to spend the day with RJ. Eric wants him to give Brooke and RJ his love. He wishes him a very Merry Christmas.

Quinn asks if Brooke and Ridge just got engaged. Eric explains that they are not coming. Steffy and Liam are not coming either. Quinn knows it is because of her. Eric doesn’t think it is because of her. Eric thinks it is a shame. Quinn knows that they will have a wonderful Christmas no matter what.

Bill guesses that Ridge couldn’t get that ring on Brooke fast enough. Brooke didn’t want him to find out this way. Bill won’t deny that it is hard for him. This whole experience has been humbling. Brooke knows it hasn’t been easy and not fare. She really didn’t want to hurt him. She hates that she let him down. She didn’t even expect this herself. She didn’t know things would turn out this way. RJ seems really happy. If he could have seen the smile on his face. Brooke knows that this is hard to understand but she realized that she cannot just follow her heart all the time. Bill asks if she is trying to convince herself. Brooke is not going to hurt people anymore. She has to think about her son and family. Bill guesses that she is doing what is best for RJ. Brooke is thinking about Katie and Will. Bill thinks that Ridge will hurt Brooke again. That is why he is here. Which she knows he never does. He will never give up on them. They will have their time. They will have their life together. Bill walks out. Outside Bill looks teary eyed. Inside Brooke is crying.

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