B&B Wednesday Update 12/21/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/21/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At the Forrester Mansion, Eric and Quinn are decorating the tree. Quinn starts to decorate Eric with tinsel. Quinn wonders what he thinks. Eric feels the tree looks stunning. Eric thinks if they don’t finish in time that they can just throw tinsel all over everything and hope for the best. Quinn feels that it is will be wonderful. Their first Christmas together. Eric knows it is another chance to unite their families.

In his office Rick is with Maya and Lizzie. Maya asks Lizzie if she is ready for her first Christmas. Rick guesses that she isn’t excited enough until she gets a nap. Maya knows that Lizzie really needed a nap. Rick thinks that Santa is going to be so good to Lizzie. Just like Maya. Maya has everything she needs this year. She just wants a special day for Lizzie. She does realize that Lizzie will be more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents but it is still her first Christmas. Rick thinks that they should do this at home. They can mark the occasion.

In Brooke’s living room Ridge asks RJ where Brooke is. RJ explains she is wrapping presents. Ridge guesses he won’t spoil the surprise then. RJ asks who said she was wrapping anything for him. Ridge knows that Lizzie will get the most this year. He asks what RJ wants this year. RJ already got the best present ever. His parents are back together. He informs Ridge that Brooke still thinks that Ridge is getting her a present. He hopes Ridge did. Ridge promises he did.

Maya wonders if Eric will be expecting them on Christmas. Rick feels that Eric will understand. Nicole walks into the office. She takes Lizzie into her arms. Nicole wants to take her to the mall to look at pretty decorations. Maya thinks that is a great idea and wants to go after she takes her nap. Unless Nicole has other plans. Nicole asks who she would have other plans with. Maya knows it has been hard since Nicole broke up with Zende. Zende walks in. He didn’t mean to interrupt. Maya explains that they were just discussing their holiday plans. Rick tells him that they were discussing Lizzie’s first Christmas.

Eric hasn’t talked to his family about what they are doing for Christmas tomorrow. Quinn wonders if they usually spend Christmas with him. Eric explains that they do but he shouldn’t take it for granted this year. Thanksgiving went well because of Steffy. Making her CEO though didn’t change very much. Having them here for Christmas might do the trick though.

RJ wants to know what he got for Brooke but doesn’t want to hear just how it will be so great. Ridge thinks that it will be so great. RJ knows that it is his first Christmas back with Brooke. Ridge tells him it is a secret. RJ thinks he can tell him. Brooke walks in and asks what they are whispering about. RJ tells Brooke that he told Ridge that she was wrapping presents upstairs and trying to figure out what he was getting. Brooke knows that Ridge is more into giving gifts than getting them. Ridge feels that is definitely true this year. Brooke thinks she will love whatever he gets her. She thought this year was going to be about their love together. It has been a while since they have been a family. The three hug each other. This will be a Christmas they'll never forget.

Nicole was under the impression that Rick always went to Eric’s house for Christmas. Rick does but this year he is having issues with Eric. He isn’t trying to punish or hurt him, they tried at Thanksgiving. He still has problems with Quinn. A relationship with Eric and Steffy’s promotion. He would put it all aside and spend it with his daughter and wife. He wants to make Lizzie’s Christmas magical. He wants her to feel the experience. Maya knows they get to make their own memories.

Eric finds a decoration that has been around since Kristin and Felicia were little ones. Quinn is sorry they cannot be here this year. Eric knows they do not live in LA. They cannot be expected to show up to every event. Eric is so glad to be spending time with Quinn. The company is in good hands. Quinn knows that Eric wants to share the holiday with his family. Eric knows that would be a wonderful gift. Quinn wishes she could win the family all over. Quinn wonders if it just the two of them. Eric knows all they can do is invite them. Quinn guesses if they actually care about him they will show up. Eric knows that they will come together. He knows that the family doesn’t want to disappoint him. He knows that boycotting his wedding was wrong and they do not want to do that again. He is sure that they want to honor that. Quinn asks if there is a specific way the stockings need to hung. Eric feels any way is fine. Quinn doesn’t want the family coming over thinking she changed things. Eric says change can be good and she is proof of that. Quinn wants the family to come home. Eric will make his eggnog. It has special powers.

Rick gets a phone call from Eric. Eric wonders if he had a second. He is looking forward to seeing the family over tomorrow. Rick actually wanted to talk to him about that. Maya, Lizzie, and him wanted to do something a little different this year. Eric asks if he had other plans. Rick explains that he wanted to have Christmas at home this year. They have Christmas with him every year and that is great but this year they wanted to make a few traditions of their own. He promises that this has nothing to do with Quinn or hurting Eric. He just wants this to be special for Lizzie. Eric understands. Rick promises they will find some time to get together at home. Eric would like that.

Quinn walks over to Eric. He starts to tear up a little.

RJ wonders if Eric is not expecting them over at his house for Christmas. Ridge isn’t sure what Eric is expecting from them anymore. They still have time though to figure out what they want to do. RJ wants to know what Ridge is getting for Brooke. Ridge will tell him in time. RJ knows that Brooke has waited a long time for Ridge to come to his senses so it better be good. Brooke thinks that RJ and Ridge are two of the most precious gifts in her life. She doesn’t need much else. RJ guesses he needs to step up his game. Brooke meant it when she said she didn’t need a gift. Knowing that she made the right choice for them. That is the best gift she could ever receive. Ridge knows the most important woman in his life deserves something special. He shows her a present.

Zende can see that Rick and Maya are excited about their first Christmas with Lizzie. Nicole thinks it is sweet. Zende knows that Nicole made it possible for them. He asks if she got her shopping done. Zende almost has. He just wants Christmas with her. He knows that he cannot though so he is going to spend the holiday with his parents. He wanted to wish her a very merry Christmas. He isn’t over her and doubts he will be.

Quinn asks if Rick and Maya cannot make it. Eric explains that they wanted to celebrate as a family this year. Quinn guesses that is understandable. Rick made it clear that he was not trying to keep them away. He just wanted to spend it with Lizzie and Maya. Quinn assumes he wanted to still be a part of it though. Eric understands though. He had that experience with his children. He promised that they would all get together soon though. Eric had this dream of Lizzie putting her first ornament on the tree. Celebrating the growth and changes in his life. Quinn feels it can still happen because Wyatt will be here. He isn’t little but he can still put his first decoration on that tree. Eric guesses that is even better. He will miss Rick and Maya and Lizzie but this will be even better.

Brooke wants to know what this is. Ridge explains that it is Brooke’s Christmas present. Ridge tells her to open it. Brooke doesn’t think it is heavy enough to be a gown. Brooke wants more hints. Ridge wonders what he could possibly give to the woman in his life. Whatever this is will be pretty unique. They give each other many gifts over the years. That is his point. He doesn’t want to be a part anymore. Brooke doe and Ridge helps her open it. She finds a smaller box inside. Inside of that is a ring box. Brooke looks at him. She opens it and it is Stephanie’s ring. Ridge tells Brooke that Stephanie always wanted them to be together. She was a wise woman. She wanted Brooke as matriarch of the family. Stephanie wouldn’t be too pleased with Eric but she would with him. He asks if Brooke will marry him. Brooke will. Brooke says yes. Ridge puts the ring on Brooke’s finger. The two start to kiss each other passionately. He kisses her hand. They kiss each other again. They smile at one another.

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